ReMix: Super Mario Bros. 'Dirty Coins'

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Super Mario Bros.

First bLiNd ReMix of 2013!! For over a decade, Jordan's contributed tons of amazing, FREE VGM arrangements to OCR, and just recently he released a commercial album, NESterYears, over at Bandcamp. It's licensed & legit, and he's even submitted this track to OCR to give you some idea of what you're in store for. Jordan's an amazing guy and if you've been looking for a way to thank him for the tons of free music he's contributed & continues to contribute to the fan VGM arrangement scene, buying this album is a great way to show him your support. As a bonus, well, you ALSO happen to get some badass mixes! I picked up a copy at MAGFest and have been digging it, especially this SMB 'Underground BGM' dubstep jam:

"So I finally released an album after much demand. I originally started my music career/hobby by adding beats to NES music and called it NESbeats so after 14 years in, I have come full circle by releasing NESterYears; a full length album of video game arrangements from games on the NES in all styles of EDM, from trance to dubstep to house. Dj Cutman actually approached me and recruited me to his label Gamechops after spinning my ocremix tunes for a few years and seeing the support I received for my arrangements, so I offered to do an album for his label, and so far it's doing well!

A while back there was a birthday post for Koji Kondo and I on the OCR Facebook since our birthdays are close and OC ReMix mentioned I had never done a Koji Kondo mix before, so here it is! The album actually has 3 mixes from his compositions but Dirty Coins seemed to be the best to release on OCR. It is a dirty dubstep remix of the Underground Theme from the original Super Mario Bros, which is one of my favorite source tunes ever. After the build, the drop comes in and has a more liberal approach to the source tune that you can just head bob too and jam. The whole remix is about 22 instances of Native Instruments Massive (even the Mario sound effects are Massive patches) and the track was built around the drumkit I created for it.. Tons of fun to make and hopefully just as much fun to listen to. Enjoy it!"

Great stuff; obviously I've got a lot to say about keeping the fan scene free & keeping it about honoring the composers and games, but I'm optimistic that artists like Jordan can balance those goals with also exploring legit licensing & selling their music when it makes sense, completely above board. At any rate, one thing I know for sure is that Jordan is amazingly talented and deserves your support; he's given a ton to this community, this track included. You've heard this source tune arranged a dozen times or more, but not by bLiNd, and (probably) not dirty dubstep, and trust me, he's definitely put his own spin on things. Check it out, then check out the album!


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on 2014-02-13 23:40:30
Very cool - I wish it dropped more but I also like that youve essentially chiptune sounds to make dubstep - very good.
on 2013-02-14 11:46:12
Another one that, IMHO, just goes too long. Its not because you made something sound nice that it should last forever. This is one of those cases when shorter is better. IMHO, of course.
on 2013-01-29 03:15:09
Slow N Dirty Rock Music for the 2013 Blast it loud m/
Bass Down low Great Dub Movement :party: :lol: :)
:-o Why Am I not ":-o" F^ :king: LOL! :rofl:
on 2013-01-25 11:42:53
Knowing this is not his usual style, I can say this is awesome. He made a good job on not getting too repetitve and getting some heavy bass in. This track is solid. DOT.
Red Shadow
on 2013-01-24 18:50:17
'Kanohi' wrote: Ok, Im going to premise this statement ...


as far as commenting on the mix: i had a lot of fun with it. and thats all i need to enjoy dubstep. well done, blind
on 2013-01-19 18:17:38
When I hear this remix, I dont think Man, whens the bass gonna drop? I think less wub and more experimental minimal wub and I like that. This was an excellent remix that I thoroughly enjoyed :)
on 2013-01-19 14:39:04
Oh man, when that beat hit at 1:38, it damn near got me moving. The sound effects give this ReMix the Super Mario charm, no doubt. Its nice to see bLiNd try his hand at something that seems to have exploded recently, and do a good job of it. Probably one of the better dubstep ReMixes Ive heard recently on OCR, especially because of that catchy beat woven in with the dubstep.
CC Ricers
on 2013-01-18 16:43:57
Maybe youre used to hearing bLiNds other works, and this has been a big departure from his usual style. Sure its not close to being his personal Magnum Opus, but I think its a refreshing change for him. Its very upbeat, bouncy and in general sounds more like a "fun" approach rather than a serious approach to the source material. When its not full-on dubstep mode, it goes to this nice, funky swinging beat, which is the best part of the track.
on 2013-01-18 16:12:40
Ok, Im going to premise this statement with the fact that Im a huge Dubstep listener and fan and I dont mean to offend in any way.

I enjoyed the arrangement, I think its solid and ranks up as one of the better takes on the Underground theme. I love the blend of the DnB-style beat for a mosh-y feel along with the solid Dubstep beat to bring the headbanging vibe. The sound-effects are clean and fit the song as opposed to just being tossed in for the sake of relating to the game.

My complaints are that the actual mid-bass instruments are a little bit bland. By bland I simply mean that the bass doesnt sound very stylized. A lot of whats in this remix sounds like some of the older tunes from artists such as Doctor P, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta from 2009-2010 era (Oldschool Circus tracks, essentially).

Now dont get me wrong, they dont sound BAD. Theyre well-mixed, nothing is muddy or overpowering, I just feel like Massive has a ton of potential and the mid-bass channels you made/used feel very safe and dont take much risk.

All that aside, this is a killer remix and I hope you progress into more bass-heavy mixes in the future :)
on 2013-01-17 18:21:11
Knowing your history with trance, it was only a matter of time before you starting testing the water with Dubstep. Looks to me like Prototype Raptor has some competition. (Im referring to OCR02226)
on 2013-01-17 18:16:38
Well, this was unexpected. But fun!

On a side note, you should totally change your artist name to or something.
Melbu Frahma
on 2013-01-17 15:43:47
Feels like forever since I saw a new bLiNd remix get posted, but man, this song was totally worth the wait. Quite possibly my favorite track by Mr. Aguirre to date; my foot was moving with the beat three seconds in without even realizing it. Instant d/l.
on 2013-01-17 15:12:19
Awesome song dude! Wicked creative use of melding the source and genre together! :nicework:
on 2013-01-17 15:05:49
...OH MAN.

This is absolutely SICK! bLiNd did an amazing job on this song! Its... its incredible!

I just dont know what to say. I honestly dont.

Well done Mr. Aguirre. Well done.
on 2013-01-17 14:33:25
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