ReMix: Undertale "Robots Aren't Made of This..." 4:04

By WillRock

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ambient bells electric-guitar electronic energetic mellow piano rock synth
Arranging the music of one song...

"Hopes and Dreams"

Primary Game: Undertale (tobyfox, 2015, WIN), music by Toby Fox

Posted 2017-05-31, evaluated by Gario

WillRock (William Harby) hits us with some Undertale, in the form of this sweet oscillating ambient ballad & rock-out jam arrangement of "Hopes and Dreams," from his recently released commercial album Undertale & Chill:

"I am officially Undertale trash. Fishy, this is your fault, I blame you.

I actually came up with the album art concept before the EP was finished, and needed something to tie it all together. It really ended up giving the album an identity beyond just a collection of random boss tracks."

100% Undertale, but I'd say only 50% "chill," since around half of this ReMix is upbeat, energetic rock that'll have you tappin' the toes, in contrast to the mellower, almost ambient intro/outro and in-between bits. Gario writes:

"Not much to say about it - solid, classic WillRock. I found some of the harmonic changes a little strange in the beginning, but it's not objectively bad in any way I can figure. Great arrangement from a great source. For what it's worth, I'm Undertale trash, too, so I feel Will hard on this. :P"

This definitely play the loud-quiet game, switching between sugary bells & pads and driving rock guitar with relative grace, and there's some patented WillRock solo/noodling in there, for good measure :) Fun, fairly straightforward stuff that applies two different styles to a modern VGM classic - check it out, and check out the full album!


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on 2017-06-12 20:46:26

I think this is the most expression I've heard from Will's guitar. By that I mean, more than just sick wankery, but also, some restrained, exposed, laid back soft strums. In other words... it's neck-ed. ;)

on 2017-06-12 18:16:42

So awesome!

on 2017-05-30 13:50:24

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Primary Game:
Undertale (tobyfox, 2015, WIN)
Music by Toby Fox
"Hopes and Dreams"

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Ambient, Rock
Energetic, Mellow
Bells, Electric Guitar, Electronic, Piano, Synth

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