ReMix: Deus Ex: Invisible War 'Tears in Rain'

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Our next mix from Sonic Augmentation is also our first mix specifically from Deus Ex: Invisible War; Stevo writes:

"'Tears in Rain,' as implied by the title, was inspired by Blade Runner. Deus Ex has always had the feel of a Ridley Scott movie to me, and I derived inspiration from that as well as from the soundtracks of Thomas Newman, particularly Road to Perdition. There's this abject hopelessness throughout much of the series, and I tried to capture that here. While I didn't play Invisible War as much as the original Deus Ex, this song always stood out to me as being especially gorgeous in its mystique and sound design."

The main link to Vangelis and his BR score to me here is the shimmering, pure electric piano, recalling the motif played during Rutger's speech about watching "C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate" - which always makes me think of Wagner. The structure here is actually a very low-key rock jam, with a nice upfront electric bass, acoustic drum pattern with complimentary left & right shakers, and cleanish, cross-delayed electric rhythm guitar. Cross-panned synth pads swell & sway underneath, and the EP glistens over top. There's definitely an explicit (sound fx) AND implicit storminess and sense of unrest, but I actually detect a hint or two of hope in there somewhere, so perhaps things aren't quite as abject as they seem. If you haven't seen Blade Runner, well, you should see Blade Runner (Final Cut!) - I think you might agree that the aforementioned moment in the film that the mix title is taken from actually feels the same way - simultaneously depressing & beautiful... dark, but not entirely without light, or at least promise. Very moody, reflective, & engrossing arrangement from Stevo, which dials the intensity back a couple notches and explores a more ambient, emotive side to the music of Deus Ex.


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on 2013-05-13 22:18:27
Level 99 took it ...

( • _ •)
( • _ •)-

to the next level.

I love the ambient space this creates. Put your feet to the street and beat some pavement in front of your favorite water-side cityscape.
on 2013-05-13 09:29:32
Oh man, that electric piano sounds so hauntingly good with the stormy sound effects in the background for the intro. It does seem to capture a sense of hopelessness, but at the same time, its arranged so well that it has a weird uplifting beauty to it. Very interesting.
on 2013-05-06 16:52:32
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