ReMix: Mega Man Battle Network "Let's Bust Some Viruses!"

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A long time ago in a galaxy about ten miles away (I moved from Reston, VA to Fairfax, VA), I started OverClocked ReMix as a side project to my emulation comic strip (I know, right?) called "OverClocked" - specifically, the first ReMix went up on December 11th, 1999. So we can say that we originated in the 20th century, just like I can claim to be a child of the seventies even though I was born in 1979. Fifteen years is a looooooong time. Beyond simply predating YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., we've persevered & thrived while remaining true to our mission statement, facing numerous challenges & rising to meet them. For the next twelve months, we'll be celebrating 15 years of OCR in numerous ways, starting with this FIFTEEN MIX MEGA-FLOOD. What else have we got in store? Well, as the last decade-and-a-half have shown us, the only constant is change. The Internet is a different place, HTML itself has evolved, and there are enhancements and plans that we've been working on for quite some time now that will finally see the light of day as part of our continued 15th anniversary celebrations, many of which are being made possible by our generous supporters on Patreon. Stay tuned & expect big things.

...but in the meantime, we've got some MUSIC to talk about!! Let's dispense with the formalities & dig right in - first up is timaeus222 with our first ReMix of the original Mega Man Battle Network, a bubbly, upbeat EDM/dance jam:

"I think lately I've been catching a case of the "zircon fever." What is it, you ask? It's the addiction to his music, and the subsequent inspiration that tends to arise out of sheer magical sparks from space.

In other news, I found an ancient musical bible - the 1939 version (published in 1953!) of "What to Listen For in Music" by Aaron Copland, and it is so awesome. This guy knows what he's talking about, despite the fact that he loves to say "layman" to imply his simplifications for the average reader. Just so you know, I was being a little sarcastic with that book being a "bible" (kind of a reference to a past science teacher of mine who said, "The periodic table is your scientific bible."), but hey, more humor, more laughter, more fun. =D

I found that book a helluva read, and that, along with zircon's newest single "Augment," inspired this countermelody-abusing-progressive trance/retro/synthpop remix of title (and one NaviCust) themes from Mega Man Battle Network 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 (sorry Battle Network fans, but hey, 3 is still my favorite in the series, regardless!). Funny story... I did this without referencing the sources. One last thing... I hope you folks cry in private from nostalgic feelings! :V I hardly ever do this, but... !FIRST! Mega Man Battle Network remix on OCR... if this goes through. :D"

Technically Rukunetsu had the first posted mix from the series earlier this year, but this is indeed our first ReMix from the first GBA game, i.e. the originator of the series, and that's still something. Larry writes:

"Nice work by Truong-Son stitching together the myriad versions of "Theme of MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK" with MMBN1's version taking the lead. Though it was the only Battle Network piece I was familiar with before this mix and the For Everlasting Peace album, I've been a fan of MMBN1's main theme since I first heard it more than a decade ago, so IMO we're LONG overdue for a mix of it. The original's much more fast-paced, but I'm cool with timaeus's approach; it's less about driving forward briskly, and more about a slick, refined groove. Props to Truong-Son for the subtle bassline and other supporting writing details that separate the Mega Men from the Mega Boys. The various other BN theme cameos were all well-woven throughout, so much so that I'd really love to hear timaeus give another Mega Man spinoff series like Zero or Star Force this kind of skillful multi-song treatment. If something from either of those series speaks to you, give it a shot! :-)"

Very shiny; Truong-Son knows his synths, and this has a sheen & clarity to it that's very crisp & open. Fadeout on the ending seemed like it had too abrupt a curve, but when that's the main nit you're gonna pick, that's a pretty good sign. As Larry says, the blending of sources is handled well, resulting in a relatively seamless presentation that you wouldn't guess is crossing multiple games, albeit in a series. Overall, great stuff, and an excellent way to get our 15th anniversary flood underway - one down, fourteen to go!!


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on 2015-12-21 03:02:37

Very groovy. The beat/bass combo worked very well. There's a lot of ear candy here and there -- I liked the trance-y and chiptune-y synths. It was quite simple, but I enjoyed this remix. Very nice job, Tim! :D

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-12-15 01:14:23

I know nothing about the Battle Network games, but that doesn't stop me from recognizing a pleasant, fluid bit of electronic music when I hear it. I really like the pacing on this one, even if the melody-- from an "outsider's" perspective-- seemed a little inconsistent.

on 2014-12-12 17:03:39

star force definitely needs more love

on 2014-12-12 15:19:17

I very much like the idea of ReMixes like this, where an artist takes almost all the opening themes or all the ending themes or something like that and tries to meld them together into one cohesive ReMix that gives you basically a musical icon with which to enjoy a series with. There's just something satisfying about that from an organization stand point. Timaeus did a fantastic job with this and I'm sure a lot of Battle Network fans are eating this up, as they should. I agree with Larry, I'd love to hear this ReMixer tackle some Zero or Starforce, but for now, I'll just be jamming to this for a while.

on 2014-12-12 02:57:38

Good lord. :nicework:

Does the source so much justice with those synths

on 2014-12-12 01:13:24


on 2014-12-11 00:50:24

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