ReMix:Perfect Dark "Deploy" 2:47

By Strike911

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Perfect Dark (Rare , 2000, N64), music by David Clynick, Graeme Norgate, Grant Kirkhope

Posted 2002-09-06, evaluated by the judges panel

Though our judges had some reservations about the guitar sample used, and the potential overuse of a voice sample, they mostly agreed that overall this Perfect Dark ReMix from newcomer Strike was worthy. While the guitar used at times triggers so low it does sound distinctly artificial, it's being run through some enhancing effects that help alleviate that aspect. This is harder techno-industrial with fast-paced gated synths providing the equivalent of hi-hats, a hard acoustic kit on drums, and synth string pads forming most of what you could call the melody. Those are the basic ingredients, plus the afforementioned robotic voice sample, a cool rewind effect at 1'42", and some variance and breaks towards the end. Not an incredibly original ReMix, and at just under three minutes it would have been pushing it to go any longer, but it does take the theme and give it a bit more umph and push, and the processing and overall mix is clean and has presence. Cool.



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on 2012-10-11 01:30:59
Well, in some parts the guitar sounded great and really natural, with a strong groove, and other is was just terrible; how does that even work?

The guitar timing just sounded like it was supposed to emulate the style of faux-guitar Rare's GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark soundtracks, so I don't fault Jason for that choice.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but it's a solid old mix. The robot clip makes it. :-)

on 2008-03-03 12:45:56

Well, in some parts the guitar sounded great and really natural, with a strong groove, and other is was just terrible; how does that even work?

It's like a full riff sample mixed in with straight note samples. Anyways, the riff is great, the single notes not-so-much.

Beats are generally pretty good, but don't go anywhere, which kindof can be said of the entire mix. It sets a good tone, has a breakdown section where the same strings that repeat over the whole mix get a solo, and then same same 4 elements that make up the song have some mixing up, but there isn't really a second part to the song, just the same elements being added or subtracted a few times.

That one sampled riff is killer though. Listen just for that, and then call it a day, IMO.

on 2006-10-31 00:29:11

I kind of like this remix, because the guitar is ok in some parts, but then in others it is poo, but the rest of it is good. unlike some of the other comments on the song overall, i like this song, it is eventually addicting. I like the way the music is (contrary to what some say) taken in a direction other than the original. The song was beautifully remixed, although it was done with um...inferior instruments...srry, but yeah...that guitar...but the song is overall good. I'd give it a 7/10...good job. :D

on 2004-08-24 07:19:52

Well, I finally found out what this is remixed of...End Credits. I must agree, the guitars are corny, and the voice isn't good for any point past the intro. I also have to say that I disliked the way it ends. Oh well. Still, this song sounds pretty cool. I love the little rewind effect, too. I give it a 7/10. Good job.

on 2004-07-20 20:29:15

The guitar sample is a little off, but otherwise, I have no gripes about this. It's a remix of one of my favorite tunes from the game, so it gets a 3.5/5 in my book.

Now I'm gonna say "I am machine, vastly superior to humans" while doing the robot!

or... not...

on 2002-10-07 01:49:56

"I am machine, vastly superior to humans." Sounds about right. *pets his computer* Good kitty. Just what I was looking for tonight! Nice electric guitar and that metallic synth guitar sound. Niiiiice. It's like Ozzy Osbourne... but superior to humans. 8.5 out of 10.

on 2002-09-13 19:36:13

thnx for the site Krispy, thats perfect, now i have most of the soundtrack

now as for the mix, it kinda still misses the rest of the song, hes only exploiting part of it, the guitar is nice to a certain extent, but the voice, great for the beginning, good for the ending, bad for inbetween....

on a scale of 1-10, 10 being greatest :? ....

~Superior Gunman DarkLock rates this mix


good mix but some minor adjustments could be made :P to make it better, great start tho :) .

on 2002-09-13 18:20:41

Grr, I wish people would stop dissing this mix, its very good in my opinion. Perfect Dark is easily my favorite N64 game and I think adding guitars to this piece was excellent, the robitic voice was a nice touch too.

I'm gonna walk around sayin' that today..

I am a machine.... vasty superior to humans....

on 2002-09-10 06:15:27

Anyway, I like the remix. Well, I must say that I don't know the original! One thing disturb me at the remix: the robotic voice. It's good for the intro but later not.

8/10 (1=worst; 10=best)

on 2002-09-09 18:37:11

Ok by Darklocks request, heres is a site for all your PD music needs, enjow, I know i did :D (although its missing 1 song thats a must listen..."Mian Tears").

Edit: Im not sure if you were the guy lookign for the stereo versions Darklock, but these are all stereo.

on 2002-09-09 17:57:44

Hey Kr¡§þ¥¤Krë(v)ê maybe you should make a site and put up all the original songs :wink: , that way these ppl can here perfect dark the way it should be heard, Loud and Rockin the Houze :P yeah baby, but anyway, no this song doesnt do the original any justice, im sorry..... as a constant PD player, i can tell you the original is it, really most of the songs could be made a lil more realistic, but not completely remixed, unless someone truly talented did it, kind like "Dark Conflict" by Psychrophyte was spine chillin and i luved it.... but not bad for a fist timer i guess, the hard guitar is just... um its ok :? ... and the voice is....i dont know how to put it... um "Bleh" .....oh well back to playing PD, lataz ppl!! "Shootin gallery, how convienient :twisted:"

on 2002-09-09 11:36:15

I'm not sayin' that mine was a winner either, but I have to agree with most of these people. Some advise that I had been given by plenty of people (and I finally found how to do it right) is to make it sound more real, even if it's all electronic you still need that realistic kind of sound with each instrument, and I don't see that you had that. Plus, come on, that voice sample really wasn't needed, it really took away from my interest in the piece.

on 2002-09-08 22:43:53

Ouch... I can't say I liked this... There was something about it... well a few somethings, really... Well at least the voice sample thing was... no nevermind... Not to say this was a bad remix... I liked the overall feel, but the way the notes just kinda cut off rather than fading... I just can't say I liked it...

I didn't like so I'm not going to give it caps: deploy

(I say that like anyone really cares...)

on 2002-09-08 19:52:11


That guitar sure sounds.... cheezy!

And that robotic sample is the final nail(s) in the coffin...

I had to hear the original and found out that it was a

hell lot better...

on 2002-09-08 14:03:18

:/...Obviously the judges havnt listened to the original latley or they woudl see how much a mistake they made...Im sry, but I dont think a remix should be on here unless it gives the original song a new spin or makes it better. This does neither...if you remotley liked this song i suggest listening to the original...its alot better :/.

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Primary Game:
Perfect Dark (Rare , 2000, N64)
Music by David Clynick,Graeme Norgate,Grant Kirkhope

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