ReMix:Shadowgate "Mystic Piano" 4:34

By Pisces

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Shadowgate (Kemco , 1989, NES), music by Hiroyuki Masuno

Posted 2002-04-15, evaluated by the judges panel

This ReMix is downright frightening - but in a good way, says I (and the judges as well). The intro is a bit disturbing, as you think "uh-oh, this might be a mix with a really bad, minor-key piano and little else". Then the menacing pizzicato bass comes in, and your attention is drawn in - there could be something here . . . that's when newcomer Pisces plays his hand and brings in some kickin' breakbeat action at dangerously high speeds, accompanied by insane dissonant runs on the already scary piano. An appropriately repetitive square synth is brought into the mix and ends it out as the rest of the elements fade away. Not something you turn on for a nice relaxing listen after a day at work, or if you're driving in traffic, but VERY claustrophobic, atmospheric, and unique, and musical in all of those aspects as well. Eminently worth a listen for the explorative and open-minded.



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on 2014-10-31 05:57:29

This track does some nice things, but I can't help but think of how much better it would be with a live piano and better samples.

on 2014-05-29 01:29:21

Chills. Just... chills. :shock:

Great mix. It's so tense it almost bleeds into Uninvited. :)

Samildanach Emrys
on 2011-06-05 22:09:13

I really like this one. Maybe it's because I have strong memories of the source, and the feeling it evoked. I think this remix maintains that same feeling (indeed, probably enhances it) yet at the same time adds something new.

on 2010-04-30 16:31:14

One of my favorite remixes of all time, I love the dark, almost claustrophobic effect the endless repetition of the minor key piano riff gives you. When the breakbeat comes in, the tension is turned up, but also the enjoyment. The lead piano is almost like daggers falling as a torrential rain, which could be seen as bad, but really works here. Overall, very sweet, if a bit unpleasant in mood.

on 2010-01-07 11:36:15

One thing that really stuck out is how obviously sequenced the piano is - it sounds kind of harsh here combined with that other sample in the beginning and throughout the song. The song also feels somewhat repetitive - perhaps a break in the drumming at some point to accentuate the mysterious atmosphere with a drawn out portion would have been nice here.

Do like the drums though, and it does its job in some form of mysticness here.

on 2009-10-14 06:50:50

I really can't get into this, mainly because I found the drawn out intro so dreary, uninteresting and just plain uncool. Once the hardcore stuff comes in, it brings a bit of relief with it, though even that doesn't really save this from being dull. It has a bit of pizazz on its surface, but the repetitive piano gives it a dullness right from the core and it makes me really resist the whole thing. The piano needed to progress from where it was stuck at for this to work.

It's not badly made, and perhaps I'm being too harsh on it for one thing I personally minded, but I didn't get into the energy of it at all. Not something I'd think to play on an impulse, I don't think.

on 2009-09-13 21:18:19

Drums are really great, but boy does that background get repetitive. Some change up, a drop out, something, but having that play straight through is almost distracting after even a minute. Even having some volume shifts would have been a way to vary things.

Creepy mix though, interesting in it's own right, though not something I'd be excited to listen to.

on 2007-06-21 16:43:44

The beats are pretty sweet, the melody is mysterious, and the samples are well chosen. But the 2 arpeggios are seriously burned into my brain, and not in a good way. Even something as simple as a key change halfway though would double the amount of chords used. In my opinion this mix could have been hella sweet, but it was like buying a super rad, 700 horsepower sportscar that was loaded with extras but somewhere along the line, the engineers only had gears 1 and 2.

on 2007-01-02 11:54:37

Brings back many a fond memory of throwing my entire inventory into the fireplace or giving the manticore guarding the toll bridge a broom...or was that Uninvited...anyway, me and my sister were some of the few people that actually enjoy point and click adventures such as Shadowgate, and it pleases me to no end that those off paino notes takes me back to the castle.......Damn, now I wanna beat zombies with an old salami again...

on 2006-10-29 20:25:30

I enjoy this one highly. Ending ends too happy. I rarely ever hear music like this.

on 2005-09-14 20:40:21

I really did like it. It sounds good except the ending that doesnt quite work, like humptee free said. I liked the creepy/scary feel too it though.

Thórel Eladan
on 2005-09-13 14:11:07

Excellent mix.. Frenetic.. love it!

on 2004-09-04 12:08:02

Not scary,mysterious. I like that, good work. Minus the misfit ending.

on 2003-12-21 14:05:28

This song makes me look over my shoulder constantly. It's downright creepy.

I love it! :D


Yakolev Noct
on 2003-12-20 19:46:04

A fairly average song in many respects, but when the volume on your speakers is turned up such that ay louder and they would pop, this song is downright orgasmic, every one of those creepy piano riffs tickles my pleasure center and sends a shock of electric pleasure down my spine.

Definately worth the download.

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Primary Game:
Shadowgate (Kemco , 1989, NES)
Music by Hiroyuki Masuno

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