ReMix:Arkanoid "Black Block" 3:30

By DJComet

Arranging the music of one song...

"Name Entry"

Primary Game: Arkanoid (Imagine Software , 1986, C64), music by Martin Galway

Posted 2003-03-28, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer DJComet offers a fun, fairly brief squarewave-laden dancish track that also throws some interesting tempo manipulations the listener's way. Protricity writes: "I'm not too into these kinds of songs because they are usually overly simplistic. However, I can recognize talent when I see it. I like the style. It would be fun to play this at a party or to just listen to at home. Interesting take on the original." - that pretty much sums it up: nothing breathtaking, you're not going to soil your undergarments, but it's an interesting twist that's enjoyable enough and has a flexible tempo that shakes things up and avoids monotony. Not too much more to say - if you're into dance and techno, and specifically old-skoolish c64 adaptations, this bud's for you. Good work from DJComet.



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on 2017-08-18 03:01:27

Wow! The motif that's with me from my very childhood. And the remix is just great. Thank you!

on 2009-03-18 10:37:11

There are some interesting and surprising tempo changes throughout that I think worked in general, as well as some cool personalized riffs, but the sound quality in general is kinda weak, with the exception of that pad. I'd love to hear what the DJComet has been up to in the past 6 years, though, as I think this holds a lot of promise.

on 2007-02-08 16:52:52

Conservative, but well personalized arrangement. Loved the dashes of chiptune spices thrown in there. Too bad we haven't heard from DJComet again. I would have liked to observe how he's improved his game.

on 2005-11-29 16:40:26

Hmm. Never actually played this game (Unless you consider the countless billions on teh intranet), but this is still a fun mix. I like it simply because it's all around good music; It doesn't challenge you too much. Believe me, I still love the heaps of extremely original stuff out there (You freaking ROCK, Makke!), but sometimes it's nice to have something you don't need to be in a specific mood to listen to. Overall, just a good mix in touch with its fundamentals.

on 2005-10-20 21:29:36

Not bad. As Ari said, an interesting take on the source material. It's not so long as to get exceeding boring and repetitive, and during the three and a half minutes it manages to variate the tune enough to make it a decent remix. Nothing that really makes it stand out though.

Corporal Eschebone
on 2004-09-09 19:06:52

Heh, nice use of relative neo-modern minimalistic cyber-sinewaves with Roland ulatrasounds here. Not too complicated, definately something you can wiggledance to.

Yeah, but seriously, this is pretty nice. Not quite within my range of tastes, but close enough. Good job.

on 2004-07-01 19:49:16

Thanks everyone for all your comments. I have greatly improved my production quality. Although I still use Fruityloops, my stuff sounds beyond that. I still haven't made a remix of a video game tune in awhile though. Actually since this one. I was thinking about submitting my OLD remix of a Guardian Legend tune but since it's so old (even made before this one), it doesn't really portray my newer production quality.

Either way, I'm glad I submitted and will be submitting in the future with my unique hardcore style. Got some remixes in mind. ;)

on 2004-03-15 20:03:59

Yea! This is an excellent song! I prefer songs that can keep you moving to, and this does it.

on 2003-12-16 16:40:09

Fairly typical techno-sounding piece.. nothing outstanding, but it's pretty solid. Sounds a lot like another remix, as mentioned before, but that's not a bad thing if you like the style.

Will make my regular playlist, just because I enjoy the way it sounds.

on 2003-07-12 11:29:04

my faveirote part of aranoid would have to be that like "do do dooooo do do do do do" when yo udie and get a new bll, you know what im talking about, lol

on 2003-04-14 02:26:25
I don't remember the original so I can't really be a judge on its originality and whatnot.

Actually, I tried to duplicate the NES version as much as I could for the fun intro. I was basing it more off of the NES version than the c64 version. It pretty much sounds exactly like the beginning except it loops over and over! ^.^;

on 2003-04-12 17:50:11

I´ve never heard the original theme, but this remix is just great, I just love it!!! Schweet, Baby, Schweet!!!!

on 2003-04-09 16:46:35

sweet intro...sweet climax... sweet ending THANKYOU DJ COMET!!!!!!!

on 2003-04-02 02:15:15

Simple-yet-catchy definitely describes this one. The background bass/rhythm is solid, and the melody is relatively complex, so there's a good complimentary relationship there. The tempo change things were slightly disorienting, perhaps because I'm used to techno staying right at it all the way through. Translated well into the genre though. Worthy of a listen and a download for sure!

on 2003-03-30 18:23:26

I like this remix, it's fun and has a catchy tune. I've played this game before I think, but don't remember this song or anything like it. It's not too complicated, but it got its parts. I can't get tired of it 8) .

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Primary Game:
Arkanoid (Imagine Software , 1986, C64)
Music by Martin Galway
"Name Entry"

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