ReMix:Super Hang-On "Smooth Ride" 3:18

By Malcos

Arranging the music of one song...

"Outride a Crisis"

Primary Game: Super Hang-On (Sega , 1989, GEN), music by Katsuhiro Hayashi, Koichi Namiki, Shigeru Ohwada

Posted 2003-02-20, evaluated by the judges panel

After a hiatus in Sin City, aka Las Vegas, I'm back with a couple ReMixes to post. Had a good time, overall - didn't win or lose much, but did catch the 'Star Trek Experience' at the Hilton, which for even a mild Trekkie is pretty cool. Brought home some "Romulan Ale", which disappointingly tastes like really shitty beer (think San Miguel) with a load of blue food coloring. Of course, it was 65+ degrees there, and I had to return here to Virginia and dig myself out of almost two feet of snow :( So, that explains the brief lapse in mixes, but tonight we'll just pick right back up, first with a hip-hopish mix from Sega's super follow-up to the classic cycle racer 'Hang-On' from Malcos. We haven't heard from Malcos since May of last year, and while this isn't his strongest material to date, it's different, it's good, and it's great to see him mixing again. As mentioned, this is more jazz/hip-hop, a change of pace from his usual smooth techno fare. A contemporary drum kit & pattern, upright acoustic bass, and both electric and acoustic pianos comprise the rather spartan assortment of instruments - easily could have been a monosynth solo with tasty portamento or something of that nature, but Malcos keeps it more reserved. Essentially, while the overall arrangement, mixing, and instrumentation are solid, with a nice choice on the reverb in particular, you have to follow both the pianos pretty closely to pick up the variation and progression, otherwise things can sound repetitive. Judges noted this, and I think it's a fair comment to make - while certainly it's laid-back stuff, something towards the end - another instrument or mixing alteration or dramatic addition/subtraction or key change - could have helped add some direction. That quibble aside, I like what Malcos has to offer in the jazz/hip-hop arena quite a bit. The upright bassline especially is tight and really completes the groove - something with less motion would have been very detrimental, so it's good this important element was covered well. I would love to have heard some call-and-answer 'dueling banjos' style tradeoffs between the acoustic and electric piano - restraint is good, and as I often note is not my personal strength - but this could be a bit too restrained. Bodes well for the future, and is totally worth your time and very mellow chill music :)



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on 2012-12-02 10:33:21
keeping things mellow is this track's distinguishing feature...

Certainly. Only a creative artist like Malcos would come up with this idea.

on 2009-12-08 23:35:38

Everything slows down when I put this on.

Discovered this about a week ago. Went straight to repeat and has stayed there for well over an hour a day since. K.B.'s dictionary now has the perfect audio track to exemplify the word 'chill'.

I can hear the complaints that this doesn't do a lot. After all, the melody is fairly close to the source's, about a quarter of the source isn't used, and things are kept low-key the entire way. But I don't have any of those qualms. The style is drastically different, the bit that was left off was synth-riffage that obviously wouldn't have fit the mood, and keeping things mellow is this track's distinguishing feature... that it also happens to nail. The snare sticks out a bit because of its abrupt decay (wish this had Army Girl's snare, which was hot), but aside from that the sounds are perfect. That string-keyboard mashup is the best thing ever. Hooked me right from the first chord. Everything else works just as well: upright bass is sexy, bass drum gets the head nodding, hi-hat paces the groove, and the piano is fantab... whisks those worries away.

This is my newest sit back, have a brew, and unwind track.

Thanks, Malcos. I'll be enjoying this one for a long time to come.

on 2007-07-26 16:17:58


This mix has a chill and windswept vibe to it, and works equally well as background music, or driving music. The hip hop groove and open structure would also lend itself really well to some lyrics, either sung or rapped.

It's a bit more nostalgic sounding than what you'd imagine to be "motorcycle music", and more emotional. I love the bass and the syncopated wide strings, and the beat is really nice as well. All the components really fit together here to create something thats eminently listenable.

I really like this one, be sure to check it out.

on 2004-11-17 20:22:46

Very nice!

Althrough I hate the sample used for the Kickdrum

on 2004-09-30 01:03:39

Out of everything I have heard so far on ocremix, this, by far, remains my absolute favorite. The beat, percussion and piano throughout is well... a smooth ride. This song epitomizes, to me at least, gaming as an art form and more importantly the connotations this site has to get people to reconigze gaming as a symphony of art, music and math in its' highest form, instead of all the negative images usually associated with gaming.

on 2003-03-08 13:21:16

WEll i had to come back here and make another coment.

