ReMix:Green Beret "HardCore" 3:41

By WhoAmI?

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Green Beret (Imagine Software , 1986, C64), music by Martin Galway

Posted 2002-04-09, evaluated by the judges panel

Fans of trippy hardcore trance, c64 tunage, and the legendary Martin Galway shouldn't be too disappointed with this first submission from WhoAmI, hailing from Sweden. A spacious bell pad with underlying synth whispers is the melody-carrier, with the classic hardcore distorted kick drum featuring very heavily in the percussion arena. Rapidly gated (or LFO on the amp envelope) synths come in later and add to the whizbang fun. Interesting choice and interesting interpretation - judges were split on this one, but some of the criticisms were more a general disinterest in hardcore at large, though a desire for a bassline and perhaps additional arpeggio line were made. Overall, a solid first effort for the genre, with room to grow in the future. Worth checking out if you're into it :)



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on 2011-12-09 10:00:28

I was almost being fooled with the half-tempo stuff in the intro, but then when the four-on-the-floor hard bass ended up coming in it ended up setting the scene for some rare happy hardcore around here - good approach! The source material is already complex as it is, but most of the remix only seems to be based on one small section near the end of it; not saying that was a bad thing, but for what was taken it was expanded enough to fit within the genre.

But here's one beef that I have towards it though - where's the bass?! All I'm hearing is bell pads, synth pads, polysynths and the drums. You've got this good foundation for the beat/genre adaptation but by taking away one of the core elements of the groove it just came out feeling rather unpolished.

Taking aside that irk it's a good attempt to genre-adapt to a more obscure/taboo side of electronic music, though without the bass foundation it's going to struggle to upkeep itself even in comparision to other mixes of its time. That aside, it's definitely not bad.

on 2010-11-22 13:39:09

It says the artist is WhoAmI? instead of StandBy when downloaded. Mislabeled on the site or did they change their alias?

EDIT: Never mind. I need to read what djp says about the track more thoroughly.

on 2009-09-28 22:58:01

Happy hardcore hah!

This seems to suffer from the typical problems of the old mixes - very little variation in the arrangement.

on 2009-01-16 01:47:32

Confession time: When it came time to review this guy, I just searched for "rush'n attack" saw a goat track, thought it sounded kinda hardcore, and started reviewing that, wondering why this got such negative reviews.

Dude, this was an old attempt, you were still young and learning, and that's cool. I'm interested to see where you are at now.

on 2008-12-13 21:16:32

The title says "Hard Core", but it doesn't really strike me as much.

The drums are too repetitive and dominate the track. There isn't enough variation to make it interesting.

on 2008-09-06 17:45:22

Wow, not sure what to say about this one.

The drums They got pretty annoying quickly. The melody is alright, though it gets repetitive fast.

Not a fan, sorry to say.

on 2006-12-17 15:31:00

There are some nice synths in this track, but overall there isn't enough going on to keep things interesting.

I think i'd like it more if the bass drum was in the same key as the song, but as far as hardcore beats go, they are as authentic as you can get.

on 2005-07-25 02:46:54

When I look back on this remix I think it should not have been accepted by ocremix.

The only good part is the part that starts at 1:57 and the intro had sort of a nice feel too ( with the really cuddly pad :D ), but the rest of the mix could have needed a lot more effort and generally more "feel" put into it.

The reason why it is so dull, with nothing really creative in there such as a bassline is simple really. When I was a kid I was virtually tone-deaf and I knew this.

Even though I had improved much at that stuff at the time I made this remix I still had much doubt about myself. I was afraid that if I experimented with layers of

strings or arpeggio synths I would do something wrong, i.e. use a wrong key-tone or something and not be able to hear it.

So basically I feel that I should have waited with submitting it until I was more confident about myself.

I am not tone-deaf at all anymore so I know I could make a much better mix if I tried but it would be a waste of time since ocremix doesn't accept new versions of old remixes anymore. After all I guess this is a piece of video game remixing history, boring as it is, there is at least one small part worth listening to.

Just thought I would let people know that I don't even like this remix myself and explain a bit why it was never as good as it could have been. :P

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2005-06-19 20:28:55

Wow. This is a really annoying remix for sure . The drums..The Drums, they never stop banging :twisted:

I owned Green Beret for C64 a long time ago. It was actually a pretty fun (but hard) game.

on 2003-02-23 17:32:41
This song is not good....

to each his own, eh? i just said that it's catchy, and i'm standing by that, i think.

and by the way' date=' I have this game... it's called Rush 'N Attack (like we're not gonna notice that that sounds like 'Russian'). Perhaps it's called Green Beret in Japan or Green Beret is the sequel or something.... but I doubt it.[/quote']

actually, not that i'm a c64 expert or anything, but this _was_ called Green Beret on the c64 and cpc, then the name was changed to Rush 'N Attack (and yeah, the name is a good one) for the NES. i'm sure that google will back me up on this one.

on 2003-02-23 14:23:38

This song is not good.... and by the way, I have this game... it's called Rush 'N Attack (like we're not gonna notice that that sounds like 'Russian'). Perhaps it's called Green Beret in Japan or Green Beret is the sequel or something.... but I doubt it.

on 2003-02-16 05:38:01

in all honesty, i've gotta disagree with the previous post. this song isn't particularly amazing in the technical sense, and sure, the drum track may get repetitive, but plainly put, this is a fun song.

the bell tone and synth combo come off as cute-almost-to-the-point-of-annoying area, but they never *quite* got annoying, imo.

in all, this is a fun song to listen to. the melody itself is catchy enough, and the hard (could be harder?) drum track makes the song all that more whimsical, which i think is a good thing. worth more than a few plays, i think.

on 2002-05-24 20:55:06

Green Beret 'HardCore'

Sorry, but there is almost nothing of interest going on here. Drums get annoying fast. Melody is too repetitive, and without any harmony to back it up, the mix sounds extremely flat. The part around 2:00 actually works a little. Not enough to save the mix, but a little. Overall I really can't recommend this.

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Primary Game:
Green Beret (Imagine Software , 1986, C64)
Music by Martin Galway

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