ReMix: Half-Life: Opposing Force "With Indifference" 3:02

By Redg

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Arranging the music of 2 songs from 2 games (view all)...

"Alien Forces", "Nova Prospekt"

Primary Game: Half-Life: Opposing Force (Sierra, 1999, WIN), music by Chris Jensen

Posted 2016-10-14, evaluated by the judges panel

We finish out the week with some dark & cinematic symphonic metal in the form of a more orthodox Half-Life: Opposing Force arrangement from the often avant-garde Redg (Brent Wollman):

"My first ever submission edited and remastered. Two of the best pieces from Half-Life for sheer \m/. Source enters at :15. "Nova Prospekt's" gnashing pulse eventually transitions into classic "Alien Forces.""

From the very beginning, Brent's done some awesome work paying homage to the music of the Half-Life franchise. I do wonder when the good folks at Valve will get around to providing a third main entry to inspire him :) While many of Redg's pieces have an experimental aesthetic that's hit-or-miss for some (tangent: apparently in England this is referred to as being "marmite," for the product of the same name!), this piece is more accessibly presented & structured as a symphonic metal mix with cinematic leanings, or vice versa, depending on your perspective. In just over three minutes, there's a good amount of textural variety - epic film score drums, thrashing metal drums, death chugs, sweet violins, and a nice cleaner/processed guitar tone towards the fadeout ending. While this arsenal borders on chaos at time, clouding the soundscape a bit, it's quite the cauldron, conjuring up some aggression, malice, & FORCE; Sir NutS writes:

"Great textures, The drums feel great and hit pretty hard too, and the sequencing is interesting. When the song relaxes a bit and less elements are interacting it does feels very clear and sharp.

The arrangement makes use of both sources well, and I liked the whole direction of it. Very dark, industrial/metal sounding arrangement. Overdrive is used in a creative way around 1:01, not just for guitar chugs, and there are other little ideas and details sparse throughout the track. The high-pitched violin really cuts through and gives the arrangement a touch of anxiety. However, not a fan of the fadeout ending."

Palpable concurs on the ending, but also the overall approval:

"I'm so used to weird stuff from Brent that this qualifies as positively normal! I liked the mood, heavy vibe and the dynamic shifts that the song goes through. I still thought the fadeout ending could have been stronger - it came just as a new section was starting, it seemed - but it was a strong arrangement, with good production."

For all the independent processing going on and the layered part-writing, I think it blends pretty durn nicely. I tend to agree with Mike & Vinnie on the fadeout - could have been stronger - but it was far from a deal-breaker, and the whole package is still assertive, sinister, epic, and brutal. Great stuff from Brent!



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on 2016-11-22 11:42:55

I really dig this! It's too bad my favorite part of it feels like it got cut short, and with a fade out ending, to boot. :(

on 2016-10-24 12:50:41

I'm hearing echoes of Mazedude's 7th guest remixes. Nice n' spoopy for the season.b9d.gif

on 2016-10-22 22:53:14

YES, Brent still does metal! :D While I do like his generally experimental style, what first got me into his music was "Eternal Descent", which I prefer more! :)

on 2016-10-22 16:28:32

Yeah! :D Kick ass, especially that start. ^_^ That slow beat starting around 1:00 is also pretty cool.

on 2016-10-13 14:00:36

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Half-Life: Opposing Force (Sierra, 1999, WIN)
Music by Chris Jensen
"Alien Forces"
Additional Game:
Half-Life 2 (Valve, 2004, WIN)
Music by Kelly Bailey
"Nova Prospekt"

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Cinematic, Metal, Symphonic
Aggressive, Dark, Epic
Electric Guitar, Orchestral, Strings, Violin

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