ReMix: Super Mario Bros. 3 "Battle Rocks" 2:54

By AmIEviL

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"Enemy Battle"

Primary Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo, 1988, NES), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2003-04-17, evaluated by djpretzel

YES - got the funk. AmIEviL, after almost a year hiatus, returns with a badass old school brass/sax-driven arrangement from Super Mario Bros. 3 with, quite simply, some MEAN saxophone, delicious organ, funkalicious brass riffage, and one of the best overall acoustic all-out jams since the Estradasphere SMB2 ReMix we all know and love. This three-minute long, rocking little thang goes by real quick, so make sure to loop at least three-dozen times for full effect. This is the perfect type of arrangement for the source material, taken to new heights by an otherwordly-talented musician and arranger. AmIEviL's submissions to OCR have run the gamut from mellow to funky, techno to jazz, but have always gotten increasingly awe-inspiring, starting from an already high watermark to begin with. Stefan humbly writes: "I made this remix in the middle of the night, still a bit drunk after a party but full of energy. Although the alcohol may have affected my soloing at the end :).... Well well.... ". Would that all of us could create such work, regardless of our sobriety. From the raunch intro to the various soloing to the at times James Brown-ish ensemble riffs, to the dynamic drumming, this is just pure, 100% unadulterated fun. Even takes on a ska tone with offbeat hits around the middle, as the screamin' sax solo works its mojo. I told you this'd be worth the wait, and I don't think that was an exaggeration. Highly recommended.


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on 2011-09-18 23:37:19

i love this song but on itunes it wont let me download it onto my ipod touch! is there anything i can do to fix this?!? if there is tell me please

on 2010-12-22 07:37:15

pull up a groove and get funky. I always did love the battle music. fantastic work. love the bassline and the sax.

on 2010-12-09 13:05:52

Incredibly good stuff right here. Whenever I feel like listening to something a little bit different from OCR, this song always goes on. Groovy, upbeat, great solos, and the samples are exquisite. Always brings a smile to my face and a tap to my foot :-)

Holy Land
on 2010-10-07 21:25:09

This is HOT.

on 2010-08-27 14:19:22

dang, somehow my original review to this got deleted.

I love the intro, the performances, and especially that sax. This song hits it's stride and brings it on home with a combination of groove and style.

The brass sounds excellent, and the solos are solid. A definite OCR classic.

on 2010-07-29 15:03:21

Reminds me a little bit of Baby Elephant Walk, by Henry Mancini. I dig it.

on 2010-02-27 16:47:38

Whoo! Hit me! I can hear the James Brown/ Blues Bros. riffage in this piece, and I'm loving it! The sax used for this remix nails it perfectly. Great work with the horns as well. It's quite a gem that I almost missed here.

Pachi Risu
on 2009-11-19 18:57:58

Great, just great. More like this please.

on 2009-01-14 01:01:00

Jazz is one of my favorite genres. Period. To see it this well done for one of the best games on the NES that I've played, Especially the sax work (it's what I play), is just what I should expect from someone like AmIEviL.

on 2006-09-04 15:48:25

Love it. Amazingly well done with a nice 'feel good' theme. :D Brilliant ending and a really great counter melody. Kudos and I'm looking forward to more just like this!

on 2005-07-23 13:58:46

ok, time to review "Peter Gunn's theme".

oops, I mean "Battle Rocks" :lol:

nothing to say, I love blues brothers, and other posts in this thread already tell about this similitude.

amazing instruments here, wonderful blues arrangement, this masterpiece is awesome!

my evaluation: 29/30

Generic Asian Guy
on 2005-07-07 19:25:24


Pip is uh.....
on 2005-03-13 22:55:49

WOW. WOW.WOW this is nice! I loved all 100% of this mix. From begining to end it was awesome. The horns and recording quality were superb. AmIEviL is one of the most varied and intriguing mixers on this site. Let this mix be a testament to his glory. Download it now!

on 2005-01-24 18:23:11

This remix just rocks, I just love the Blues Brothers style it's funky'ing nice 8)

This is perfect for improviseing blues on my piano, blues and Nintendo music is the perfect nicely combination :D

Higly recommended downloading.

on 2005-01-06 09:37:45

Yeah! Great funky/jazz. The Battle Theme from Mario with saxophone and organs is excellent. I liked. Two thumbs up.

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Primary Game:
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo, 1988, NES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Enemy Battle"

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