ReMix: Castlevania 'Wild Night'

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Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to CastlevaniaCastlevania

So you've heard it a thousand times already today, but... 12-12-12 OMG!!! Now that we've gotten THAT out of the way, let's hit up Guifrog for some more Vampire Variations action, this time in the form of self-described Afro-Electronica:

"Chernabogue wanted everyone to give their own styles to the project, so I decided to make an entry and made an afro-electronica track. "Wild Night", because the way this mix turned out, I guess it's pretty much nightclub-friendly, crazy-dance friendly, party-hard frenzy whatever :P. That said, it's a mix of mixes, as I tried to give contraditory emotions to it - eerie, but dancey. Obscure, but fun. Some SFX have a pretty sutile haunted feel to them and things end in a fade-out; but the brass turn things somehow bright and the boom-tiss beat from the chorus will make you dance before thinking of getting scared.

Also, I was mostly influenced by Benin singer Angélique Kidjo when I made this. She's totally awesome!"

While some judges took issue with the source being a little difficult to pick out at times, Mr. Frog provided a helpful breakdown that made things a bit easier. Percussion is a highlight here, as Larry points out:

"Overall, what counts though is I'm really loving the overall direction and creativity of the arrangement. The woodwind sequencing (1:22-1:32) wasn't great, but it was brief, so the sequencing wasn't a huge hit for not sounding organic and human. The hand percussion sounded all sorts of crazy and energetic though.

Interesting dropoff at 2:34 that worked nicely before building things back up for the finish. Some people might have a problem with the fadeout, but forget 'em, it was a perfectly reasonable way to end it. There were no source usage concerns here at all, and I didn't need the breakdown. Great usage of "Stalker," really altering it rhythmically to give it a completely different kind of energy without messing with it too much melodically. Just a really fresh take on things and a solid sub."

Do I take issue with the ending fading out in general? No, I do not. Do I take issue with the CURVE of the fadeout being too abrupt? Yeah, actually... you generally want a curve that takes a bit more time winding down, otherwise you get that "Hey, who's turning the volume down!?!" hand-on-knob effect, which I think happened here a bit - that, and it's also just truncated, and never reaches silence. A note for the future, to be sure, but that percussion is sexy enough to compensate - Guilherme really jammed it out on the drums, which more or less make the mix. Most people take Castlevania in a rock/metal direction, some go electronica, and Joshua Morse infused the entire franchise with a heavy dosage of funk/fusion, but Guifrog has gone all world-beat on us; poor Belmonts must be VERY confused by now ;) Unexpectedly upbeat and positive stuff for vampire-hunting of any sort, Guifrog's delivered another varied, well-sequenced, creative arrangement.


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on 2013-08-31 11:33:48
Lots of club energy, and the percussion is pretty good for the beat it's giving. This fusion was an interesting one to hear, and I generally enjoyed it. I don't mind fade outs, but it seemed like this one faded a tad too quick, but that's a small nitpick for a ReMix that I liked everything else about. Pretty damn good, man.
on 2012-12-22 14:10:19
Fast-paced and funky, great for clubbing with vamps.
on 2012-12-15 11:57:19
With so much energy and fun, I'm surprised no one's taken notice of this one on here. There's just a whole lot of funk and movement in this one. While I agree that it's tricky to hear the source in this one, it's all there, and quite cleverly mixed into the textures and sliding melody.
I like it, and hope more people get a chance to listen to it. ;-)
on 2012-12-12 17:05:14
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