ReMix: Sonic & Knuckles 'Quicksander'

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Sonic & Knuckles

One last day left in the first month of the year, so let's make it count with some Sonic & Knuckles dubstep from newcomer A.COE:

"Sonic 3 & Knuckles was the zenith of the Sonic Franchise. Sadly, the new games are frankly an embarrassment in comparison. Hopefully this bitchin' dubstep remix will serve as a fitting tribute to a masterpiece. Just doing my part to give the Sonic games of yesteryear the proper respect they deserve. The Sandopolis Zone (Act 2) music is a little unusual compared to other Sonic tracks, and allowed me to be very inventive while injecting a load of grit and filth. Here's to a level that caused many players a whole lot of grief."

I dunno, I heard Sonic 4 was decent and Sonic Generations seems to be getting a lot of accolades, but the general sentiment towards the franchise has certainly... wavered, over the years. Grit and filth are right; this mix is galvanized with loads of raw current and juxtaposes the distant, verbed Middle Eastern accompaniment with 1.21 GIGAWATTS of searing, shocking bass. OA comments:

"Usually when I hear the phrase "bitchin' dubstep", I roll my eyes at the hyperbole, but I think this track legitimately delivers. Some great rhythmic change ups in the melody, and the backing track modifications are excellent. Production was powerful and clear, even with the dubstep grime added. This is a really good mix."

As convulsive & vitriolic as dubstep's signature basslines are the reactions it seems to elicit in some folk; if you're not sold on the genre already, this probably isn't going to be your epiphany, but for my money it packs quite a punch, delivering on its promises with style & energy. halc had some reservations about aggressive highs on the EQ, but otherwise agreed:

"so yeah, really digging the arrangement. it's a great fit for the source, and adds tons of personalization while keeping the source pretty in tact. well chosen synths and nice automation and attention to detail."

Pretty much; not rocket science, but not autopilot by a long shot, this source material seems tailor-made for such a treatment, and Alex has done a great job executing & injecting Sonic with some wicked, electrified stuff. I smell burnt echidna ;)


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on 2013-05-26 12:29:17
Had a little too much low end reverb for my tastes, but otherwise well-executed.
on 2013-05-01 20:51:47
'Norman_Steel' wrote: This is dubstep? This is unlike any kind of dubstep Ive ever heard.

And I love it! It manages to maintain a harmony that I dont think Ive ever heard on a dubstep song, and the fact that it brings justice to the Sandopolis theme makes it even better. Someone should give this guy a medal, or a trophy for that matter.

"Is this dubstep?" lol. This is AMAZING dubstep! I love the dirty music on this website, and its great to work out to. I dont know why people seem to hate dubstep...
on 2013-04-29 14:34:25
As much as I hated Sandopolis Zone, Ive always loved the music of it, and hearing a hard, dark and gritty ReMix of it is amazing to me. I, myself, have grown to like dubstep, but I like it better when used a less obnoxious way like this is. To me, this is the perfect example of balancing melodic rock and dubstep, so well done.
Master Vash
on 2012-08-06 01:15:22
I have to come back to this. I really do.

As I said in my previous post, this is unlike anything Id heard before. All the dubstep songs Id heard before simply... didnt sound good to me. They sounded like noise. Dubsteps popularity confused me. Before this, all Id ever heard was generic riffs and wub wub sounds thrown together haphazardly and labeled as a "song".

But this track. The raw, guttural feeling. The grinding, vibrating, angry bass, beautifully woven into the rich Sandopolis groove. It had rhythm and structure, which I hadnt heard before in a dubstep song. I had no idea it could sound like this, I really didnt.

I suppose its akin to hearing poorly-constructed midis of Chemical Plant Zone, then hearing Chemixtrixx for the first time. It truly was something changing and enlightening. Since hearing this, Ive expanded my search (since I had a reason to do so heh) and found some dubstep I really enjoy.

To the creator of this remix, Alex Coe: youve truly created a work of art here. You have single-handedly turned a former hater onto dubstep. Congrats.
on 2012-03-19 14:13:12
This is dubstep? This is unlike any kind of dubstep Ive ever heard.

And I love it! It manages to maintain a harmony that I dont think Ive ever heard on a dubstep song, and the fact that it brings justice to the Sandopolis theme makes it even better. Someone should give this guy a medal, or a trophy for that matter.
on 2012-03-17 11:57:31
Absolutely love this mix. I keep coming back to it, and it never gets old. Love all of the elements going on here, and I like the arrangement. Very nice mix! ;)
on 2012-03-08 01:07:43
Really impressive!! The quote by MasterVash really says it all: I had no idea dubstep could sound like this. Color me impressed, and loving it.
on 2012-02-15 16:19:06
I have no idea why, but i cannot stop listening to this remix!!! Its freaking awesome, I love it!!

Definitely one of my favorite mixes by far. Keep up the great work, I want to hear more of this awesomeness in the future!
on 2012-02-06 19:58:44

As a fan of dubstep just before it got really big I am impressed with this amazing work, and I agree that he made the drops as part of the actual rythem to the song which was more impressive, I do like dubstep but it doesnt mean I like all dubstep, just like with any song it has to be done right and this was not done was done FANTASTIC!!!! Keep up the good work!

Sorry I cant add anything that add to any technically or musically critique but I have just been one of those "lurkers" on this website for a long time and appreciate all the work everyone contributes to this site and had my own dream of making a remix worthy of this community and submitting it but I am still an amateur if you can even call me that!
on 2012-02-06 05:09:54
'Overdriven' wrote: Good track, but this guy is already on my bad side saying all the 3D games are bad (especially Generations, I love that game).

This was actually submitted only a couple of weeks after Sonic Generations was first announced. Im pleased to admit that Sonic Generations is one of the best games of the entire series, but Sonic Team still has to convince me that theyre back in full swing. ;) Thanks for the comments though.
Ian Schmidt
on 2012-02-03 14:20:32
Im with halc on this one: its not that I hate dubstep, its that I hate it when someone half-times the drum track and LFOs the bass and then waits for money to roll in. This ReMix does far, far more than that and its genuinely awesome on its own merits. Another outstanding job by another OCR newcomer.

BTW, I think this sort of style would work really well with a lot of iconic all-FM sources given the inherent grittiness of the YM2612 (and the AdLib/Sound Blasters YM3812). I can just about hear the outlines of a similar treatment of Yuzo Koshiros "The Street of Rage" in my head, and its glorious.
on 2012-02-02 22:09:26
Good track, but this guy is already on my bad side saying all the 3D games are bad (especially Generations, I love that game).

Music-wise, though, its pretty cool dubstep. Well done, for the most part.
on 2012-02-02 17:31:16
Sick!!! Really good track, probably gonna be on my playlist for a while!
on 2012-02-02 03:17:29
FL Slayer for the lose !
on 2012-02-01 15:45:08
'Swifthom' wrote: It went dark, a ghost killed me and that was it...

The same thing happened to me when I was a kid but the opposite thing happened to me. I became instantly hooked to that level. In my somewhat twisted young mind I fell in love with the creepy ghosts and the sense of urgency. This song really brought all of that back for me. That same sense of encroaching darkness is in this song. My only quarrel with this song is that its maybe a bit too short. Then again Blind kind of spoils us with 10 minute songs.