ReMix: Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers "Stepping Out"

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Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers

I was psyched when Sir_NutS (Paul Michael Molina) came back in 2011 after a six-year hiatus, and since then he's given us a 1980's-style MM10 jam AND an excellent Bionic Commando trance mix, proving that it wasn't just a one-mix thing. His return is further solidifed with this aggressive Street Fighter dubstep mashup of Ken & Cammy, aka "Blonde on Blonde":

"Sir_NutS over here with another submission, this time from the Street Fighter competition held by DarkeSword not too long ago. This is a remix of both Ken and Cammy's themes from Street Fighter. This isn't the competition version of the song, as I made further changes to it before submitting it. For this song, I wanted to make some really aggressive dubstep in the vein of Excision, Noisestorm, and other dubstep artists that make some really aggressive-sounding songs. My objective was to make some subwoofer-destroying drops, with some really dirty and growling basses. I wanted to make the song feel like a fight, and the Street Fighter samples helped enhance that effect.

I know with the popularity of dubstep you guys must be receiving a swarm of dubstep remixes lately, and well I guess there's not much I can do about that, but this was actually my first try at the genre and I must say I absolutely love it. I'm more of a production guy: I have the most fun creating sounds, and the genre lends itself to lots of crazy stuff and I had tons of fun building all the sounds for it. This mix was made in Reason, and all of those growling, wobbling, bending, and gritty sounds you hear were made mostly with Thor. It's an incredible synth and I had a lot of fun just completely destroying the sounds with it. I mastered the song in Sonar though."

Very cool; also, while we've seen a lot of dubstep or dubsteppish mixes lately, every artist approaches the genre in their own way, and I've personally been loving what we've been seeing. Emunator writes:

"For being your first foray into the genre of dubstep, this is really solid and doesn't fall prey to a lot of the same issues that plague newcomers to the genre. Your wobbles are well-synced and actually keep the momentum going instead of making the track feel too disjointed. The synth-centric 4-on-the-floor sections are classic Sir_NutS material and keep the track varied and interesting."

Larry & Vinnie both felt the intro overlay of both themes was the weakest point, but also both dug the track overall; the latter writes:

"Yeah seriously, for a first dubstep track, this is quite enjoyable. I think you could have used a few more tweaks in those sections, for maximum craziness, but what's there is solid. Even the non-dubby sections were well executed. Pretty much I'm right in Larry's court on this one: the intro is the weakest part, and the two themes didn't mesh that well, but weren't bad together either. The good outweighs the bad by far, so a YES it is."

The pitch-bend & "FIGHT!!" break before chaos ensues at 1'09" was a highlight for me, and I actually liked the dubbier/steppier portions of this mix more than the less dubbier/steppier portions; your mileage may vary. It's certainly a different sound for Mr. Molina, but as Emu mentions above, his signature still emerges here and there. Overall this is a great foray into new territory for Sir_NutS, blending two classic themes from two very blonde badasses into a single, aggressive jam that accomplishes the combative intensity the arranger was shootin' for - nice!


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on 2015-12-28 12:51:17

All right, found a dubstep arrangement in my December Reviews Month playlist that sounds great. The arrangement was already great, without having the beat drop, and the original sound clips were cleverly used and incorporated into this track. I even love the “uuugaaahhhh” sound at the end. Great work.

on 2014-01-02 10:52:57

For a first go at dubstep, this is pretty good, I gotta say. I think you did a decent job of weaving in and out of Cammy and Ken's theme, especially right in the middle at about 2:05 and on. It's awesome how often two SF themes seem to blend together naturally. SFX were added but not overused, and you balanced dub with melody, all in all, not bad at all. Obviously, things are there that will be picked at, but as a listener, I enjoyed it.

on 2014-01-01 12:39:58
timaeus, that isn't a 909 snare. And yes, it's a layer of 3 different snares. Likewise, there's no phasing or flanger effects on any of the bass sounds, it's all bandpass/low pass/notch filters.

Okay, although that's what it sounds like to me---a 909 snare, mostly. A similar-sounding snare was on TGH's Secretive Terrors ReMix, but to me it worked there because it was thwappy and noise-gated. Just personal taste and context though, nothing more.

And I did say "phaser-like", with the reservation that I could have been wrong. This WAS your first foray into dubstep, so with this being your first, it IS still quite good. Anyways, I know these days, almost 2 years later, you CAN do much better and I believe you've improved a LOT, so I'm looking forward to what other future subs you have in store. :)

on 2014-01-01 11:19:51
Man, why do so many people treat the 909 snare like a sufficient power snare on its own? :? Layer that bad boy!

timaeus, that isn't a 909 snare. And yes, it's a layer of 3 different snares. Likewise, there's no phasing or flanger effects on any of the bass sounds, it's all bandpass/low pass/notch filters.

on 2014-01-01 01:34:53

Man, why do so many people treat the 909 snare like a sufficient power snare on its own? :? Layer that bad boy!

The dubstep portions didn't really do it for me not because I have anything against dubstep, but because the wobbles were pretty transparent due to the phaser-like effect on them and pretty thin due to the choice of filter used. The way he worded his writeup, NutS seemed to be really hyping up the dubstep, so naturally I was expecting a lot. The big pitfall of many dubstep tracks is the over-usage of the same wobble sound throughout much of the track, as is the case here IMO. Ah well. I get the feeling this mix was really old, and I think these days he could have done better.

The arrangement suffered a bit from the intent of dubstepping our brains out. Other people may like this track more, but it just didn't do it for me subjectively, sorry. :|

on 2013-12-31 11:00:14

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