ReMix: Final Fantasy VII "BadAzz" 5:25

By PrototypeRaptor

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dark electro electronic lyrics-existing synth vocoder
Arranging the music of one song...

"One-Winged Angel"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony, 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2011-12-06, evaluated by djpretzel

Hot on the heels of 25YEARLEGEND, we're proud to announce the release of our 30th arrangement album, BadAss: Boss Themes!!

Check out the whole thing @, viddy the sinister trailer, grab & help seed the torrent, and as always, please help up spread the news! Director David L. Puga (The Joker) writes:

"BadAss. Hardcore. Asskickery, if you're dirty. These are the words I used when I officially announced BadAss back in March of 2009. The origins of BadAss begin a few years earlier. It was 2006, and a guy named Pi_R_[]ed decided he wanted to make a project that was nothing but boss themes... "Crescendo to Chaos" eventually went defunct. Where many saw a loss, I saw a glimmer of awesomeness. With the encouragement of Kyle Crouse (KyleJCrb) and the support of my assistant director, pu_freak, I re-launched the project with new guidelines: "Everything must be BadAss! Can you hear me, damn you?" The album needed to encapsulate the idea of Bosses by featuring dark, visceral, and aggressive tracks. The name was changed to BadAss for obvious reasons, and here we are today. I'd be remiss not to thank KyleJCrb, evktalo (Eino Keskitalo), and everyone else at the KNGI boards for all their contributions, so thank you guys! To every artist, ReMixer and graphic artist alike, I salute you! You all indeed are BadAsses."

Co-director Pieter van Os (pu_freak) adds:

"I became assistant director shortly after BadAss was started, and together we searched the planet for the most BadAss of artists to contribute. I have grown enormously in rearranging music since the end of Crescendo to Chaos. In that time, the entire project has become much more cohesive and professional. BadAss, as an album, is really something to be proud of. I think everyone with a taste for BadAss music will love the result of our effort!"

So there you have it - from the ashes of one project dating all the way back to 2006, BadAss has traveled a long temporal distance to get here, but it's picked up some great artists along the way. Of course, it bears mentioning that Heroes vs. Villains, released ALL THE WAY back in February of this year, had a similar but not identical concept, but the two albums are quite distinct and also developed on their own trajectories, both to worthwhile destinations. David & Pieter have focused not only specifically on boss themes & foregone any chivalry or do-goodery, but also on a generally rough, dark aesthetic that wouldn't have worked as well with tracks like the (amazing) 'Voodoo, Roots 'n Grog', for example - not a bad thing, just citing the differentiation. The album features faces both familiar & new, and also includes arrangements from some lesser-known soundtracks.

This isn't one of those.

When you think badass, and boss theme, at some point you probably think 'One-Winged Angel' - whether you've seen Tommy Tallarico gesticulate wildly on his guitar solo when the theme is played at Video Games Live or heard numerous renditions on individual mixes or albums, it's hard to miss. Gratuitous, shmatuitous, I say - I'm glad BadAss has another rendition of the venerable classic, and I'm glad it's from PrototypeRaptor. Jonathan writes:

"Here's a french-electro mix very much in the style of Justice/sebastiAn that I've finished up to commemorate the release of my first album (woo)! This is significantly edgier than anything I've submitted before - it's loud and proud, standing right at the front of the loudness wars armed with the BFG. or something like that.

In essence, I wanted to create a track that a DJ would throw down right before a VIP showed up - in this case, that VIP is Sephiroth. And he's not going to be walking in to no electro-pop sissy cloud stuff...he's going to hit the floor harder than a meteor. The track itself took several weeks to finish due to all the microediting that had to be done to make it sound "authentic" - nothing you hear is actually a direct output from a synth or drum machine, it's all been sampled, resampled, processed, and then processed again. and then probably resampled again. twice. Definitely fun to listen to, and the bass lines were especially interesting to finally put together from this crazy hodgepodge of single note wav files..."

Absolutely crazy... but completely worth it, for the end result. OWA calls for dramatic measures like these, lest one put forth something that is either too similar to an existing arrangement, or that fails to capture the quintessential malice & force of the source. PR's captured all the good bits but added a lil' smidge of funk to the ballgame - this Seph still hits hard, but isn't ALL about the evil, and takes the time to dance a bit. Good for him, says I. The Joker writes:

"With the exception of one letter, we present you our title track. I first heard this track on Soundcloud and instantly knew we needed it on the project. Raptor agreed, and so it was done. Some said "One-Winged Angel" was a track that was untouchable. Well, we touched it! Raptor gives it that high energy, dirty, gritty electro he's known for, and the end result speaks for itself."

