ReMix: Live A Live 'Giant Robot Bonanza'

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Live A Live

I never really knew how to pronounce "Live A Live," - do both "lives" rhyme with "jive," or "give"? What does it all MEAN!?! This awkwardness is compounded by the game's box art and title screen both having the second live printed backwards, where it looks more like "evil". I think it's one of those things that makes more sense if you're Japanese, but what's easy to understand AND appreciate is how good this game's music is: Yoko Shimomura's score is unambiguously great. Mr. de Bruin has provided OCR with its first ReMix of said score:

"This one probably won't need a source breakdown but it's cutting it really close in terms of the 50% because there's a lot of original material and soloing going on. I personally counted 1:11 of source and 1:10 of original material so it SHOULD be fine ;)

Anyway, this was my first DoD submission and has been made in only 2 days, so there's a few minor playing mistakes I haven't been able to fix because this mix was made before I fragmented my hard disc. I went for a high energy, iron maiden-esque power metal arrangement with quite a lot of J-rock influences, and was even debating adding vocals at some point, but maybe it's for the best that I didn't.

The reason I picked a relatively obscure game like Live-a-Live to remix is because it's a very underrated and underrepresented game (no OCR remixes yet), but for me personally it's hands down the best square RPG (which is saying a lot, obviously) with a soundtrack that might even make mr. Nobuo jealous (I'm actually thinking of starting a remixing project of it one of these days ;) ) So anyway, I hope you all enjoy it."

I certainly did; great to see this game finally arranged, and fantastic energy & motion from Joren. Vinnie writes:

"Your arrangements tend to be bursting from the seams with energy, Joren. I love that. You could probably make things a little cleaner, but I can hear everything fine. The arrangement handles the source nicely, balancing more conservative sections with good original stuff. Some crazy-ass soloing towards the end too, absolutely wild. Great dynamics in all instruments, and just solidly put together."

I've gotta start preparing for our panel at Otakon tomorrow, and everything that goes along with that, so I've got to cut this writeup a bit short, but check the judges decision and please, BY ALL MEANS, even if you've never played or *heard* of Live A Live, check this mix out - you won't be disappointed.


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on 2009-12-22 00:15:02
This one doesnt feel as intensely loud as Polar Star Overdrive but it matches it in pure energy. The guitar solo is hit or miss at parts, but when its a hit, its REALLY good!

This ones short as hell but I think you get the point across nicely in 2 and a half minutes ;-) Absolutely no filler here!
Pachi Risu
on 2009-11-17 17:30:41
Render this remix to MIDI format and replace
it with the original track in the game. Very nice
job. Kudos.
on 2009-10-24 10:52:22
Cool mix.
I havent played the game, but Ive heard the OST and its pretty good. (Mainly because of Shimomura) I dont really have much to say, since Ive never been good at picking up patterns with a guitar...
on 2009-08-17 01:17:52
This is just bloody AWSOME!!! Great Job Joren de Bruin
on 2009-08-12 01:18:38
Definetly got the Iron Maiden feel


a solid mix IMO
Martin Penwald
on 2009-08-06 16:14:05
Just what I expected when I read Joren de Bruin on the front page: a hard-rocking good time.

Though I have to admit; I do kinda miss the synth-solos that were in JdBs Cave Story remix, since they brought in some element that wasnt guitar shredding.
on 2009-07-29 12:07:31
Nice gallops and though some of the harmonized leads arent as rhythmically tight as I think they should be, this is definitely rocking out. Transitions and fills are nice, and production is clean.
In your face drums and live bass make this track extra driving. Good stuff, nice work dude. :-)
on 2009-07-28 09:24:08
Plenty of energy, and due to comments I cant get the "Megaman" feeling out of my head. Nice work, Tensei!
audio fidelity
on 2009-07-23 02:31:26
loved this the first time i heard it - lots of emotion coming from this one

been waiting to see this get up here for awhile - great job tensei-chan!
on 2009-07-20 04:49:03
Thanks a lot for the ReMix, Ive been waiting for a Live-A-Live ReMix since I got to know this site (not much time, unfortunately). I couldnt believe when I saw that no one had ReMixed it before, it have such a great soundtrack.
Hoping to see a LaL ReMixing project.
on 2009-07-18 23:20:45
I have been waiting YEARS for a remix of a song from this game. I almost burned out my snes listening to music from this game non-stop. I hope this is the first of many!!!!
on 2009-07-18 11:02:37
Based on the kana of the Japanese title, it seems safe to say its pronounced like "jive" in both cases. :P Great to finally see a mix of this game, keep them coming!
on 2009-07-18 08:15:20
I agree with the poster who said it sounds like Mega Man (that is a good thing). I think if you said it was from some MM game that Ive never played Id believe you.

Great work, this is an excellent rock mix.
on 2009-07-18 07:58:50
This is awesome. PLEASE do organize a Live-A-Live remixing project.
on 2009-07-18 06:02:16
Something sound a little like Mega Man, dunno if its the arrangement, the melodies, or just that Im associating this kind of music with MM. Kinda short, but better too short than too long. 1:58 is probably my fav part of it. Just what happened at 0:50?

Id say this is your best so far, at least my favorite... so far. Its got loads of energy and drive, a great non-stop rocking remix. Awesome work, dude.