ReMix:Tomb Raider "Adventure Is in the Air" 2:43

By EmptyMy

Arranging the music of one song...

"Tomb Raider title music"

Primary Game: Tomb Raider (Eidos , 1996, PS1), music by Nathan McCree

Posted 2002-12-10, evaluated by the judges panel

One of our judges' initial responses to this ReMix was "Tomb Raider had music?" :) Can't blame him too much, as though I played Eidos' original big-bosomed 3d adventure quite a bit I couldn't really recall the tunage myself. EmptyMy brings us our first arrangement from the Aussie superstar's increasingly plentiful legacy, now immortalized in a lackluster blockbuster with Angelina Jolie. Fortunately, unlike the ill-fated celluloid incarnation of Lara Croft, this interpretation is coherent and enjoyable. Judges cited it as being simplistic in a good way, having a nice stereo ambience, establishing a relaxing + open atmosphere, and not being too long or too short. Starting with some killa ambient sound fx of wind and water droplets, evoking strongly the mouth of a cavern, an eery bell pattern fades in with a great wind/pipe patch, then a minimal drum loop establishes the basic beat. Towards the end some electric guitar is layered with the moving electric bassline, which is the anchor and base of the track. Cool, refreshing, and not overembellished work from EmptyMy - good stuff.



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on 2012-09-21 13:02:09

Ahhh! Another one-mix mystery! So sad how this site is full of these : ( If this we were re-upped today, would it get a pass? I'd hope so. Love the ambient setup.

Samildanach Emrys
on 2011-11-22 06:42:27

The title screen theme is one of my strongest memories of the original Tomb Raider. Nice choice.

Having said that, this remix doesn't seem to bring much to the table until about halfway through.

on 2009-09-22 14:40:53

Whoa, this is an excellent piece. Very 90s. :) Regarding length, I like how concise it is personally. It takes exactly the time it needs to do what it does. This is a keeper.


on 2009-09-17 14:54:55

This is really a good track. It's very relaxing and ambient. The wind and water-y sounds (from the actual game if I'm not mistaken?) at the beginning immediately bring to mind the early levels in the caves (as well as others), and then coming in over that is the Tomb Raider theme tune which I love so much, and adds a sense of mystery. The bass and the guitars gradually come into it more and really add to the more adventurous side of the game. An excellent track. My only real complaint is that it felt a little short, but that's a small issue. And is that a TR bat I hear at the end? :D

on 2008-02-11 18:14:06

I never really played the tomb raider games except for a demo at a kiosk, and I don't remember any music at all, and I thought the game was pretty bad too. I guess under normal circumstances that'd have me skip over this one, but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!!!

Great ambiance, and a solid groove, the winds sound great, if a bit piercing on these cheapo phones. I'm digging the wide sound you have going down, with a lot of texture on the left side. The beat is pretty subdued but still lends forward motion, and things are generally filled out well.

The arrangement is pretty short, but I think it is more of a really nice expansion rather than a re-imagining (this is all conjecture, I have no idea what the original sounds like), so it being concise is fine.

on 2007-10-06 02:22:49

i think the ambient noise is somewhat important to this track, because a lot of tomb raider was walking through very mysterious environments, which is what made the game so fun.

Also, i really like the flute part which is rich in tone and though simplistic, is well fit.

To me i think imagery of a song is always important.

The first thing i thought of listening to this song was Ms. stunning Lara Croft walking carefully through a cave opening, gun poised for action, ready to jump through some crazy trap.

All in all, nicely done.

on 2007-07-20 18:15:16

This is one of the first mixes I downloaded from the site. Despite its short length, I still really enjoy this track. It's got a great bass groove. He achieves a great overall feel once everything kicks in. Recommended.

The Orichalcon
on 2006-01-13 22:23:52
This... is pure genius. Absolutely superb. I cannot belive someone has finally made a Tomb Raider ReMix. Its about bloody time, too! 5/5. Bit short, but that is indeed what the repeat button is for.

It was made over 3 years ago ;)

on 2006-01-13 17:28:33

This... is pure genius. Absolutely superb. I cannot belive someone has finally made a Tomb Raider ReMix. Its about bloody time, too! 5/5. Bit short, but that is indeed what the repeat button is for.

on 2005-07-20 15:11:33

Oh my god!! A Shakuhachi!!!!

Please tell me you don't have one and its just samples or i'll be really jealous!! I so want a Shakuhachi!

The remix is really good, yea its short, but it works :)

on 2005-01-29 18:00:09

This was amazing, this song is really warming with its flute and guitar coalescing together. It speaks of climbing rocks and delving into deep caverns, like what the first Tomb Radier was REALLY about. The first game's theme music was so calming, and this song enlightens me to that memory once more.

on 2004-09-13 01:33:47

whenever I'm feeling stressed, I throw this track on. the building ambience of the wind, flute and bells blend beautifully into the main tune, setting up everything for that sweet guitar riff. my only complaint is that it's a bit too short for my liking. oh, well, that's why they have the "repeat" button, ne?

on 2003-01-15 14:03:36

How could anyone forget this song from Tomb Raider??? One time I looked forever for the mp3 of this song and then realized that its on the cd of the game itself (d'oh).

Anyway, I really REALLY like this mix. Its different from the original, but still stays true to the same feel. I like the empty cavernous feel the beginning has, like I can picture Lara walking through the Cistern after the water was drained and little drops are still falling around her here and there... I guess there's only one way to say it...

:nicework: NICE WORK!

on 2002-12-12 09:30:42

Thanks guys. I just love good feedback... especially since this is like my first remix (or rather the only remix I've finished), and I wasn't sure if it was good enough. Thanks.

It IS short... but I was so tired of me never finishing anything, so I let it be.

Oh, and for you who don't remember the original title music. I have uploaded it for you. I'll prolly take it down soon, though.

As you can hear, the original had this cool choir, and is sonically superior to mine. By far. Longer, more epic. But it lacks the bassline, which I invented to make my remix groovier. ;)

on 2002-12-11 23:15:33

Like just about everyone else here, I had no idea that Tomb Raider had even had music.

This remix, however, almost makes me want to play it again to hear the original. But the game isn't good enough. :P

Simply awesome. :)

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Primary Game:
Tomb Raider (Eidos , 1996, PS1)
Music by Nathan McCree
"Tomb Raider title music"

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