ReMix: Final Fantasy VII 'Adrenalyne Kyck'

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Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the LifestreamFinal Fantasy VII

Hell freezes over! Peace in the Middle East! Duke Nukem Forever is released! And yes, the judges panel's own Larry Oji can now count himself as a ReMixer. Clearly, the bar has dropped far too low, and said status has been diminished beyond all possible appeal, which will inevitably send the site into a downward spiral, as prospective ReMixers flee in disgust and disinterest.

Oh wait, this mix is also by BGC and zircon. Well, in that case...

Just kidding, of course. Actually, Larry's contribution here is in my humble opinion pretty damn cool, and well done... for what it is. You may object outright to the whole principle of spoken-word/vocoded speech in the middle of ANY electronica track, and that's fine, but I think Larry did a good job on his "assignment" and the vocoding effect helps add pitch. Which is a good thing, because if he'd actually been asked to sing, I don't think any amount of Autotune could put Humpty back together again ;) The text he's reading is actually a quote from the director of FFVII himself, Yoshinori Kitase:

"In the real world things are very different. You just need to look around you. Nobody wants to die that way. People die of disease and accident. Death comes suddenly and there is no notion of good or bad. It leaves, not a dramatic feeling but great emptiness. When you lose someone you loved very much you feel this big empty space and think, 'If I had known this was coming I would have done things differently."

- Yoshinori Kitase, Edge Magazine, May 2003, as read by Larry "Liontamer" Oji

... Pretty cool to take that quote and repurpose it like that. This track was indeed part of Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream, if it seems familiar, but it's one that's taken awhile to see the light of day, and one I was personally less familiar with until I queued it up to post. Regarding the selection of the quote, Larry writes:

"After trying a few ideas though, and hoping to tie the lyrics into the story of the game, I wasn't feeling the results. While researching the game for some inspiration, I chanced upon the quote regarding Aerith's death from game director Yoshinori Kitase and knew it fit the mood of the track. After Jimmy integrated it into the track, we both came up with the idea on our own for Jimmy to do some cool effects on the vocals to make it fit the bridge section where they were gonna be used, so it was cool to know we were on the same page. Hopefully the people enjoy 'em. So along with the vocals and hitting me up for arrangement criticisms, thanks a lot to Jimmy for having me be a part of such a great effort.

Andy mainly contributed in the form of a couple trademark zircon phat beats and mastering; this is primarily a BGC joint. Jimmy's been busy working at GC lately, catchin' some mad deals and learning the ropes; seems like that's working well. Tweek just got a studio job, too... seems like a lot of folks are movin' around a bit; congrats to both of 'em. This mix intros with a pulsing bass synth "heartbeat" and never lets up, layering beats upon beats. Think of this as the ReMix equivalent of Kellog's Raisin Bran: it's got two full scoops of beats. At least. You've also got guitarish, distorted rhythm and lead elements, afforementioned vocoded bits, and a really cool high-pitched tine-ish sound that grows towards the end and is left hanging for a bit at the mix's conclusion - good ending. The runs at 1'37" are my favorite part - very intense, almost Castlevanian motif going on, definitely digging that. Jimmy does an excellent job merging electronic with guitar/rock elements, Andy's beat-assists and mastering could only have helped, and Larry's vocoded recitation might strike some the wrong way, but to me seems appropriate, interesting, and effective. Kyckin'.


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on 2014-11-15 13:16:06
This actually one of my favorites from VotL. The build-up here is just perfect and the whole song is pretty much varied. From time to time a new instrument jumps into and each time atmosphere becomes heavier and heavier. And suddenly Larrys voice breaks into. This moment is especially good. Then it drops for a few seconds and then comes my most favorite section. I like it most of all because of the damn emotive strings. Serious work.
on 2013-04-05 01:22:51
excellent collabo here! I just found my old ipod while i was cleaning and found this again. i didnt remember how good it was, and i never really realized who made it until now. great job here guys!
i love the little voice in the middle
on 2010-06-13 06:01:50
Im not surprised that Larrys quote isnt pleasing to everyones ears, but you can weigh up the pros and cons of it all day. Its my opinion that saying "It doesnt sound bad, but it could have sounded better if they were removed." is a pointless statement. Its what the creators went with, and without their creative judgements, the mix wouldnt exist.
The voicework is the sort of addition that may take a couple of listens to properly climatise to, but I really feel they eventually grow roots into the rest of the music as opposed to sitting on top of everything else as a garnish.
The rest of the piece is a showcase of energy and slickness, with a dark element that cements it all together. This stands up with the other big mixes from VotL, but considering the calibre of the collab, that didnt come as too much of a shock.
on 2009-10-09 06:42:40
Ive been trying to think since the release whether I liked the vocals or not, but I think now I can say I would thoroughly enjoy the song better with them in there.

One minute youre doing some headbanging to great synths, phat beatz, and kyckin rhythm guitar... then all of a sudden the song swells into this epic quote and its like "boom, revalation."

