ReMix: Shadow of the Colossus "Snowfall on Forbidden Lands" 5:00

By ceili, sephfire

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"Prologue ~To the Ancient Land~"

Primary Game: Shadow of the Colossus (Sony, 2005, PS2), music by Kow Otani

Posted 2007-06-09, evaluated by djpretzel

Did someone say Shadow of the Colossus??(!!?) Sephfire and newcomer ceili (Daniel and Carrie Floyd, respectively) offer this beautiful, breathtaking, ambient orchestral chill arrangement that I think the game's legion admirers will... admire. Like Ico before it, SotC is a compelling argument for video games as true art, due to a masterful combination of unique aesthetics, minimal superfluous distractions, and singular grace and elegance. The Floyds have done an excellent service to the game's soundtrack with this ReMix:

"Once again, a remix that took far longer than it should have. Such is the way with hobbies I suppose. The style is a vague nod to Harry Gregson-Williams' relaxed film scores; the recent Narnia film, specifically. ceili joined in late in the project to offer her voice to the ambient atmosphere. Apologies to everyone who was following this track in the WIP forum. Sorry I kept you waiting so long. :)"

This mix would have been fantastic without ceili's vocal contributions, but they only add to the already tangible atmosphere. Orchestral, electronica, ambient, and soundtrack elements combine; you can hear the Narnia influence as well. The tone is at once hopeful, enigmatic, cool, and crystalline - all of which Sephfire is adept at channeling, but which are perhaps more evocative here than usual. He's simply done a fantastic job in achieving a balance between atmospheric and melodic emphasis. Production, including the incorporation of Carrie's ethereal voice, is better than ever, and nothing seems out of place or lacking. Even if you've never touched the game (which is highly recommended), it shouldn't be hard to appreciate what Dan's accomplished: it's one of his best mixes to date, and just as striking and lush as the universe that inspired it.


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on 2011-06-02 05:58:55

One of my favorite tracks from this entire site. it also alerted me to the wonders of having nice headphones. This happened to be the first peice of music i listened to after acquiring some nice sennheiser earbuds. i could not stop listening! i still listen to this very frequently, nearly a year later! we need more shadow of the colossus remixes too. just saying. good job !

on 2010-12-14 10:34:00

perfect to wander about beneath the falling snowflakes with this on

on 2010-08-15 02:28:01

this is one of the best remixes ive ever heard.

on 2010-04-29 11:31:51

One of the most ridiculously awesome tracks on the entire site.

It's touching, serene, deep, and intense all at once.

I can't recommend this one enough.

on 2009-07-09 02:28:19


My jaw dropped to the floor as I heard this remix. Amazing work!! I love it, it's very well done.

Do more collabs, imo!

on 2009-05-31 23:55:21

This just a great mix. So thankyou sir for this.

on 2009-05-30 06:43:07

l really enjoyed this a lot. The vocals and the actual beat was fantastic.

on 2009-03-17 16:55:46

Love the ethereal, otherworldly mood this track creates; it's bloody amazing. It reminds me a bit of the piece that plays when a colossus has fallen. Closing my eyes while listening to this, I can imagine the sealed land in SotC covered in snowfall-it's got to be quite a sight.

on 2008-11-19 20:20:15

Breathtaking, both in sound and in quality. Awesome vocals and I love the beat.

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2007-08-17 17:29:02

This song's got everything. Strong progressions, instrument variations, a wide range of volumes and pitches all throughout... and it even doesn't resort to a fadeout!

on 2007-08-08 15:44:43

I concur. I just beat this game as well, and listening now after the fact is pretty cool. Excellent arrangement.

on 2007-07-06 00:42:35

Really great mix, guys (and girl). Sephire, this is most likely your best yet, not to mention the beautiful vocals. Top notch work.

on 2007-07-05 19:50:07

I throughly enjoyed this one. Personally, my favorite part of the song is the sort of crystal synth action going on, which reminded me of the crystal palace theme in the N64's Paper Mario. Love it love it love it.

on 2007-07-02 00:22:52

10/10 Hands Down. Thank you for this wonderful remix.

on 2007-06-28 21:08:10

I love the progressions in this piece. Intertwined with the hypnotic like beat and the vocals, which were an awesome touch, I give this easily 4 out of 5 stars.


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Primary Game:
Shadow of the Colossus (Sony, 2005, PS2)
Music by Kow Otani
"Prologue ~To the Ancient Land~"

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