ReMix:Final Fight CD "Adrenaline Rush" 4:51

By Action Music

Posted 2003-02-20, evaluated by the judges panel

First off, this is specifically from the Sega CD version of the quintessential side-scrolling beat 'em up, Final Fight, so you won't find the original on the SNES or potentially even the arcade versions. Newcomer Nighteyes The Wolf gives us our first "FF" ReMix, which is sort of a mixed bag of goodies - there's some compelling, quality elements mixed in with some other bits that aren't on the same level. But overall, there's a nice groove here, mixing grunge guitar with sporadic r'n'b style drummage and a repeating bell pattern overtop that. Some of the guitar hits were noted as sounding a bit like ducks . . . yes . . . well, I haven't been extensively privy to the full myriad of duck sounds, but I didn't get that specific mental image myself :) There's some decent solo synth that gives the right variety of texture, a breakdown around 3'30" that extends the arrangement's length to sufficiently saturate its near-five minute playtime, and overall the mixing is clear, panning defined, and sound quality above-average. The drum programming is really the anchor that takes the arrangement to the next level, for my money - the syncopation and repeated hits are reminiscent of some of the better boy band pop drum tracks, only used with sustained grunge guitars in a more deliberate context in this scenario. If there's one element of bands like NSYNC's songs that I do dig, it's the production, especially on the drum end, so I like to see this sort of cross-genre borrowing, intentional or not. The bell pattern that persists throughout might be the biggest setback element, as it's always there, always fairly forefront, and isn't the best patch nor the most interesting part to be prominent. Didn't bother me too much, though, and the successfull integration of very respectable grunge guitars into an arrangement where you wouldn't necessarily expect them compensated. Good first mix from the venerable Final Fight universe, even if it's from the redbook-specific soundtrack, and a promising initial contribution from Nighteyes the Wolf. Check it out.



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on 2013-04-10 15:09:15

I could almost hear where this was trying to go at several points. Can't really do anything more than echo that it gets a little repetative, but other than that I don't have much to say on this one. I don't think it's bad, but the best part of this ReMix were the drums and some of the harder guitar work.

on 2010-03-05 16:02:05

Seems like everyone has a similar opinion.

Simply said, the song is excellent in vibe but there are certain elements that are too much in terms of repetition. It could use more creative ideas and arrangement skills.

on 2009-11-13 07:37:53

Certainly has a very limited aresenal in terms of places it wants to go. We get the one backdrop the whole time, and that's never a nice thing to have to have. I like variety, and while this TECHNICALLY has variety and changes things up, it all seems like an illusion when we find ourselves not progressing anywhere.

That's my main complaint here. I'm not too bothered with repetition, because there can be some extremely artful uses for repetition. But this is repetition in spite of going anywhere fresher, which is a shame.

Look, I don't hate this by any means. But for me, it never reaches its destination because of it constantly stalling. I wouldn't say it is a frustrating mix, but its definately something that would have benefited a whole lot from tightening and distinguishing certain elements from the others.

I do want to say though, I like this a little more than this negative review would make it seem. It's just that it is by no means a winner and I can't deny its flaws.

on 2009-11-08 02:33:05

So one thing that really bothers me is that around the 3:40 mark, you had a fairly full thing going on beforehand and then around then it suddenly just stops, only to then go on with more stuff. The way it accomplished that, with an incongruous build back toe a more filling sound really rubs me the wrong way here, especially when it goes on to end with a fadeout ending. I also am not terribly happy with the sample quality, with one particular instrument using too high of a frequency, and the low bassline used fairly uninventively, especially at the start where it had no business starting the song.

on 2009-07-04 13:37:15

Pretty simplistic production and arrangement here. Beat does get more interesting in the middle with some pretty cool writing. There's a lot a repetition here, though, that bring the song down - especially the repeating bell synth. Could've been significantly shorter without really losing arrangement ideas. Not a bad song, per se, just not really appealing to me personally.

on 2008-11-07 22:26:14

Bass follows the same progression throughout the mix, and then there's the bell pattern. Adds up for a pretty repetative mix overall.

The soundscape, for the most part, is pretty cool. I just got tired of it after a while of the same things over and over. Drop parts out, bring them back in, change up the patterns. Just make more happen if you're going to go on for this long.

