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Arranging the music of one song...

"Heart of the Giant"

Primary Game: Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega , 1994, SCD), music by Spencer Nilsen

Posted 2003-07-25, evaluated by the judges panel

SGX creates a furtive, delicate underwater atmosphere with this ReMix of Spencer Nilsen's Ecco 2 soundtrack, from the redbook/Sega CD version of the game. It later develops more momentum and a very interesting, compelling syncopated drum riff, but begins with a smooth, submarine vibe and takes its time to build from there. Danny took on the role of your friendly neighborhood marine biologist in offering this note along with his mix submission: "Interesting note (sorta): The various sea creature noises you hear in this aren't dolphins. Dolphins make annoying chattering and clicking sounds, and that didn't fit well in this song. The stuff in my mix is mostly samples of a bunch of different types of whales. No dolphins." - so, while you won't find biologically accurate sounds from the game's protagonist, I'd concur that clicking and chattering prolly wouldn't have juxtaposed well. SGX continues to develop as a ReMixer that can create very evocative textures, shimmering and effervescent in their complexity and harmony. In the couple or so larger pushes this arrangement makes, where legato strings are dominant, it really opens up and sounds vast, which is totally appropriate given the game's context and the mix title as well. This is very slick chill music with brains, and particular kudos for developing the drums further into the piece and not letting them stagnate. You don't get a lot of melodic movement or variation, but that would have required extremely capricious conjuring given the original composition. Nilsen's done a lot of redbook audio work in the game music world, and usually capitalizes on being unfettered from the limitations of a chip, so his stuff is already sonically developed, but SGX has taken things in a different direction with great success, capturing the exploratory and epic scope of the Ecco series perfectly. Recommended.



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on 2013-07-13 19:40:26

Huh... what grandeur. -_-

There's a strong 'journey' sense to it. ^_^ Terrific adventuring music for Ecco.

on 2010-01-07 18:54:49

Am I missing something here? As far as I can tell this is a remix of "Friend or Foe", not "Heart of the Giant".

Edit: Nevermind, I realized the Sega CD version has different track titles. Confusing.

Anyways, awesome as always SGX.

on 2009-08-17 02:56:36

This song is great. The sounds in the background are wonderful it really is relaxing to listen to.

on 2009-08-17 01:28:43

This is just one relaxing and I just love the dolphin sounds. Great Job!!!

on 2009-08-08 01:06:56

On the surface, Drift seems to share many blood-related traits of Heart of the Giant, like frame of progression, certain synth/percussion types, and even introductory points. But judicious sonic enhancements make this mix more focused and sweeping. I can imagine dolphins leaping and diving along a constantly panning ocean surface thanks to things like:

- emotionally imploring synths

- thunderous drums

- "miscellaneous" sound effects in the source (bovine, chirping, mechanical, etc.) replaced by those of marine mammals to reflect the Ecco setting

Makes me wish I could joyride (joyswim?) on the Pacific Ocean like a dolphin.

on 2008-05-22 02:32:04

Awesome intelligent ambient. The instrumentation and sound effects blended together for a very fitting tribute to the Ecco II soundtrack. And later on, of course Danny has it down pat when it comes to the fusion of orchestral and electronic elements. The synths feel like they've aged a slight bit, but it doesn't make a significant impact in terms of how solid this piece is. I couldn't see Spencer Nilsen being anything but flattered and impressed with the creativity and execution here.

on 2006-03-02 13:15:45

Fantastic and inspiring mix. I love it!

The depth of sound is great, and it feels submerged. Super props.

on 2004-07-09 14:29:59

This is very good remix. It's so relaxing and I can easily fall to 'trance' while listening it and forget everything else.

Definately one of my favorites. 8)

on 2003-11-13 16:01:02

I realise that this song has been out for a while, but recently I lost my entire MP3 collection. I started rebuilding by a huge influx of SGX material.

For some reason, I must have missed this when it first came out. I also recently refreshed an old minidisc that I had and I added this song to it.

So here I sit at work, and I had to stop EVERYTHING, because this song grabbed all of my attention. I sat there with shivers all through me.

It builds so well, and it takes the mind (and apparently body, too) with it.

What a fantastic reMix.

Thank you, SGX

on 2003-08-19 18:10:04


Although I wish I could remember when this song was played in the game, (The "Futuristic Sky Place"? Or was it when you were in the presence of "DNA Dude"?) I've always loved this song, and you did an EXCELLENT job of remixing it.

on 2003-08-08 15:50:24

Awesome work, SGX. Can't help but love it! :D

This remix gave me goosebumps four times when listening to it...

Impressive. 8)

on 2003-08-07 16:19:48

The first half sounds nice, but I think the drum track and the harder synths about half way through the piece eventually change the mood to make the piece seem not as massive (to me, anyway). I think the original has a fuller sound to it.

on 2003-08-06 02:07:59

One word: Hot.

The ambient whale sounds are timed and executed very well throughout. I like the light and kinda floating feeling created by the drums, it adds more depth to the underwater setting of the song. The drums fills, kicks, etc. are good (I pay a lot of attention to them). I'm fond of the drum progression and additive complexity, particularly the changed around 1:46. The following synth that is introduced around 2:01 fits well, imho, as do the rest of them for that matter. I like the section at 2:31 in contrast to its earlier rendition. The addition of the new drum sequences is a nice compliment for it. The introduction of the toms adds another layer of nature to the song, I think, and fits well.

I can't really find anything I don't like, not that that's surprising. Pwned.

on 2003-08-05 14:14:03

Nice intro. Great use of ambient noise. I love the lead that comes in at 00:15. Fits oh-so-nicely. Bass coming in is fine as well.

The percussion seems a bit strange at 00:30, but I think that might just be my ears. When the kick and snare come in at 00:37, it evolves. I like the slow building of the melody. That works really well.

1:01. The synth behind the melody is kind of strange, as is the reverse cymbal at 1:09.

1:16 - AH GOD, dude, I love this part. It's awesome. Everything from here on is great, except that second chord in the progression - it has a wierd tone. It works, but it's just not my taste. It actually works v. well, just not something I'm used to. Nice use of dynamics and percussion coming back to the quiet section at 1:31, though I think a cymbal roll would have worked well there.

Percussion at 1:46 - woo, I love it. It fits so well. The lead at 2:02 is a wierd noise, but again, it flows well. The noises in the background are great - really exemplifies the fact this is ambient.

2:32 - returning to the the chordal theme again. I like it, especially with the percussion there. The gong entering into the quiet part again works almost better than a cymbal roll.

2:51 - that sound is freaky. Kinda strange.

3:01 - nice false buildup.

3:03 - the beat oriented melody is awesome. I love to see mixers experimenting more with this. It's strong, v. strong, gives it a unique feel.

No complaints nor comments up until 4:26, everything works fine and is v. aurally pleasing.

4:26 - That reverse cymbal again. It's so wierd!

The way it ends with the ambient noise and the lightly fading melody is kind of cliche, but it's so good.

Overall, amazing piece. More than made it onto my playlists - it's at the top for a while. Good work, SGX.

Mr. Merc Kage
on 2003-08-01 16:58:27

This song is very, very good. It even made my wife get a tingle (I love her tingle)...but then again DKC Fear Factory had a similar effect. :roll: She's just a strange girl. But ANYway, welll done song. Well done.

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Primary Game:
Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega , 1994, SCD)
Music by Spencer Nilsen
"Heart of the Giant"

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