ReMix: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings "Cáemm elaine luned"

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Our first ReMix from the Witcher series comes in the form of a GORGEOUS vocal folk/new age ballad from prophetik music (Brad Burr) & newcomer Merrigan, who lends her beautiful voice & lyrics to Brad's arrangement:

"this one's a touch old (i finished it in 2012), but it's still a track i'm quite fond of. i contacted katethegreat19 in 2011 for some assistance remixing this track, for an unrealized album. she professed to being quite busy (this was before her album came out), so she recommended a Finnish friend that she knew through YouTube, "ShyTooShy" (that's Merrigan's YouTube channel's name). i got in touch with her and she was quite interested in putting this together. we nailed down some initial background tracks, got an idea for the actual melody and how we wanted to do the vocals, and she wrote some original lyrics using the Lore pages on the Witcher's wiki in in-game Elvish (that are startlingly applicable to the storyline in the Witcher and the Witcher 2, actually).

real life hit, then, and i spent almost a year struggling to find time to compose. i finally was able to put some time in to finish the backing tracks when my wife finished her masters work. Merrigan recorded her parts, and we were able to get them mastered and into the track. then, in true prophetik fashion, i sat on the track for a year and a half while doing nothing with it even though it was finished. i figure it's time to let this one out into the world.

on the technical side, the majority of this was done using FL Studio and Melodyne, with Omnisphere, EDIROL Orchestral, Elastik, and Kontakt 4 making appearances. nothing complex on the mastering side, since i'm not very good at that part anyways. =) enjoy!"

OMG what were you waiting for?!? :) GREAT piece - many thanks to Kate for referring Brad to Merrigan; this is a wonderful collaboration that feels very natural. It's nice to see Brad back in action - it sucks when real life interferes with one's music, and I can totally relate to that, but we've missed him 'round these parts. This mix marks a rather triumphant return, in my book, as one of his best, most fully-realized arrangements that breathes, develops nicely, and does a superb job of channeling a Celtic/fantasy atmosphere. Judges were unanimous, but I think Emunator said it best:

"This is yet another quality addition to your growing body of work, Brad. Your music always has a very professional, cinematic quality to it, which is impressive because every one of your submissions seems to tackle a completely new genre. Your arrangement maintains the solemn feel of the absolutely-gorgeous source tune, but expands the instrumentation in a very natural way. Merrigan's superb vocals feel like a perfectly natural addition, I was truly surprised to find out that the original source didn't already have vocals included in the first place."

Indeed; a wonderful introduction to the musical world of The Witcher, which has become increasingly more popular with each installation. Absolutely lovely work; I really hope to hear more of both Brad and Merrigan on OCR, via further collaboration or individually. Stunning arrangement - highly recommended!


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on 2015-12-05 08:44:25

This track, much like Geralt himself, is bangin'! My only question is "why didn't I hear this sooner?" But thanks to TW3, hopefully it will get a bit more exposure. I especially enjoy the mixing done on the instruments; not once did they drown out the vocals (which are very good themselves). Great stuff overall!

Daniel Caton
on 2015-12-04 20:50:50

This is really beautiful. The vocals are excellent, the orchestral writing is pleasant but unobtrusive, and everything comes together to make one really relaxing song. I especially like the way the vocals were layered in this one. Not a choir effect, as I often hear, but merely one additional voice (if I’m hearing it correctly). It’s all quite soothing.

on 2015-12-02 12:57:03

Ahhh, dudes, this is gorgeous! Merrigan's voice is astonishing and backed with prophetik's Celtic sounding orchestra, it all wraps up to a pretty sweet present that hits me in the heart. I actually had to listen to this a couple times just to even focus on it, because the song got me daydreaming and ended before I knew it. Definitely adding this to my music list, this was wonderful!

prophetik music
on 2015-07-28 12:00:43

i sorta forgot about it, several times : but i think i showed it to you back in 2012 when i first started it!

on 2015-07-27 23:41:13

Wait you had this done for a year and didn't let me know even when I mailed you all that Witcher stuff last Christmas? :(

Seriously though, good stuff here! Glad to see you doing yet more styles -- the relaxed Celtic orchestral stuff on display here works really well for you. Looking forward to the next time you are playing the lead, but what a soloist to have found in the meantime.

on 2015-07-27 14:49:14

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