ReMix: Final Fantasy III 'The Dark World (Crystal Abyss Mix)'

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Final Fantasy III

This is one that gets progressively better as you listen - from newcomer Ubik comes a techno ReMix from FF3 that features some interesting sounds that aren't your everyday FruityLoops presets and nice choral harmony work as well. Introing with a distant, watery harp and bringing in respectable choir samples, at about seven minutes there are some issues with mp3 compression, but the arrangement is very pleasant, and the introduction of cellos rounds things out until a very mean, processed, heavy synth riff takes over - this is a good, different, raw sound that's a fresh change from ubiquitous detuned trance saws and portamento mono-square leads. A beat enters, along with some nice rhythmic synth backup, and the original arrangement from the intro sort of sits on top. We then get a short break, and go back in with a nicely animated harp doing some backing triplets - not sure if this alone was enough of a change to warrant a reiteration of the refrain, but it does switch to halftime at portions to mix things up. There's then a dropout, where we segue into a funky synth+drums breakdown - well done, and deserves to be blasted very loudly with reckless abandon for neighbors and/or family members. Things end as one would expect, with more of the main refrain with all techno elements going full steam, then a subtler outro where the strings carry more weight than other pads. There's an absence of a strong bassline, though the afforementioned processed synth riff has some lowend to it, that gives the piece an open feel to it. I think the strength of this mix lies in the initial arrangement, and the way Ubik turns that into a techno piece using some less common sounds & styles, avoiding the cookie-cutter techno stamp with a bit of individuality. FF electronica fans should definitely check out this strong first sub from Ubik.


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on 2014-04-06 08:55:46
Sad yet strong and hopeful. Perfect final stage music. Dont even have to cut to battle music with this! ^_^
on 2010-09-21 10:50:41
Cant believe I didnt comment on this. I could see why someone wouldnt like the synths here, but Ive always been a big fan of this track. Theres nothing else like it on OCR. It makes great running music.
on 2008-02-11 12:56:21
It took awhile to get through that super extended intro, and so I can see what people mean by getting bored. Once it picks up its better, but the high end synth sounds pasted onto the soundscape, rather than living in it, and the choir sample is pretty weak.

Pretty decent textures, and the source is a nice melody, but the production issues and overly-extended intro make it sound more like a decent work in progress rather than a polished, finished work.

The breakdown was pretty cool with the super-compressed drums, and then back to the same chord-chord-chord legato progression. Not really my style; sorry dude.
on 2005-10-03 13:23:59
FF3 is the only game I never have completed, plus FF8 but my bro completed that one for me so I know how the end is. ANYWAY, I recognize this song, and yes, it does has some lovely trance sounds to it. It´s one of the better ones on this site, some cool synths with beats and techno stuff making their sounds in the background, it´s techno alright, and for those who adore that style, no need to hesitate for them, this one is solid.
on 2005-05-12 12:56:46
Oh yes, a definite hit on my err.. rather small trance list.
This is like the second or third trance I have that isnt from starfox, that seems to be all everybody wants to trancify.
Nice job.
prophetik music
on 2004-04-21 12:30:42
I love this remix - except for the soundfonts. If Ubik used better sounds on this (as in a better vocal samplings, for example) but I love his style. Im a fan of the mellow drum cuts hes got in here, and definately like Ubiks style - keep it up!
on 2004-02-27 01:59:52
I find this remix emotional, theres a unique nostalgic touch to it, even though Ive never played ff3. Its even sad. Which is good.
on 2003-06-30 18:52:42
i really like ff3js soundtrack, and its nice to see it getting some well-deserved attention.

unfortunately i dont really enjoy this track. frankly, it bores me. its all done fairly well, theres nothing to complain about; i just find it generally uninteresting. after the first few minutes, its pretty obvious where the songs going to go, and it doesnt really deviate from that. which is not a crime in itself i suppose, but its just ...not enough for me. theres nothing in the track that makes me want to listen to it; it just takes up seven minutes of my life, during which time i find the track to be too flat/weak for it to make me get up and dance, and too obvious for me to sit there nodding wistfully and going oh yeahhh. ;)

respectable effort, however. aside from hooks, its not really missing anything major, so its not an uncomfortable listen. just a long one, and not one i want to repeat many times.

ive listened a few times, and tried to get into it, but for me its not a keeper.
Akai Suisen
on 2003-06-20 04:26:55
Great work on a great song! I was totally taken aback by the smooth starts out calm, then progresses to something that got my toes a tappin. Definately locked into the playlist!
on 2003-06-20 02:52:06
Very nice remix.
FFIII needs alot more remixes.This an excellent take on the "Dark World" theme.Every part of the song hits at the right time.
Plus it goes to show that the recent FF titles have a ton to learn from their past.
on 2003-06-19 18:09:17
I played FF3j a long time ago, right after the NeoDemiforce patch came out for it and there were only a few songs that really stood out for me...this remix, however, is phenomenal! Incredibly mellow but with a driving beat, the tune starts out soft then begins to swell around 2:00; it never gets overwhelming, and the choice of instrument/voice is very fitting.

Great job man, this is a remix thats gonna stay in WinAmp for a long time!
Kamikaze Noodle
on 2003-06-14 00:07:51
This is a fantastic song. Goes from a soft little diddy to a full-blown rockin tune. Granted, SGX is right in that that first synth (sounds phased) doesnt really do anything too amazing, but I think it gives the song more movement. The harp also helps in this area. The synths overall are well used and not bad by any stretch. The drums do their job well and REALLY get goin at 4:25, with those Bass Drum Hits of Doom. DJPs right in that theres no strong bassline. Occasionally I hear some low end noise, but I cant even tell the notes. Good ending though. Overall, this song knows what its doing, and never really lets down, making for a good listen.
Kudos to you, Ubik. :nicework:
on 2003-06-13 22:26:23
I hate to brag, but I was the one on GameFAQs to plead with Ubik to submit this mix here. I found it a while back on and was surprised not to find it here.

Im glad he finally submitted it. Its premium stuff and djp sums it up quite well.

Its also the second FF3J remix on this site. A game, IMHO that deserves MUCH more recognition.
on 2003-06-13 19:43:15
very mellow...kinda churchy at first bout 1:07 it picks up but still isnt interesting. I actually feel like skipping through to see if it gets better. It gets catchy but repetitive. Ill keep it in my playlist a lil while.
3 order eye rolls outta 5 :roll: :roll: :roll:
on 2003-06-13 16:54:33
This is pretty cool. The arrangement sounds nice and the song structure is good. Im not sure if I like that synth that is moving around during the whole song. It kinda doesnt serve much purpose other than to fill up that required "fast-moving wierd distorted synth pattern" that trance usually has. While it fills that gap, its not that super or interesting to me. My other gripe is that all of the other sounds are pretty much just long chords. There arent any interesting note or gating patterns or anything. Just mostly the an arangment of the original (Im assuming, never heard the original) in the same style but with drums and that synth. Nothing is moving around quickly keeping the intensity up except for that synth Im not so hot on. It is enjoyable however, just not rockin my world. I do like the drums that start at 4:25. Very cool there. Overall, I dig it.