ReMix:Zelda II: The Adventure of Link "The Temple Revisited" 2:07

By Cimarron

Arranging the music of one song...

"Temple BGM"

Primary Game: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Nintendo , 1987, NES), music by Akito Nakatsuka

Posted 2002-09-10, evaluated by the judges panel

Cimarron aka Mathias Andersson composed this brief, unpretentious Zelda 2 Temple ReMix all the way back in 1999 using FastTracker II, but only submitted it here recently. There's some interesting panning and percussive decisions on the drums, and the arrangement overall, while not sonically groundbreaking, does have a certain solidity and tension to it. Almost sounds along the lines of a synth soundtrack to a good 80's/90's flick like Heathers (classic!) in tone + approach. Establishes its fairly singular idea well, doesn't stay around long enough where the repetition would be too much or a solo virtually required, and is mixed clean, with presence. That being said, it's not up to some of the standards in arranging complexity or sonic trickery that other mixes have displayed recently. But hey, sometimes something simple-but-solid can be a good, refreshing thing, and both myself and our Judges felt that this mix was of high enough calibre to fit into that particular niche. Good stuff.



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on 2009-12-15 02:08:33

Well, right off you can tell this is early-ocr stuff. Very simple synths and a pretty cover-ish arrangement. It's a great source, no doubt, which gives this a bit of listening power. There are a couple elements which work better than the rest: namely that bass synth which fills out the low end nicely when it comes in, and also some of the drum work (though it gets really repetative). A synth upgrade and much more expansive arrangement would really help here.

on 2009-03-16 11:12:39

The atmosphere is cool and the drums are great, but yeah, this is pretty much a midi rip. The source is good at least. :-)

on 2007-02-02 05:59:56

If you're gonna rip off something directly, have the decency to do it in the RIGHT KEY.

If you were creating an arrangements for real instruments, or just a differnt mix, MAYBE.

But this is clearly just the Nintendo track on MIDI.

on 2006-09-23 22:19:37

It's a good remix. I was just listening to because it appeared the random remixs on the front page. About 2 minutes in I suddenly got the feeling of how cool The Ledgend of Zelda 2 would have sounded with a strong 80 synth sound. (I know it already had the wave and square synth but you know what I mean.) The song then suddenly ended. I had only just started to think the song was interesting and it ended. All in all, it sounded more like a sample than a song. With how strong it struck to the original, it wasn't a necessarily a bad thing until it just ended abruptly because it was trying to keep to close.

My five cents anyway.

on 2005-11-20 09:05:44

Nowadays, this would get rejected on account of not developing the quasi-industrial approach here. Not to mention there isn't anything meaningful done with the arrangement, and it has an abrupt ending. Notice how Disco Dan had his head on straight when he voted on it. Still, if you like the Temple theme, it's an easy sell even if it's only a relatively minor upgrade.

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2003-01-19 20:56:29

I ran the ultimate VG-remix test - I went into one of the Zelda 2 temples and played through muted with this music playing. It... is good. The drums definitely strengthen the song. *boom... boom shick.... boom... boom shick...* Doesn't pass with so many flying colors on this test as Batman Music of Funk, but the enemies seemed somehow more threatening, the dungeons more imposing when this was playing.

on 2002-10-07 01:29:45

I'm one that like's too listen to hard, high-quality sound efects so this isn't really my kind of remix, but I'm sure it could find it's way into many other hearts. I do like the percussion part quite a bit. "boom boom *clap*" yeeeah. 6.5 out of 10.

on 2002-09-30 14:32:11

I`ve downloaded all of these remixes of Zelda 2 which has, in my own and apperantely a few others who`ve written here, an extremely beautiful soundtrack!

I think this one is the best of the remixes done so far for Zelda 2 but that`s just my opinion you know, the rest of you can think whatever ya like ;)

on 2002-09-24 11:42:52

For all you guys who think my remix sounds like crap I must defend myself by saying, I'm not a musician.

Back in 1998-1999 I wanted to "improve" some of my favourite commodore 64 tunes and ended up using an old .mod program called Fast Tracker II. All of the remixes I have done can more accuratly be seen as experiments and not as compositions. I always had great ideas how to arrange certain tunes, but I didn't always know how to do it. And of course FT2 is not the best program to do music with...

Thanx to all of you who actually liked this "experiment".

// Cimarron

on 2002-09-19 00:26:28

I simply love zelda songs.. especially this one... one of the best of the entire series.. one of the best of the entire game music universe!

oh well.. this remix is not THAT emotive as others like temple trance but.. hey! it's zelda 2 temple theme! and he managed to make a decent remix... good job.. 7.5/10

on 2002-09-18 16:03:58

I love zelda 2 music, and this is definately candy for me :D

on 2002-09-17 16:59:18

Woo hoo, Zelda! I loved Zelda 2, and the temple theme was one of the best themes of the game. This remix could suck(which is completely does not) and I'd still love it simply for the nostalgia. Ahhh, memories. 8/10 in my books!

- Z.Ryoku

on 2002-09-16 07:41:18

Hm, I like it! Yes, it's very close to the original but I think that's why the remix is not bad.

8/10 (1=worst; 10=best)

on 2002-09-12 22:23:08

Im also in the camp that thinks this is not as good as many of the other submissions to this site: I dont think I would want to put this on a cd, as it sort of drags. There isn't quite as much *feeling* as the original, and I would prefer nintendos orchestrated version for SSBM over this one...

I dont think updating a song without a solid basis in theme or execution makes a good remix, and this is very ho-hum in those regards. Not recommended

on 2002-09-11 22:28:14

I'm not sure I'm a big fan of this. Not very much was arranged here. A couple instruments slightly shuffled and a reverbed beat added. I almost prefer the original better because I felt energy from it. Maybe I'm just biased because there have been a couple others of this same tune, most notably my favorite "Temple Trance" by bLind.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Nintendo , 1987, NES)
Music by Akito Nakatsuka
"Temple BGM"

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