ReMix: Portal 2 "Reconstructing Lemons" 4:53

By Chimpazilla

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"Reconstructing Science"

Primary Game: Portal 2 (Valve, 2011, WIN), music by Aaron Dessner, Jonathan Coulton, Matt Berninger, Mike Morasky

Posted 2016-03-01, evaluated by the judges panel

MARCH MADNESS!! While in other corners this may refer to sportsthings, in our case we're kicking the month off with... LEMONS!! Chimpazilla (Kristina Scheps) goes decidedly more boom-tiss than previous arrangements with this fun, heavy-hitting EDM take on Portal 2:

"Hey, guys, shameless self-panel here. This is a track I have wanted to write ever since I first heard the classic Cave Johnson rant two years ago. I've been taking some production lessons from bLiNd, and he's been teaching me so many helpful things; I finally felt that I could approach this mix in the way I always wanted to. Jordan is a fantastic teacher by the way! (And an even better friend!) I've been on a trend lately of telling a story with my remixes using spoken vocals, and I really felt that Cave Johnson deserved to have his say, because lemons! Hope you all get a kick out of it."

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade... make untz. Intense citrus metaphors juxtapose with a four-on-the-floor beat, undulating trance/electro bass, and cutting synth leads/stabs. There could have been a bit more overt melody usage, as sometimes the underlying glue for the quote sections is a bit disconnected from the source, but overall Palpable was satisfied:

"It is a little source light, but moreover, I actually thought the source would have fulfilled a great role in the middle section! IMO it needed something else there, and even just snippets of the melody here and there would have been really cool. I loved what those heavy synths were doing anyway, so it wasn't that I was bored or anything. Overall, it was awesome to see Kris tackle this style so effectively. The vocal clips were used very well, and the production was excellent. I wouldn't have minded something else in the 3kHz range... well, I guess that gets back to my comment earlier about wanting more melody in the middle section. I heard enough source to satisfy me, and that was the only satisfaction in question."

Sounds about right; definitely lands on the liberal side of things, but also on the goofy & fun side, too. Sensei bLiNd has been teaching Kris some new tricks, for sure, and this outing gives her a chance to show some of that off while taking a good concept & running with it; good stuff.

Also... LEMONS!!


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on 2016-03-08 10:16:43

I got to give a lot of feedback on this as it was in process of being polished, and it's definitely one of my favorite Chimpazilla tracks for sure! I also tend to play this one out on occasion as well. :D

Super proud of Kris for her rapid progress as a producer!

Venom Fighter X
on 2016-03-06 16:41:26

Very cool, totally club appropriate.

on 2016-03-02 05:58:58

I've already heard this track on Chimp's soundcloud :) But I'm glad to see it here as well. And I would never think that it's her work - it sounds something created like by Flexstyle/Jewbei/bLiNd, this is a really cool surprise. Great usage of vocal clips and terrific EDM soundscape overall. Love it!


on 2016-03-02 01:49:42

Nice source choice. :) Cool and impressive sound! I, too, have a natural aversion for SFX and voice clips in tunages, but I have to agree they're well used here. The whole piece is very well paced and structured.

on 2016-03-01 23:02:30

Dude, combustible lemons are the BOMB.

on 2016-03-01 17:53:59

Normally I don't like voice clips in songs, especially this many. Usually they're really hard to make out, too. But this is genius, and well-balanced. I was grinning broadly when it got to "With the lemons." Really catchy, too; an unexpected but extremely welcome departure for Chimpz.

on 2016-03-01 17:33:37


on 2016-02-29 10:30:51

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Primary Game:
Portal 2 (Valve, 2011, WIN)
Music by Aaron Dessner, Jonathan Coulton, Matt Berninger, Mike Morasky
"Reconstructing Science"

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