ReMix:Silent Hill 2 "True (It's Gone Now Mix)" 3:31

By Steve Pordon

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Silent Hill 2 (Konami , 2001, PS2), music by Akira Yamaoka

Posted 2003-03-12, evaluated by the judges panel

Two Playstation 2 Konami sequels ReMixed in a row - coincidence, or psychic phenomenon? Rather than waste the money on a phone call to Miss Cleo, let's count our blessings and move on . . . this latest ReMix from Steve Pordon is his first in a considerable while, and offers a stripped-down, open, guitar-driven take on Silent Hill 2's tunage. The mix title is specifically a response to The Wingless' "There Was a Hole Here" SH2 arrangement from July of last year. Things intro with a ghostly white noise cloud, acoustic guitar, and some nice, heavy drums to start us off, joined soonafter by a very meaty bass with a delayed attack that adds to the "heaviness" of the sound (Led Zep seems to have used this a lot - achieves sonic weight through subtle amounts of delay instead of sheer volume . . . tres cool) Digital Coma sums it up pretty thoroughly: "The plucked and distorted guitars complement each other well to meld into a panic-driven, caustic, wailing wreck that Silent Hill so distinctively emotes. The guttural bass line hammers the feel further, and the drum work is noticeable enough to push the piece along during the softer sections, but not so striking as to be overpowering. The ID3 comments say this is remastered, and that's certainly apparent. A very nice play on the original." - I especially like when things pick up at 1'54" with the up-tempo riffage and shred chords. The drums really are well-done - not only do they sit well in the mix, but they sound organic enough to give the distinct feel of a human behind them, working the strings (or sticks) in one way or another, regardless of the actuality. Fret-sounds abound for more atmosphere, lending a raw (but not un-produced or "garage") quality. Portions of the initial guitar pattern sound much like Toccata and Fugue in D minor for organ, and I had a hard time mentally emancipating myself from expecting the next notes in the series to follow Bach's work and not Yamaoka's, but I grew accustomed to it after a couple listens. A good, straightforward-yet-nuanced ReMix of SH2 from Mr. Pordon. Recommended.



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on 2013-10-21 09:32:46

Let's see here.....well I did actually kinda like the fuzzy/staticy intro that cut into the main riff, but man, I'm sorry but some of these instruments just don't sound right. It might be just me, but some sections are just a tad too raw for me in the production area. Still, the arrangement had a few good ideas. Just not my thing.

on 2010-08-24 20:55:51

I remember listening to this back in the dorm with Sephfire when he would put his OCR library on random. Opening guitar sound was interesting, but like many other intros from Steve, it completely disappears with little to no warning making the transition feel awkward. Production wise, this mix sounds much better than everything we've heard from Steve so far. The guitars have more headroom in the high freqs (maybe even a little too much in the plucky guitar). The drums have more punch than Steve's past mixes, but could still use more. The kick is much stronger though, and that helps a lot! The solo guitar performance is sloppy here and there, but he always pulls it back into the fray if it gets too unwieldy. The outro was just a repeat of the intro, which really felt out of place and ended abruptly. A good idea in theory, but the execution was a little weak. However, Steve really stepped up his game for this mix and I feel it's definitely his best work to date!

on 2009-05-04 11:35:16

I'm not really digging this one- some parts are really loose and some are extra mechanical- either way would be fine, but combined, it just distracts.

Sorry, this one wasn't for me.

on 2009-01-20 18:51:01




no thanks, this track just isn't doing much for me.

It just doesn't sound right to me for some reason. :?

Ultimately, its an average, run-of-the-mill, o.k. mix.

on 2005-07-31 05:12:27

i don't know what this fool above me is talking about. part of it is, i can't READ it.

at any rate, i thought the mix was great when it first showed up and i still think it's great now. i found it in my remix folder a little while ago and decided to pass the song around.

on 2005-07-15 17:21:20

Hey just heard the remix for the Silent hill track, and i have to say....don't wanna reject everyone elses p o v cos it seems to have been gettin some fairly decent reviews, but its absolutley AWFUL yeh sure im up for a bit revival, but taking opne of the most beatiful and atmospheric songs that Yamaoka has written, scratch that anyone has written (im talkin bout lauras theme - the first little riff and betrayal which comes in later) and addin a tinny guitar sound with such a high freq and frankly the most inappropriate drum beat he could have chosen does not scream success.

Im not gonn go into a long list opf reasons why this remix sucks. but anyone who understands and rerspects good music must see.

" I Know ill try make it sound aatmospheric and realli emphasise the isolationism in silent hill but not playing putting any music in the first minute of the song, then i can cap it all of by takin an already brilliant guitar riff and andjust puttin the freq up?

