ReMix: Zombies Ate My Neighbors "Neighburgers" 5:22

By Protricity

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"Boss Battle"

Primary Game: Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Konami, 1993, SNES), music by George Alistair Sanger, Joe McDermott

Posted 2004-06-22, evaluated by djpretzel

Whenever a ReMixer with as many quality tracks as Mr.Asulin has to his name proclaims his latest mix to be the best he's yet created, it's worth paying some serious attention to. Just one mix for tonight - been busy lately getting into and object-oriented programming concepts more than previously - but the mix in question is one Protricity's christened his best yet, so it fills the evening nicely. This is the main theme from Zombies Ate My Neighbors, mixed into a nightmarish, rocking industrial affair that has elements of 80's synth-pop, circus music, 1950's sci-fi soundtracks, industrial, and Ari's own style all mixed up into a pleasing stew of music that's not quite as over-the-top as KRool but similarly emphatic and multi-faceted, with transitions into guitar breaks, alternate slap and synth bass timbres, etc. The main theme here is actually similar to some of the music from Ghouls'N Ghosts, with alternating major and minor motifs. The ReMixer makes good use of his 5'21" to build in several solos. The original has a lot of call-and-answer fun, which is brought out well here, and the numerous artificial but well-sequenced electric guitars are classic Prot. Lovely oscillator sweep synths around 2'07" accentuate the 50's zombie/sci-fi roots, leading into a more anthematic, more major-key guitar solo portion. At different points in the mix the slap bass is more exposed and active, and takes some funky mini-solos, and some of the chorusing/detuning on the piano makes it sound almost honky-tonk/saloonish at times, all of which works contextually. I was present for some of the discussion involving naming the mix, and while "Neighburgers" is probably the better choice, I still liked my own Silence of the Lambs-inspired "With some Fava Beans" suggestion as well. Go figure. At any rate, is it Ari's best? Tough to say, as it's got such stiff competition from his other pieces. It has a lot of the appeal of KRool with a little more control, takes the original and brings out all its best attributes, and is similarly well-sequenced and certainly not lacking in variety. At certain points some of the isolated electric guitar power chords, clearly artificial in nature and lacking much meat to 'em, rubbed me the wrong way, but at other times they were exactly what was called for. I could go either way - I don't think it's definitively Ari's crowning achievement to date, but all of his mixes have been impressive and enjoyable and this one is both in keeping with that pattern and illustrative of his picking up new techniques and refining others. Be your own judge, but do check it out - even if you haven't played the game (which you SHOULD), I think the appeal will be instantaneous. Recommended.


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on 2013-05-13 18:38:51

This is a fun remix. :D After manually trimming the high frequencies just a tad, it's pretty sweet. =D

EDIT: At 4:49, excuse my language, but I'm just like "WHAT THE FUCK. DAMN."

on 2010-06-07 18:05:04

Some really nice ideas, but dizamn, that guitar drags things down when it plays. The arrangement is sick as hell though, and that's what keeps me interested for the entire thing. Great variation and some excellent ideas and additional rhythms.

Some of the high frequencies get a little overpowering in some areas, but overall this one is incredible. Nice work, Prot. :-)

on 2010-03-06 22:05:53

This is so many adjectives that mean "good," I can't even say them all. Protricity is my #1 favorite musical artist, and this piece is pretty much why. I can't even write a proper review for it, it's that amazing. Not a single note is out of place. Of all the remixes on the website, this has to be the greatest of them all. Protricity is a musical genius, and this is his Mona Lisa. This is what awesomeness sounds like. If Chuck Norris was a song, he would be Neighburgers. If this song was put on a scale of 1 to 10, it'd create a critical error in the scale from it trying to display too many digits.

...I know I'm kinda gushy, but... this song deserves it. =D

on 2009-05-31 23:43:16

This is a really really great song, even if it drives me fucking bonkers.

Protricity is a spaz.

Five stars or something.

on 2009-05-31 22:57:09

To date I have downloaded over 100 songs from this site and "Neighburgers" is still my all time favorite! Awesome song!

on 2008-12-15 01:58:59

holy shit, dude. This song is full of so much win. Awesome reMix from an awesome reMixer. Good job dude on this reMix. 10/10

on 2007-02-07 01:35:13

jeebus mist!! Why havn't I reviewed this song yet??? It easily deserves 9/10 at the LEAST 10/10 is what i give though :D

on 2007-01-31 22:09:47

I LOVE this song. I can't remember how many times I've actually listened to this song. I also play it in the car. ;)

on 2006-05-31 15:31:24

One of the best remixes and songs I've ever heard in my life. GREAT job man

Dark Vagabond
on 2006-03-10 22:42:00

A few mixes actually sound just as great two years after first hearing them, this is certainly one of them. :D

Nothing much to it really, I loved the old game and the sense of insanity and intensity from this mix owns.

Less Ashamed Of Self
on 2005-11-18 16:13:05

I've officially listened to all the OCR's up to date as of my writing this (except those taken out) and this track is one of my all time favourites.

When it came up I was head-bashing and giving the horns; a response I think is only fitting for this track.

on 2005-11-10 10:06:30

I don't like how the treble percussion is panned to the right ear too much. It's really really strange I haven't heard anyone mention it. Does no one listen with headphones? Makes listening with headphones really painful at a volume I usually enjoy other music, along with the fact that it makes the whole song rather unenjoyable, especially when it's become one of my favorite mixes from here otherwise. Good thing I plan to one day only listen with ultra speaker equipment! I kind of hate headphones anyway.


on 2005-11-08 18:19:47
He got banned? For what?

In my knowledge, he was banned because he was a bit arrogant in the community.

on 2005-11-08 12:37:04

He got banned? For what?

Great remix by the way.

on 2005-09-11 12:47:23

I have this game for the SNES, and Prot's remix really does justice to the game's inventive soundtrack. Too bad he got banned... :(

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Primary Game:
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Konami, 1993, SNES)
Music by George Alistair Sanger, Joe McDermott
"Boss Battle"

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