I think it was made even more epic with Larry being the one to do the voice too, since hes... Larry. BGC and zircon need to do some more collabs so we can have another face melting song.
on 2009-10-08 16:56:56
This track is sheer quality, but I can see Crono3of3times point on the vocal aspect. The vocoder and chopped/stutter effects are excellent and from an effects POV is perfectly implemented, especially 2:46. I loved that bit.

I do feel that the quote is excellent and the track is excellent, but together... the subject matter of the lyrics didnt seat well in the mood of the peice overall, which (to me) was fast, tight, dark (but not introspective); the musics more primal than reflective to me, you know it feels aggressive, urgent but also defensive and protective but hey - thats just my take on it. (I guess I relate it tightly to its original context in-game)

I still love the track in its entirety, despite my quibbles... Great job!
on 2009-07-27 07:25:22
Yeah, thats cool. I dont think I (for my part) misinterpreted what you were saying, your experience of the track was very different from mine, and I was trying to say that, and also describe my experience about it.

on 2009-07-26 05:26:46
Hmm... I see my previous post was rather misinterpreted... Hmm let me try to think of an example to emphasize what I meant by it drops dead...

Say you were at a rock concert, all jammin away, then in the middle of the song the vocalist suddenly decides to clean the microphone off with his/her shirt, and you hear the rustling,and microphone static from the cloth coming from all the speakers for a few moments, and the instrumentalists, unsure of what to do kind of keep playing trying to figure out whats going on until they get their bearings back. But by this time all the energy that was being put in to rev the crowd up has been dispersed through confusion.

Its not the words I was referring to, but rather the Encasing of the words. It sounds more like the song WAS complete, then someone just decided to insert a line or two of dialogue in the middle while the music kind of piles along in another direction over the top of it. The lyrics dont carve to flow with the song... Something of that sort, although I cant pinpoint it exactly, as this is an impulsive Feeling.

Also, Id have to guess that the other half of what made the lyrics feel so out of place to me, is that the song itself didnt feel like it was crafted FOR lyrics, as songs that have the lyrics in mind when they are made usually carry themselves with a different air... because they integrate similar sounding parts where the lyrics would come in, into the song, but in this one the lyrics kind of forced themselves in... (Im listening to the complete version over and over again as I write this. Trying to figure out why it feels dead and Im realizing now its more of a personal impulse as I cant clearly quantify it. .;)
on 2009-07-19 09:33:39
This is awesomeness beyond compare, I think that the vocal monologue makes this mix... LT, get your ass in gear and do some more collabs if all your contributions are this good...

Also, big lol at crono3of3times post, partially the how did it get past the judges quip due to the remixers of this track all being judges :lol:

Pretty awesome stuff guys great collab :P
on 2009-06-08 10:56:04
'Crono3of3time' wrote: theyre not just low, theyre downright pessimistic...

The text bit isnt pessimistic I feel, its saying that everyone dies some day and we might want to live our lives accordingly, to appreciate life and those around us. The music isnt some happy-go-lucky song that the quote wouldnt fit to either, its rather dark really! I think its a great match and actually listening to the lyrics (and learning where theyre from) elevated the piece for me from a good track to a standout one.

'Crono3of3time' wrote: I have no clue how such a faceplant made it by the judges...

I hope that my above message helps you see another point of view, how one can appreciate this track in its whole.

on 2009-06-06 22:23:28
One of my favourite songs from the album and its just so full of energy, i just love it.
big giant circles
on 2009-06-05 12:39:35
'Crono3of3time' wrote: theyre not just low, theyre downright pessimistic... No song "wants to die that way" like this one does apparently.

Ouch, thats harsh. Also, did you happen to read about what the lyrics are from, what theyre citing? FF7 wasnt exactly the most "chipper" game, ya know :razz:
on 2009-06-03 21:04:53
When I listen to this song and "I feel this big empty space and think, if I had know this was coming I would have done things ddddddiferently".. As in not listen to this... seriously.

The song itself it great!.. but... its a high energy song, then suddenly very low energy lyrics are placed in... theyre not just low, theyre downright pessimistic... No song "wants to die that way" like this one does apparently.

I mean I can listen to it now that Ive completely erased the vocal segment from my copy, and its much better to me (no Im not gonna post the edit anywhere)... I have no clue how such a faceplant made it by the judges...

I mean the song is like something vibrant and alive at first.. then the lyrics come in and kill it dead Dead DEAD!... then the corpse gets back up and tries to dance...pretending as if nothing ever happened. .;
on 2009-02-12 08:02:21
'kurokikaze' wrote: Can someone post the lyrics to the song? :)

They can be read here.

Nice work btw, with the remix. Its made my bus rides to and from school tolerable. :D
on 2009-02-12 06:02:08
Can someone post the lyrics to the song? :)
on 2008-12-08 12:47:49

This is one of the very few remixes where I felt that vocals didnt destroy a normally instrumental song. The build up was fantastic, and the overall beat was so darkly ominous that it really does induce an adrenaline rush in you. The build up is crashed by a funky rock drum beat as the build up is transformed into aggression and a more forward intent. The transition from build up to mainstream was very seamless and worked more than well. The beat shift mid-lyrics was awesome, and the continuation off of said lyrics was stunning.

A deadly ReMix from a trio of Grade-A ReMixers.