NO NO NO youv got it all wrong ! tghe only good bit about this remix is the riff that is taken from the original...

look people dont take this the wrong way because i have a lot of respect for the guy sokme of his other works Genius but even he must recognise this as one of his poorer works

and i know mim bein vulgar and rude :wink: its wat i do - but please let me post this cos i just have give a diff view of the remix

EDIT: Just like to point out people was talklin bout the wrong track (as in the white claudia static or somethink) :? yes i look like a fool !

i like the way at the end of the true remix steve pardon realises hes made a mix which in no way captures the mood of silent hill and just sticks that white noise at the end............its like hang on !

we know its bad dont poretend you care bout the atmosphere

on 2005-07-11 16:29:52

ok here is the catch, i truly dont understand why people like bashing this mix, i think it is very well done.

i will always defend this melody and i dont get all the talk about the instrumentation sounding "fake", they sound real to me and flow together well, now i did notice that in the part that starts at 0:27 that you sort of skip the last few notes from that melody from the original, but thats alright, after all this is you piece and you make the calls. it flows well, i enjoyed it, i like how it ends how it starts.

good instruments, now i have a guitar and a piano version of this melody both excellent. keep up the good work and bring us another one like it.

on 2004-10-03 11:24:26


I apologize for being so blunt, but...

This was quite awful, to be honest. This beautiful piece of music really shouldn't be treated this way..

The drums sounded horrible, and the bass was out of sync with the other instruments.

The part with the solo was almost OK, but even that sounded more like a song from a driving game. That is never a good thing, and since we're talking about Yamaoka's music here, it's a crime.

Not recommended. :tomatoface:

on 2004-06-18 01:29:47

A compelling tune on its own, different from the original tune. Nah, doesnt matter. Its great on its own.

Just letting the fingers fly in the solo.. juicy.

on 2004-03-02 14:59:29

Steve, just to confuse you even more:

Unlike Eccles, I happen to like the mechanical-ness of the lead instrument (if it was too expressive or dynamic it would detract from the coolness factor in the context of this composition).

Also unlike Eccles, I thought the only weak point was the meandering solo around 2:22 (if this is what he was talking about). Just because something can be distinguished as "real" doesn't mean it should be applauded....

So if you superimpose our opinions, there's either nothing or everything to like about this song.

Good Luck! :twisted:

on 2003-09-26 13:08:43
The intro screeching is...apalling, to be frank.

The guitar sounds like a MIDI. Guitars, sorry. They both sound like MIDIs on a field trip (fyi-adding mad filt0rz does not make a MIDI voice any better)

Do you mean to tell me you really can't tell the difference between a MIDI guitar and a real one? Astounding.


on 2003-09-18 15:24:35

The intro screeching is...apalling, to be frank.

The guitar sounds like a MIDI. Guitars, sorry. They both sound like MIDIs on a field trip (fyi-adding mad filt0rz does not make a MIDI voice any better)

Interestingly enough, the only bit that sounded real (and therefore tolerable) was the point when the guitar goes off on its own little thing...shame really, it could have been a good remix if it all sounded like that.

It sounds too much like a revoiced MIDI to me.

I dont like it...not in the least.

on 2003-06-08 20:42:16

Wow !!!

pretty neat remix !!

I remember i almost felt into depression when i was at that part of the game when this music started and i must say the original feeling is still here, amazing job :twisted:

anyhow i agree with Gwilym, some of the sweeping guitar parts sounds odd.

on 2003-03-17 14:38:41

I haven't heard the original. There are many similarities between this song and "sober" by tool, such as the same-note dual-hit bass guitar across the chord progression at :28 (the progression at that point happens to match "sober" as well): the eventual 16th-note rhythm guitar build up (at 1:54) has accents similar to the tool song.

The mood this song conveyed was somehow evil and mellow at the same time, and because it achieves this mood I hereby label the song kick @ss. Great job!

on 2003-03-16 18:14:31

quite nice. doesn't quite capture the SH mood for me, but no remixes i've heard have done, so i didn't really expect it to.

the idea of using the guitar for the song is an interesting one, and in some ways it has worked quite well...but not well enough if you ask me. the lead sounds downright bizarre throughout the song, and not in a way i like. can't quite put my finger on what it is; maybe i just plain dont like that instrument choice. sounds goofy.

the bass on its own sounds pretty cool, but it's always slightly out of time with everything else. it's probably on purpose, but i don't like it much.

the percussion...i dont like. the samples are a bit crap to start off with, and the way they're controlled just doesnt suit the song. it's a sort of hip-hop/dnb/rnb combination which just sounds odd. and near as i can tell, there is absolutely NO volume control on any of the hits. meaning every hit sounds identical.

on the whole it doesn't quite come together as something i'll listen to, but it's a mix that shows creativity, and i respect that. i just think it woulda sounded way better if it came out about a year from now, when you've honed your skills, and learned new ones. :]

p.s. the sounds at the start and end were really neat, even though i know you just sneaked into my house and stole them from the prison remix i started :P (seriously, the sounds are VERY similar. eerie) :twisted:

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Primary Game:
Silent Hill 2 (Konami , 2001, PS2)
Music by Akira Yamaoka

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