ReMix: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Awakened Fears of the Gerudo"

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

More Gerudo? Sure, why not. Plus, it's from Mr. Baranowsky, who usually has a different spin on things. Introing with delicate, warm analog pads panned right and robotic, insect-like percussion, when the main rising Gerudo patterns do come in, the rhythm is straight eighth notes, no triplet, which in and of itself does dramatically change the feel of Kondo's original. There's a solo piano break a bit after the middle which does a good job of changing the tone to melancholy and expounding on the melody and harmony. After this, we get a bit more rocked out version, with a very active bassline, acoustic rock kit, some interestingly integrated major key chord progressions, and a resolving ending with a small analog bass filter effect still doing its thing. My comment, or should I say compliment, to Daniel was that this actually reminded me of some of the wingless' stuff, with a tendency towards subtlety, multi-layered patterns, restraint, and emphasis on interesting harmonic relationships. At any rate, Gerudo is the type of theme that's easier to rock out on and turn into an anthematic techno fest or what not than it is to mutate into the more deliberate, explorative style Dan's chosen. Good stuff.


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DJ Uni Mekaju
on 2010-08-05 04:05:21

Wow, the ghostly intro was just so eerily sultry. And the take on the whole remix is different than what I expected for this song but I just love it!

on 2009-03-30 13:46:09

The backing track here is excellent- creative, intricately layered, and well thought out. The back-and-forth between the synths and the percussion is great, and it really puts a new spin on things. Some very inspired processing and effects, and a good balance. What it really needed though was a more prominent lead. The melody is obviously there, but it really would be better in the forefront. Once the piano comes in, the mix is more of what i'd expect with a melodic line up front, and what it plays is a modified melody, but it's only for a little bit.

Still a very strong mix, and it has some great key modulation to make it take some fun unexpected turns. Very strong stuff, check this one out.

on 2009-01-20 19:10:46

This started off interesting, but I don't know....

At times it holds my attention, but at others, it doesn't.

It's good, but, imo, it plays too much going left and right, does too many things.

Well, it's really hard to pin down this mix.

Its nicely trance-ful, yet very well grounded.

I'm wanting to like this mix, but I just don't know...

on 2005-12-10 23:29:19

Whoa... this is one amazing remix. The one part that even comes within 100 miles of being bad is the chord at 00:21. Just a strange choice, but the rest of the song is amazingly high caliber. Good job!

on 2005-03-09 16:31:44

DB gives us a great mix on the Gerudo Valley Theme. This is the kind of material that I think best represents the quality of an OCRemix.

Nice work!

on 2004-08-20 01:36:38

I absolutely love this mix. Even slightly better than Gerudo Interlude.

This whole song plays like a whispy dream, that never quite plants itself into reality. The way this song haunts just seems to me to make it quite fleeting, in a good way. Many other mixes of this song are heavy, almost formidable. This mix just barely exists, and although intricate, it is quite light... in my opinion. I feel that with some songs, if you abruptly stopped the playback it would almost echo and leave your ears ringing, but if you stop this song it's like it was never there. But why would you want to do that?

This remix seems almost Pink Floydish. It tends to creep away from ordinary riffs, but focuses on the lack of sound to make its point. Yes Gerudo has been done, but not like this.

And perhaps I have just been up too long, if that whole review seems a bit creepy and personifying... but so is the song.


Sammy D
on 2004-03-21 19:53:16
As I listen to this... I am very pleased with the creative flow.

However, is that skipping noise in the beginning just me? Hmmm

7/10 Variety mixes like this are great.

#1, that's not skipping. if you would take the time to listen to it carefully, you'd see that it's percussive, since it's on tempo / rhythm.

#2, since when is a rating of 7 / 10 great?? if I was 'very pleased' with the creative flow of a song, and thought that mixes like this were 'great' it'd be getting a 9/10 or 10/10. 7/10 = average, give Daniel some credit man.

it's pritty good, but i would agree that it gets a 7/10. I think his other mix, The Galaxy is at peace, is a lot better, but he is a very good remixer. can't wait for more.

Plumber in Paradise
on 2004-03-20 20:51:51

True, Gerudo Valley is an often-harped-on song among video game music, but I think this remix is the best I've heard yet. The bass in the song is ridiculously and meticulously crafted. The hi-hat is also very intricate, having perfect usage and good continuity. My favorite of all though, are the major chords in the end of the song.(Consequently, part of the melody also goes major) I love the refreshing feel it gives to the piece, but still keeps it real with most of the original chords.

A wonderful iteration proving that something other than trite remixes can be made out of this song.

on 2004-03-19 09:02:27

I've been listening to this way before it got posted at ocr, probably downloaded it from vgmix or something... I hope it's the same version? Haven't gotten myself into checking :P

Anyways, this is one of the mixes I've listened most to lately... I like it, a very chill song - and your voice fits in perfectly. I really like this one.

on 2004-03-19 04:25:52

I love the haunting voices at the start - it really makes you feel that it will build to something awesome.

But it doesnt. Atleast not for me. It sounded sort of misguided (even though i'm sure a lot of work went into it). My hopes were raised when the piano began to play, then again it sort of led to nothing substantial.

I loved the beats, the synths and the haunting voices as well the piano aspect. But as a whole, Geradu has been done to death and although this offers a different take on the theme, i dont feel it really fits the bill.

I'd still recomend downloading it, to see what the fuss is about and make up your own mind.

Joshua Morse
on 2004-03-17 14:01:59
As I listen to this... I am very pleased with the creative flow.

However, is that skipping noise in the beginning just me? Hmmm

7/10 Variety mixes like this are great.

#1. That's not skipping. If you would take the time to listen to it carefully, you would see that it's percussive, since it's on-tempo.

#2. Since when is a rating of 7 / 10 great?? Last I checked 7/10 was average. If I was 'very pleased' with the creative flow of a song, and thought that mixes like this were 'great', I'd be dishing out a 9/10 or 10/10. Give Daniel some credit, man.

on 2004-03-17 13:02:32

As I listen to this... I am very pleased with the creative flow.

However, is that skipping noise in the beginning just me? Hmmm

7/10 Variety mixes like this are great.

on 2004-03-16 19:43:43

Why do I feel so compelled to play "Metroid Prime" after listening to this...

Hm, Oh well. Good work

leena fighter
on 2004-03-16 15:02:20

*holds up little Daniel Baranowsky pennant*

I love his style. It's always unique, and it's so utterly refreshing to hear a new, better version of the Gerudo theme. While the other's /are/ good, this is one that stands out, it's a very creative interpretation. I agree slightly (just slightly) that there is something strange about the drums at 2:35. They seem a bit out of place, maybe fake. But in all honesty, I wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't read the first review. Everything else makes up for it, though. Especially the eerie vocalizations in the beginning.

on 2004-03-16 14:58:42

As a reply to DJ Pretzel's review - where are the triplets? I don't hear them... neither in the original nor in the remix.