After listening to a large random playlist of remixes, this remix immediately stood out. that probably tells ya something hehe.

I love how the bass REALLY packs a bunch btw.

anyway, im really hoping you continue this style of music. I really enjoy it.

on 2003-02-21 10:07:31

Very chill, very good. 8)

on 2003-02-21 09:24:22

well dont stop here! This is some good stuff bro.

on 2003-02-21 06:45:39

The day I made this I was in a very chilled out, very calm mood and I suppose that came out in the mix. I'm usually a bit more hyped up, especially when I'm making a remix!

I knew that I had to cover this track eventually, as Super Hang On was the first game I ever put into my megadrive.

K-Wix, I do agree, it is a little static compared to my previous stuff, but like I said, I was just too laid back that day! Hope you enjoy.

on 2003-02-20 17:39:55

I'm loving this remix, nice jazz with a hiphop beat. Good stuff.

And i'd want to hear your stuff no matter what, Dale. you own.

on 2003-02-20 13:23:28


I'm arranging this exact song right now. Its cool though, your's is much better.

This is very nice. Very crafty and smooth. Nice 'woodwork' as I like to call it. More like this plz


on 2003-02-20 11:19:18

Okay Malcos..Great to finally hear some more mixes, lets start! songplayed Totally awesome man, the beat is like..whoooaa. Despite a few minor boring issues with those static chords in the backround, this mix really shines, the piano could also use some touch-ups in a few places, but there are also times, when it shines so well, it forces your attention on it, that I like. Certainly worth the download.

0:01 - Interesting...

0:10 - Boom. The beat is almost too damn good. Excellent work. Piano works fairly well also.

0:33 - Deffinitely diggin' the vibe...

1:00 - While the vibe is certainly diggable, The Piano could use sommore work.

1:17 - This piece could use a bit more expression.. While it sounds beautiful.. i still think the piano could use a bit more work.

1:57 - Excellent Change here. love the change-up. Mm.. Delicious.

2:07 - While this song is Great. my biggest note is that its fairly static, it doesnt change as a whole too much, i mean, sure there are the occassional shifts, but that mood stays the same the entire time, and while thats typically not a bad thing, i find that after a few listens, those SAME CHORDS in the backround get Dreadfully old, to the point of where they drown out that beautiful supportive lead and medly.

3:10 - Diggin' the beat though, The beat is probably the highlight for me, it shows flavor, emotion, and it helps bring the song to life more than *any* element for me. And as for the ending .. ugh. it works. i mean, it fits the mix in an okay way, and i deem it usable, but. I Certainly think that it could've been far better.

on 2003-02-20 01:49:31

I can say why I don't like fade out endings personally. When you go to a concert, if the song the band is playing has a fade out ending on the album, it gets a real ending in concert... its not like the sound guy is going to just slowly lower the master volume controls at the end of the song right? So I guess for me, even on synthesized music, its a hold over from that.

However here I must say that a fade out ending worked well. Malcos... Super Hang On... SO FREAKING HAPPY! :D I've been seriously contemplating a Super Hang On mix myself lately, so I've been listening to the gyms a lot. That makes me appreciate this all the more. The hip hop style with a laid back feel is incredible. This is going to get a lot of playing time in my Winamp guarenteed. :D

Joe Redifer
on 2003-02-20 01:32:29

Good tune, nice reworking of Super Hang-On. I am one who believes that it is impossible to improve on the original except for better sounding instruments, but the composition of the original melody, etc is perfect as is. If someone disagrees, please prove me wrong and I guarantee I'll love your remix! Malcos gives us a different interpretation, however, and there's nothing wrong with that! Fadeout ending didn't bother me at all.

on 2003-02-20 01:31:56

haha i did that a couple times.. i dont think i was riding on public opinion when i said it though =\

neway.. good stuff malcos, ive been looking for something like this for a while. and what AP was saying... i definately coulda heard a xylophone solo going on.. but since u had the piano going on too, maybe it woulda been a stretch. but i think some kinda -phone/bells thing would have sounded great ;)

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Primary Game:
Super Hang-On (Sega , 1989, GEN)
Music by Katsuhiro Hayashi,Koichi Namiki,Shigeru Ohwada
"Outride a Crisis"

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