ReMix: Mega Man 3 "Harder Than Steel"

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Mega Man 3

The Megas (Brian DiDomenico, Eric von Doymi, Greg Herschleb, Greg Schneider, Josh Breeding) return to OCR with their third featured ReMix, an epic rock/vocal take on "Hard Man":

"This is one of the tracks from our 2-part interpretation of the Mega Man 3 soundtrack - History Repeating. History Repeating: Blue was released in 2012, and the second half, History Repeating: Red (which includes this track) was released in May of 2014. If you like it, there's a lot more where that came from!"

At 6'19", this is a generous helping of meaty 80's-era rock beats, crunchy guitars, perky synths, and of course spot-on contextual lyrics & anthemic vocals, from an album well worth checking out. Liontamer opines:

"Despite my source usage timestamps, if you're not ultra familiar with the source tune, you might think the arrangement goes too liberal after 3:29. It's still referencing the Hard Man theme a lot, but in more subtle ways while focusing primarily on original lyrics and instrumentation. It's definitely still there though.

The Megas are also known for smart lyrics that tell a cool story, and this one doesn't disappoint either with the boxing motif. Really creative, transformative approach per The Megas' usual!"

Flexstyle adds:

"I like basically everything about this mix. The vocal harmonies, the instrumental performances, the mix is clean, the attitude is there in spades....oh, and I guess it's a pretty good arrangement, too."

If for whatever reason you're unfamiliar with The Megas, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out 'The Annihilation of Monsteropolis' as well as the acoustic jam 'The Quick and the Blue' - both excellent & representative examples that serve as good jumping-off points for their larger body of work. They're consistently good in an enjoyable way that's easy to take for granted but which requires thought, talent, & planning to pull off so well. I love the backing choir and climactic build towards the conclusion, here - really good job at building the drama. What else can I say? The mix title makes me think of a hypothetical 80's Van Damme movie that never got made... in a good way. Great stuff from The Megas, who never cease to amaze!


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on 2015-12-21 02:39:46

Wow, I wasn't expecting vocals -- they're cool. The arrangement is great. It's a super nice rock/hard rock cover, with plenty of new ideas. The chorus is very catchy. The breakdown was a nice section too. The solo work is excellent. Very nice job from The Megas! :)

on 2015-06-28 15:27:33

It's almost like Mega Man meets Punch-out with the 80's style boxing anthem mixed with Hard Man's theme, and I totally dig it. I've really loved the Mega's music ever since I heard their take on Air Man, and they do not disappoint with this mix. The song not only builds on Hard Man's theme in the way that a ReMix should, the lyrics and the way the theme swells and builds with the chorus near the end also tells a pretty good story, which is a plus. This is an incredible ReMix and an instant download for sure.

on 2015-06-13 23:41:35

I'm new to the Megas, so perhaps I'm late to the game, but WOW this is an impressively engaging and agressive vision - lyrical rock to Mega Man. And damned if the lyrics aren't REALLY good - these aren't just words for the sake of words. I see what people are talking about with the 80's power rock - it's actually perfect. I can't imagine that's an accident. Congrats to this entire group - pretty amazing.

I will be checking out more from these artists.

Brandon Strader
on 2015-06-12 15:32:27

Sounds like an 80s remix with less reverb on it. Very well done!

I agree with that, but I wonder if it was done on purpose or a result of the iffy mixing / mastering. Granted not all "rock" mixes need to be mixed with high energy and impact, but I personally would have dug it more with a more balanced mix. It's an awesome arrangement though and it's cool to finally see a vocal mix posted on youtube not get absolutely slaughtered.

on 2015-06-12 09:33:35

Sounds like an 80s remix with less reverb on it. Very well done!

on 2015-06-11 22:50:55

The Megas' album History Repeating: Blue is I think some of the best use of Mega Man source material I have heard in the VGM remix community, at least for it's cohesiveness in one album. Similar to what MindWanderer said, it was money well spent. I bought the album and decided to listen to it when I need to drive my motorbike across the city in crazy traffic to run an absurd bureaucratic task, and I think the album looped around four or five times before I got back home. The first half builds incredibly well. History Repeating: Red, where this track comes from is also worth a listen. Like djpretzel said, the stories they tell in the songs warrant a close listen.

on 2015-06-11 18:47:45

With OCR around, I hardly ever feel the need to buy music. I pre-ordered History Repeating. Money damn well spent. Their lyrics are cheesy but often clever, their arrangements are a lot of fun, and their playing is fantastic (listen closely to the guitar solo in Annihilation of Monsteropolis--most guitarists just sort of smush their fingers all over the strings at that part, but they hit every note. I finally understood "hammer-on/pull-off" outside of Guitar Hero once I saw this live).

If only they'd write faster.. I believe they all have full-time non-music jobs, so I get it, but man it's hard to wait years between each of their albums.

on 2015-06-11 13:15:32

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