Nice drumwork though.

on 2007-01-26 11:15:36

This track just goes on for too long for what's there, and the ending is pretty unsatisfying. However, the drums are pretty sweet, especially the tight bass drum at the halfway point. I think the title is a bit misleading, as there really isn't much of an "Adrenaline Rush" here. Not to say the song is going to put you to sleep, but I think the tempo is a bit slow and the melody is a bit too plodding to really get your heartrate up.

Decent but not quite my style.

on 2005-09-04 02:59:29

percussion is great.

songs from ff are not known to have lasting appeal, effort is commendable. i like it quite a bit =]

on note of ff, i'd love to hear a remix of stripes from sfa3 though.

on 2005-03-12 10:59:32

I don't know about whether changing some of the repetition would make it bad. As it is now there really isn't much lasting value to the song. Alright, cool beat, catchy, but it's more annoying really when it pops up in my playlist.

I do like the drums and the work that went into them. They're simple enough to keep from becoming dominating but still have some drive to them.

Those bell-things are driving me insane though.

They just keep going and going and going.

Hurting . . . brain . . .

And . . . it seems like it could have ended nicely at 3:38.

on 2003-02-21 18:55:21

Alright, not to sound insulting... However, I think the same effect could have been pulled off by a simple MIDI file. Perhaps the remixer could have spent a little more money and gotten a better synthesizer or something...

Just my opinion. Also, it gets repetitive and probably could have held my attention a bit more if it wasn't so darn long. :?

on 2003-02-20 11:38:38

Nighteyes the Wolf? we attract a lot of wolfies. Start the Music! songplayed Okay! ..some deffinitely cool elements, a LOT of elements. Infact, at some points i think theres almost TOO much going on in the mix, but it all comes through pretty good, you can tell there was a lot of effort here, and it certainly shows. keep your eyes on this one.

0:01 - Oo.. interesting. Deffinitely noting the effort that went into panning :P Excellent stuff here.

0:43 - Cool Beat. Love how this could shape up.

1:17 - Wow! .. hm.. quite a lot of elements here, i Do like the result.. curious to see where your going to take it from here.

1:48 - Getting a tiddle repetative, i think this is the 2nd time those notes have been played, and you continue to do so, the loud bell-ish instrument sticks itself out as being the most repetative to my ears.

2:42 - More nifty panning work, Im not sure about the new addition..It sounds cool, but this is suffering from getting way to muddy, theres just too much going on, and the elements go together only half as good as they could, so the vibe also is a bit hard to catch.

3:32 - Hm.. Alright, bass! Ooo! ..Excellent Beat work.. I do applaud the effort to mix it up, because you do a pretty good job here, this section portrays a bit more vibrance, but that bell-ish instrument still sticks out, and i don't like that for some reason.

4:30 - Sorry but this ending was a big No No. I know theres all this about "fadeouts r bad" .. But this ending just.. sounding like "okay im done" .. FAR more effort was put into the body of the mix. I can see if it quite simply 'ended" on one resolving note, but.. it just keeps going, and cuts out at a bad spot.

on 2003-02-20 02:20:59

Hmmm... I do like this mix being a HUGE Final Fight fan. This song does have nice "shake your booty" drum beats, but as Vigilante stated before, you kind of lose interest within a couple minutes of listening to the song. If this song was less repetitive it would've been better. It is a good effort though and I can't blame him for trying something unique such as this (compared to another Final Fantasy mix). Kudos for appreciating music from this game! I hope to see more mixes of this game in the future.

on 2003-02-20 01:47:36

everyones giving malcos a lotta props and no love for nighteyes =(

hmm.. drum panning straight off the bat, but it stops =) (edit: i didnt mean this in a bad way. i just meant that if it were going on throughout the whole song it would have been a little annoying =X) good good. overall the drum line sounds very solid. better than anything i could conjure up

im assuming this song needs to be played loud, unfortunately i dont like listening w/ headphones and my parents are sleeping =|

however, id have to agree w/ vigilante, it gets pretty repetitive =\ those extra little things aren't enough to cover it up.

but anyways, solid mix. doesn't fall into my fav listening genre, but it'll do. great job on the first one!

on 2003-02-20 01:12:55

I agree with djp, i dig the drums very much.

however, i think it is a little too repetitive, and it looses my attention after 2 minutes or so. its a very cool song, and would be great if it were shorter, but its almost 5 minutes long. theres just not enough variation to be interesting for 5 minutes. but overall, the mix is well sequenced, the patches are good, effective panning (drums) and there's decent depth and harmony/interplay.

nice work.

on 2003-02-20 00:57:28

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