ReMix:Perfect Dark "Air Force One Is Down!" 6:07

By Danny Baranowsky

Arranging the music of one song...

"Crash Site: Confrontation"

Primary Game: Perfect Dark (Rare , 2000, N64), music by David Clynick, Graeme Norgate, Grant Kirkhope

Posted 2002-10-26, evaluated by the judges panel

More talented newcomers! SysteManiac gives us our most cinematic Perfect Dark ReMix to date, a genre that fits the game like a glove. With percussion reminiscent of your favorite Jared Hudson ReMix, combined with both orchestral and some subtle, more synthetic textures, this really just works. Dig the uber-low piano bass and deadly ominous bass synth fx at 1'48". Then there's whoop-ass brass, oboe solo with call and answer from a xylophone, into some choral work with a roll cymbal, and - well, this is over six minutes of VERY good work, so I don't think you want me to walk you through the whole thing. The climactic ending doesn't disappoint, and everything between it and the beginning screams quality. The comparison to Jared, in my mind, is totally appropriate and justified, which is saying a lot. If you like cinematic work in the style of Harry Gregson-Williams and would like to see it applied to the Perfect Dark tunage, step right up. A great first submission that already shows quite a bit of polish and technique. Recommended.



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on 2015-12-30 21:08:28

A grand take on a grand track. ^_^ I listen to the original often. I enjoy the touches added to the main theme and the deviations. The change-up from the source melody at 4:00 is welcome.

on 2009-06-22 03:43:36

This mix functions like an effective war tactic: calculating in strategy, aggressive in attack, and noble in flag-bearing principle. It does the source justice AND gives it some balls. Multicolored, rolling drumwork sets a deliberate pace, and every pair of crashes followed by invigorating brasswork acts like a call to arms. Love the synth at 0:39 - sounds like the signal indicating a plane has been shot down - as well as the popping one at 1:34. I treasure 1:34-2:00; it offers a sympathetic glimpse of soldiers bidding their families farewell before fighting. The halfway section sounds like a general in an underground bunker taking stock of the situation above. 5:46 is the moment that we've won: they shot down our plane, so we shot down theirs. Medals all around.

on 2007-07-22 00:11:24

Perfect Dark...what a great game. It's a greatly improved version of Goldeneye but everyone disputes with me that its better, but it is. Only shooter I've ever really liked. And I still maintain that, with the possible exception of Super Smash Bros., that it's the best multiplayer game ever before internet.

Anyway, nicely done. A sweet interpretation indeed.

on 2007-07-20 12:48:12

Good stuff; I think this mix would have a ton more reviews if it was for a more popular game. I know goldeneye was super popular back in the day, but by the time Perfect Dark came out, most people had moved onto the Playstation I think.

Anyways, very good arrangement, and the samples are all pretty good. Good transitions throughout between the move sparse sections, to the ones where the strings come in.

on 2004-08-13 13:16:20

^ what the previous guy said. Very well done, it makes me wanna play PD again! You just gotta make more Perfect Dark tunes!

on 2003-04-18 00:42:08

Composition score: Oh~ somewhere like.. 97% or so... ^-;

The only real problems I can hear with the song are the limits of attempting to use software made for electronica to write contemporary orchestral pieces, which is~ some of the samples sound unnatural when you attempt to play many notes at once (i.e. the tambourine rolls).

Basically~ they sound too perfect... so there's a lesson for you. ^^;

In cases like those, I usually try to listen to it over and over again, and fine-tune the sound until it's goodly-passable or, if I have too much trouble, record my own sample. oO;

Anyway, there are quite a few moments in the song where I'm just knocked back with the awesome'ness of the epic themes.

My advice to you: hire real performers. ;)

on 2003-03-19 15:04:40


I'd love to hear more remixes from you of any other Perfect Dark tracks too!


on 2003-02-08 23:02:11

Yea - Ive heard this before i think - But its review time :P Im Deffinitely diggin this piece of work. Cool stuff, Barely any flaws and most Certainly worth the download, cool game aswell, though the music was never that memorable for me, this certainly brings it into perspective - Sweet work. The quality is top notch.

0:01 - Whoa..Ambience much? .. Good wind effects.

0:10 - Im not so sure about the explosion type-deal..But .. nothing wrong with it.

0:20 - Excellent work here, I love the intro, even the chords present themselves to be deep, passionate, and moving, the quality of the instruments used just can't be denied

0:52 - Im not sure about this Chime Dealio.. It sounds cool with the drumbeat and everything.. but .. I think something Else could be done to make it .. Nicer.

1:35 - Were those choir voices i heard for an instant? because they'd sound awesome right here.. But still, probably the Best part of the mix thus far.

2:12 - Cool building sensation produced by the drums at this point.. Diggin it'

2:46 - Sudden change..infact.. A bit too Sudden for my liking. cool yourself a bit slower.

3:02 - Ugh - the clarity of this section is almost Too good.

4:04 - YAY! Choir. Again, everything just sounds really good.

4:51 - Eh? Drum solo .. sorry.. i don't like this little bit too much..though its more of a taste-thing than anything else.

5:10 - I love how it feels like your pulling out all of the stops here.. Excellent feel, beautiful work.

5:55 - OMG! Wheres teh resolving CHORd?! nooo! ..Great leadup to the ending..but i want my chord!

on 2002-10-29 10:48:49

This remix is epic, it's moody, it's well-paced, it's long. Beautiful samples, ominous chorus. The remix really lives up to the name of the game it represents. Perfect and dark. It just glows with quality. What can I say -- I love it to pieces, and I hope SysteManiac will submit a lot more PD remixes :)

Jared Hudson
on 2002-10-27 15:39:38

Just as I said before when SysteManiac sent me this mix way before hand, I love the way this song sounds. Samples are top notch (for what they are), and everything is just sexy goodness when it comes to that adrenaline rushing goodness. Definitely OCR material. Awesome first submission. I'm kinda surprised djpretzel said my name in your review, but then again, that might be why I like this. A lot of the techniques and styles in this song are similar to mine, and I guess that's why I like the way it sounds. :) Good work.

Jared Hudson

on 2002-10-27 14:18:03

Shit man, I love this remix :)

Very Epic and full of greatly polished beats. A very excellent first submission :D

on 2002-10-27 12:50:16

I have also seen this mix grow from the beginning, and SysteManic has got the talent to be one of the best there is, Great mix man :) , you should be very proud of ur great job and i hope to continue hearing such great mixs :D

10/10 rating

on 2002-10-27 09:42:23

I saw this song shape up from the beginning, and even then I could tell this guy had more talent than I could ever shake a stick at. SysteManic is not only a respected mixer in my sight, he is also a friend. He has helped me begin to refine my own music, and I have taken his work as target examples for what good I should try to accomplish. This just happens to be his best work to date, and I frown down at you if you haven't heard this already.

SysteManic, Continue this awesome line of interest. You will be great. Well, you already are.

on 2002-10-26 21:55:30

First song my exodus to have a great mix of every PD song, next in line is a Mian Tears remix by Stryder....PD deserves great remixs like this, I feel that this remix does the original justice.

on 2002-10-26 21:32:05

Gj Maniac.

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Primary Game:
Perfect Dark (Rare , 2000, N64)
Music by David Clynick,Graeme Norgate,Grant Kirkhope
"Crash Site: Confrontation"

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