ReMix: Animal Crossing "Soothing Rain"

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Something mellow this way comes... with Nintendo's big announcement of the Switch this morning, everyone's pumped & hyped, ...but let's just take a second to chill out and enjoy some light jazz, eh? From Esther's Dreams comes this relaxing, laid back jazz take on "Rainy Day" from Animal Crossing, courtesy of Amphibious (Jordan Michael Reed):

"Overall, it's a quite simple mix. The source didn't have a whole lot of material, but I loved the simplicity of it. I chose a lighthearted instrumentation with a music box and soft Rhodes throughout, and with some extra layers for the chorus section. It's a fairly straightforward song structure, and not too liberal (though I changed up some of the chords and added in some nice harmonies here and there)."

This is from the first "Playtime" disc of the album, but it actually works pretty well for downtime & sleepytime, too :) Running ride cymbal pattern and an almost-walking upright bass line underpin sweet, sweet music box & EP melodies, with some nice swirling undercurrents. Larry writes:

"As a fan of his typically funky style, this is easily the chillest piece of music that I've ever heard from Jordan. It keeps things melodically conservative with the arrangement, but deceptively transformative thanks to the great bassline and drum writing anchoring things, forgoing the rain SFX of the original, as well as the synth support and additional chords underneath the "Rainy Day" melody further fleshing out the textures. If you've got a kid, the mellow music box lead is perfect for their playtime whether it's raining or not. But be sure to give this one some extra spins if you've got a kiddo restricted to the living room due to some downpours outside. :-)"

Ditto that; great stuff for kids of all ages!


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on 2016-10-24 11:31:10

A nice little interlude. Good to enjoy one's morning coffee or an afternoon stroll with, yes.


Uffe von Lauterbach
on 2016-10-22 23:00:19

I wasn't aware there were any remixes of this game. This is the first one I've heard and like NintendoLover94, this is nostalgic. Now I want to play Animal Crossing.

on 2016-10-20 21:01:09

i liked it! while Jazz isn't normally my thing, Animal Crossing is really nostalgic for me, and hearing that song in such a relaxing style was just really nice! keep it up, pal!

on 2016-10-20 11:35:03

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