ReMix:Final Fantasy VII "String Machine (Corel Prison Mix)" 4:46

By FFmusic Dj

Arranging the music of one song...

"Desert Wasteland"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2002-04-09, evaluated by the judges panel

FFmusic Dj, aka Haroon Piracha, continues his legacy of fine final fantasy fun into the post OCR2, V3 era, with an excellent FF7 trance piece. His comments in the ID3: "It sounded to me like some String machine. so that's what I named it. And for me, the melody fits in extremely well." I'd say so. Lonely delayed synths begin the game, but t'aint too long before a massive pulsing bassline and one of the best and kickingest drum tracks he's laid down yet make their exuberant entrance and the heat picks up. Excellent layered loops that are tight as tight can be (think Uncle Scrooge) and just a relentless drive. Not much more to say this time around - if you're not familiar with Haroon's work already, you must become so, and if you are, you'll probably know what to expect. Recommended.



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on 2010-02-25 16:02:41

Great builds and releases, solid production, and even though i'm not a huge fan of the source, this rendition of it is very entertaining. Nice work! :D

on 2009-12-26 13:18:52

Lot of fond memories of this track...must've been like four years ago when I first heard this. Great stuff!

on 2009-08-19 03:20:04

Excellent job! I thought I had downloaded all of my favorites from FFVII when I first discovered OCR but I guess this one somehow snuck past me. I can tell from my first listen that this will definitely be one of my favorites right on up there with Chekan Winter and Jade Catacombs.

on 2007-09-11 02:47:08

Actually registered to say that this is my favorite on the site. I'm not entirely sure why and I have been listening for a few years on ocremix, but I really enjoy the crisp melody this emits. Strikes a cord with me you might even say.

Anyways, you already seem to have enough praise, but I thought I'd pitch in my two cents.

on 2006-12-17 17:24:32

Easily one my favorite trance remix ever, probably one of my favorite remixes ever. So damn good, catchy, production values, everything

on 2006-10-30 06:57:23

I downloaded it and it didn't work. I try to play it and nothing comes out. *sigh*

on 2006-10-30 01:43:27
overrated... simply. overrated. generic trance song 1009842 comming right up. wow, it even has the snare rolls. its so generic its quite commical. Production quality is high, true. it sounds very well done, but it just sounds like all the other trance out there.

None of this means shit if people like how the rest of the song is done. I hate when people say something is overrated. As if they think everyone's opinion is wrong. There's a way to have a different opinion than acting like a jerk, since the latter leads to absolutely nothing but more jerk actions (well at least it's hard for a lot of people not to react in the same manner). I know very well that this has "lol generic trance synths and percussion"...except it's actually not that bad of a sound. In other words...try to enjoy a song without setting up an immediate barrier. Well, you did say it was very well done, though cliche in genre. So that just gives way more chance for quite a large number of people to like it. After all, you're basically saying, "This is very well done trance." And not everyone has to think of trance as LOL EASY GENRE FOUR ON FLOOR DUH SOUNDS THE SAME except it doesn't. Really in the end it just sounds like someone mimicking someone else's act of arrogance towards the frequent structural similarities of trance, instead of making a unique opinion. Anyway, enough talking about someone I don't even know.

I like all the nuances. And it's very beefy, and raw (which I imagine the 2nd version got rid of, which would be why some would not like it, kind of like getting rid of the human touch to a song). And I like energetic songs, so yay. Very fun to listen to on rare occasions. Somehow it's the only ffmdj song I like (I haven't heard all his most recent ones, maybe). Well I liked his Jenova one, but it got old.

on 2006-06-18 06:09:28

This definitely gets my thumbs up :D Im a big fan of FFVII, and I love the music in it. That plus chill trance style = musical goodness. 'Av it!!

lady zelda
on 2006-04-10 19:32:15

I absolutely love it. It draws you in from the beginning and you stay engaged all the way to the end. Just blast it in the car and it is sure to pick up you up no matter how down you are feeling. Yeah, the synth, the kick-ass beat, everything about it is awesome. It really makes my day. I really can't put the rest of it in words. Keep it up!

on 2005-10-23 07:22:53

Very nice remix, never heard the updated one yet, but this one is great, I love the part where it breaks down and all you can hear is the synths. The way that it leads into the theme is great, you obviously put a lot of time into this mix, and it shows. 10/10

on 2005-10-23 04:52:19

Which one of them is the best?

The first one, or updated?

old, or new?

Good or evil, cat or dog, light or darkness, Burger King or McDonalds,...

That can continue a while.

This remix should just be downloaded only cause the great usage of trance-instruments. This one is pure. Has very good beats, nice choices of synths and rhytm, tempo and style that gonna blow your speakers. FFMDJ, you done it before, and now you did it again. Congratulations, for you cause you made an awesome remix, and for me that now has something new to chill out to.

Great stuff dude!

on 2005-08-07 19:38:31

Amazing. It is a little generic in terms of trance, but it is done so masterfully that you won't really care. This is pure kick you down on your ass trance at it's best. Thank you Haroon.

on 2005-02-05 13:21:32

I downloaded this mix a long time ago and it is still one of my most favorite OC Remixes. It might be trance, but most people who do trance SUCK at doing trance. This is an awesome song. I always find something great about it every time I listen. Love, love, love.

on 2004-11-23 15:54:29

Beginning 12/10

Middle 8/10

Ending 8/10

The way this song leads into main theme is pretty neat. It's like echoing in, but then again, echos are going the the entire song. I cannot recongize the original song at all, but maybe it's just me. I do like the song alot though, Good Job. Ending didn't quite fade out the way it could have been done. But great job none the less =)

Julio Jose
on 2004-10-27 22:25:34

overrated... simply. overrated. generic trance song 1009842 comming right up. wow, it even has the snare rolls. its so generic its quite commical. Production quality is high, true. it sounds very well done, but it just sounds like all the other trance out there.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Desert Wasteland"

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