ReMix: Wild Arms 'The Traveling Band's Last Song'

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Wild Arms: ARMed and DANGerousWild Arms

Next up we've got Artem Bank's other contribution to our Wild Arms album, following his impressive debut mix that we posted last year; he writes:

"Well, I'd already done one song for the Wild Arms project, and Jade wanted me to do another, so I found one I liked and did it. I liked the idea of taking the fully orchestrated song of TJIYFJ and making it into a sort of jam band sounding rock song. Really laid back and noodly - but not complicated."

NIce; reminds me of Brandon's 'Earthrise' mix we justed posted, though that was even mellower. While the intro is solo acoustic guitar (with a lot of verb & some very faint accompaniment - nice touches, both), things pick up @ 0'29" with a loose acoustic groove, then electric guitar takes over on the lead melody and things progressively get a bit edgier, while still maintaining a reserved, straightforward vibe. I like & agree with OA's take on this one:

"Some of the playing was ever so slightly on the loose side, but overall I thought this was really nicely done. I love the reverb used for the intro/ending, and the track itself had some good texture and direction, where new elements were adding up to a big finish. Source use was good, if somewhat vanilla, but I think this is a simple and clean take on a pretty good source."

There were also some critiques on the EQ - that electric lead is a tad muffled and certain elements don't cut through like they could, but it's not a show-stopper, and even contributes a bit to the arrangement's drifting, softer feel. Another strong arrangement from AB, who's now two-for-two with Wild Arms submissions - great stuff, part of what made ARMed & DANGerous so dern good, and looking forward to whatever else he's got up his sleeves!


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on 2013-02-11 15:57:02
Combination of acoustic and electric guitar was an amazing choice for this. I wouldn't mind hearing more mellow meets rough ReMixes like this one, especially if it's as powerful and upbeat as this is. Switching back to full acoustic for a few seconds was great for the ending.
on 2013-01-24 15:05:17
I think the sound choices are spot on. The vintage elec.guitar is sooo fitting, I loved it already on the trailer. Equally enjoyable as East meets Western.
on 2013-01-20 11:09:40
Love this song. That intro is really emotionally powerful (as are so many songs on Armed & Dangerous). The transition from the acoustic to electric guitar was well done. Very enjoyable!
on 2013-01-19 16:59:24
I might like East Meets Western better, but this still sounds like something to relax to on a mountainside in the summer after a LONG mission!
on 2013-01-19 16:31:20
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