ReMix:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Party in the Shop" 3:26

By Dr. Fruitcake

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo , 1998, N64), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2002-12-03, evaluated by the judges panel

OK, this does have a few sub-par samples in it and does have the sound of a MIDI file being played through an admittedly decent GM soundset. The guitar is the most egregious offender, having a distinctly uniform attack and synthetic tone. However, this Zelda 64 arrangement from Dr. Fruitcake compensates with a style that's pure fun and musically solid - very upbeat, with brisk soloing, happy-go-lucky transitions and an overall passion to live, figuratively speaking. The snare roll in the very intro gives you some inkling that the good doctor does know what he's doing. When the guitar does enter, yes, it's clearly - one might say flagrantly - fake. BUT it's well sequenced and rocks out in spite of itself. Then we get a steel drum, island rendition of the same theme - probably the highlight for me - before segueing into a rock w/ brass hits section. I shudder to think what Dr. Fruitcake could do with some really stellar samples, because in this case they are holding an otherwise imaginative, stellar arrangement from being, to paraphrase the U.S. Army, "all it can be". Regardless, judges appreciated the flamboyancy and fun of the arrangement, and it's not like the soundset is extraordinarily sub-par, it's just average. The way it's used, however, is decidedly above average. Kudos to Dr. F for a good debut ReMix - hope to hear him pick up some quality soundfonts and start rocking our worlds in the future.



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on 2010-12-24 11:22:08

Has anyone actually been to Dr Fruitcake's site and listen to some of his works? Holy crap. Originality and crazy melodies are his forte. Excellent example here.

on 2008-11-10 22:50:19

Creativity is the actual thing.

Loved it. Amazing song.

on 2008-06-12 12:08:25

Great arrangement, pretty horrible sound quality. It really says something when the judges mention how bad the sound quality was in 2002.

There is plenty to appreciate here, however. The frantic runs and upbeat pace really do give this a manically cheerful mood, and that is something I can personally appreciate. All it needs are some squeaky Japanese girl voice acting and it's a low-budget anime theme song. :-D

This would probably get a 'skip' if it came up on my playlist. It's a shame the samples weren't better, because the treatment given to the theme is very thorough and well done.

on 2007-02-17 08:06:28

This mix is hilarious. The other day I was around my friends, I set his msn *nudge* sound to play this all the way through. Then I went home and nudged the crap out of him.

I agree with the pretzel, the steel drum bit is the coolest bit.

on 2006-02-28 16:20:45

I found this to be way better than the previous Super Mario Tropical Remix. The Zelda Shop theme was a great choice for another fruity mix by Dr. Fruitcake. This is one of my favorite Mixes 10/10

lady zelda
on 2006-01-24 19:41:17

This is VERY catchy and upbeat. I love that guitar, it's the best part, as well as the jazzy piano during the "slow-down" part. It just adds an amazing twist to the low-key cutesy tune from the game! Haha. This is great stuff, Dr. Fruitcake.

on 2005-10-16 10:05:14

First off, sorry for bumping a 10 month old post.

Glad I'm not the only person who thought Wingroove was awesome for its time.

This song is great! Very original take. I think the Wingroove samples are both a minus and a plus. It gives the piece character! I like the arrangement and instrumentation as well. Nice work! :nicework:

Hmm, anyone got a Wingroove soundfont or VST I could mess with? I bought the player back in the day, and always thought its samples were among the best in the General Midi field.

on 2004-12-30 09:17:13

did you ever compare this ReMix with the original? it's unbelievable how much dr.Fruitcake managed to work on this. just forget for a while to discuss about midi quality and think about ReMixing art. I think that in this case we can listen to something awesomely improoved in its features. I also have the midi version of this one and I agree with you all saying that it's funny to use a heavy file format like mp3 to embed something is a little more than a midi file, but I also think that the quality is not so poor at all.

so, this is my evalutation:

24/30 for the sound quality

29½/30 for the originality ReMixing improovement

28/30 is how much I like this song (overall)

Meran Keric
on 2003-10-14 11:04:36

Lol, I was about to come here and berate you for ripping off one of my favourite zelda MIDIs...good thing I checked who wrote it first, huh. :oops: As it turns out, you've made quite a few of my faves.

For your next oc remix, I'd love to hear you re-do the rock remix of the song of storms that you made a couple of years back, it was rad.


DeathMaster (0080)
on 2003-03-15 18:15:08


DJ DeFlanko
on 2002-12-06 18:34:59

did any one catch the riff to wipe out @ 2:15? nice touch... coulda used better samples though... all in all nice for a starter..

Majin GeoDooD
on 2002-12-06 18:15:19
sorta sounds like the chicken dance =P yeah its very catchy, nice jazz jumpy music.. give it a try

I thought the same thing, good remix though.

on 2002-12-06 16:03:43

This song is to damn Jovial for me. It is to happy and peppy. Its like freacking kids fun songs that you see in the commercials all the time.

on 2002-12-05 17:55:13

You know, I definitely had a gut feeling that this was too.. MIDI-ish. I was right, Wingroove does rock though, I really miss that program :cry:

on 2002-12-05 14:23:56

This remix, while it does kick ass, has been on my hard drive for AGES... why? Because it's a conversion of one of Dr.F's own MIDI sequences, sent out to a WAV file from "Wingroove" the best damn MIDI player in the world. Yes, your MIDIs will sound just as good as this MP3 when you play 'em. You can then download the song for... I dunno... 56 KB? ^_^

It's a great remix, but I think a re-sequenced version with nice samples would've done it good, hell, maybe would've even made it amazing. Props to Dr.F for all his great MIDI sequences in the past, and this remix as well. ^_^

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Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo , 1998, N64)
Music by Koji Kondo

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