ReMix: Pilotwings "The Evolution of Flight"

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Of course the key question here is... did flight evolve, or was it intelligently designed?? I'm going with the former, since I tend to find that whole "science & reason" thing terribly persuasive. But halc wasn't trying to open that particular can of worms, he was just trying to make some killer 9-bit chippy electronica Pliotwings tunage, as part of his imperatively titled Take Flight album. Drew writes:

"This track is actually almost a year older than all the others. It was originally for a different project, but ended up being ineligible for various reasons. So, since I was up a Pilotwings remix, I thought why not make a few more and call it an album? The rest is history! :)"

Very cool that this is the origin mix behind what eventually blossomed into a full EP; unnamed project's loss is our gain! While the chip textures, lo-fi aspects & infectious, deliciously ornamental melodies and harmonies come as no surprise to those familiar with the album and Drew's work in general, this mix gainfully employs the Rando brothers of tempo fluctuation - Ritard & Accele - more significantly. At three minutes & change, it's a shorter jam, but the shifts in pacing give it some compositional girth as the 6/8 time signature segues from brisk shuffle to deep sway. Fresh, invigorating stuff & another great cut off PTF!


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on 2015-12-21 14:45:55

This sounds like a demake of an SNES track rather than a remake. But, it’s a demake that sounds pretty decent. The melody shift at 1:48 really threw me off though. Kind of took away that relaxing mood that the remix did create.

on 2013-03-06 15:21:24

Always a good time for some halc 9-bit electronica. Nice and floaty, but with a little bit of a bite to it from the bits. Cool switch-up just after halfway through the ReMix.

on 2013-03-05 09:50:15

Man everything track from Take Flight deserves posting, and this one's no exception. This thing is full of sweet chip tunez you'd get a cavity -- and then halc knows just when to back the tempo down and mellow out.

on 2013-03-04 20:54:25

Do i hear a lafta yoga mod? =ooo

on 2013-03-04 15:23:14

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