It does indeed; enjoy it, and enjoy the rest of the all-villain lineup of malevolent mischief @!!


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on 2015-02-03 11:55:54

PR is a beast. This mix was the first work from Jonathan I'd heard, so this track is sorta iconic PR stuff for me - gritty, brain-massaging bass, phat beats, a lot of great touches like flute (?) at 1:19, vocoded vocals, epic drops and breaks. Gotta dance! :nicework:

on 2012-10-03 03:35:46

This seems like a great track for burning in my new pair of headphones!

I'm usually not into the brain-blastingly heavy bass, but this track is too sweet to pass up.

on 2012-04-05 12:36:41

This should have been labeled with a warning:

"May affect your driving"

on 2012-01-25 01:58:13

loooove it *big thumbs up*

on 2012-01-22 04:24:23

When I make music, I want my bass to sound THIS phat.

on 2011-12-28 14:01:08

Great take on the source, love the beat at 0:50. I think all the sampling and resampling paid off, track sounds burly. It does remind me of something like Justice. I was feeling the chopped up vocals too. The 5 something minutes goes by quick with this song, good stuff

Tuberz McGee
on 2011-12-25 01:26:02

Holy crap. I'm gonna start this by asking Prototyperaptor to marry me.

I don't even like the source material. I can't stand "One Winged Angel".

This is the polar opposite of what One Winged Angel is. The phat beats and synths are sooo cool.

The arrangement is great. Deriving from the source in all the right ways.

The mix builds up at the beginning to the infamous "SEPHIROTH" in a way unimagined before.

Not sure if it's a vocoder or a talkbox or whatever. Don't care. It's just plain Badazz.

The section at 1:40 is perfect. Changing the feel entirely.

I can't say enough about this mix. But I'm not gonna leave an essay here because no-one cares. Haha

All in all. I can't get enough of this man. Keep it up!

on 2011-12-13 00:42:48

If Sephiroth were the final boss in Sonic 3 :)

Hy Bound
on 2011-12-11 22:57:54

This is totally great. I love the french-house style and the super sampled/processed sound is done very well. Really crunchy, gritty and authentic!

on 2011-12-11 03:20:14


When the phat beatz enter at the one-minute mark, I could put it on repeat all day! The choice of instruments and drums is pretty neat, though it is a bit repetitive in the end. Hopefully, the organ playing little leitmotives (-is that correct, leitmotives??-) from the source really help not to fall into something too much repetitive. Digging the voices too.

Dark. Creepy. Awesome.

on 2011-12-11 02:19:57

Gritty and dark. It definitely has the Justice thing going, too. You keep things going by always adding something to the plate, great breakdown with the chopped up vocals, and the key/melody is something else. Still recognizable, too. Honestly, I never thought of hearing OWA this way, but you made it fit. Well.

I look forward to hearing more. :)

on 2011-12-08 21:11:19

Dear PrototypeRaptor,

Please teach me

to be this awesome

Your ever loving fan


on 2011-12-08 19:35:23

I've heard so many remix attempts on the One Winged Angel, but never one that completely blew me away. I figured I probably never would. But now you've gone and done it. :)

on 2011-12-08 07:02:47

hells yeah! ive been waiting to see this up on the front page ive been blasting this since the wip stages. im glad to see this on here this shit really gets me hyped enough to get up and start dancing my ass off. Keep up the good work man i have my eye (and ears) on you.

on 2011-12-08 02:53:58

Yeah! I've had this mix since I caught it in WIP, and I've been waiting for the day that it would show up on the front page. Damn, it is GOOD. I didn't like it at first, mostly because of the style, but it soon had its hooks in my brain. I think I had this stuck in my head for a good few months straight. I can't recommend it enough, thanks for the mix, Raptor!

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony, 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"One-Winged Angel"

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Electronic, Synth
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Veni, veni, venias,
Ne me mori facias
Veni, veni, venias,
Ne me mori facias

Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth
Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth

Veni, veni, venias,
Ne me mori facias
Veni, veni, venias,
Ne me mori facias

Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth
Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth






Come, come, O come,
Do not let me die
Come, come, O come,
Do not let me die

Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth
Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth

Come, come, O come,
Do not let me die
Come, come, O come,
Do not let me die

Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth
Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth




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