ReMix:Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty "May Fortune Smile Upon You" 5:24

By Vig

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Konami , 2001, PS2), music by Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino, Rika Muranaka, Tappy Iwase

Posted 2003-08-30, evaluated by the judges panel

Complete with an atmospheric "sounds of preparation" intro, Jesse gives us this jazzy guitar bonanza of an MGS2 arrangement. I'm glad I heeded his advice to listen to some Pat Metheny Group before I heard this ReMix, 'cause I hear a bit of an influence that I wouldn't have caught otherwise, particular with some of the vocalizing that comes in around 1'13". Vig had some concern regarding whether the mix was appropriate for OCR: "This mix came quite spontaneously; i layed down the acoustic guitar track one night when i was playing in my room. i did all the other recording this week... the mix kind of meanders...i didnt do it with OCR in mind, so i wasnt sure if it was right for OCR. but it came out pretty well, so here it is." - I'd say that while it does meander, it does so musically, thematically, and with focus if not direction. Continuing with our recent theme, this also has a tinge of a prog sound to it. Anyone into more mellow instrumental "exploratory" jazz, esp. guitar-driven, should dig this expansive, flowing arrangement from Vigilante. It takes some risks with the vocalizing, which actually could have been capitalized on more for my money, and doesn't compromise vision for accessibility or a more familiar structure. Good, unique arranging style and a tightly played and mixed end result.



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on 2023-11-06 23:03:45

Best listened to with a beer or cider as you sit on the porch watching the sun go down. Or maybe by a window on a rainy day watching the patterns form on the glass. Or late at night as a tonic to one's brooding thoughts.

on 2013-08-05 18:37:47

Love me some Vigcoustic guitar 3

on 2011-08-22 23:34:29

Looking back, I just want to say that this remix has been one that has stayed in my playlist for years, and it never gets old for me. The mood this song creates is perfect for reflecting about anything, and somehow reminds me that there are beautiful things in life even if we can't see them right now.

on 2011-01-10 00:36:38

Good lord. Uber quality. This is perfect summer listening.

The guitar work is pretty masterful; the moods and vibes and feelings that it stirs really encapsulates the listener. I love it. So much emotive playing comes out of nowhere without warning.

Subtle in some ways, sexy in others... but always superb. A more laid back affair than the usual technical powerhouses. But this is no less impressive, both technically and in overall enjoyment factor. I'm suprised at how big a fan I am of this one.

on 2010-09-03 22:15:46

wow! i was thinking about PMG before reading the description :D impressive track!

on 2010-04-30 14:02:10

Beauty in simplicity. It definitely meanders a bit, but the MGS series melodies tended to do so on their own anyways, so it fits in my mind. Backing vocals helped mix it up, and the length was just about right. Good stuff from 2003, right here.

on 2009-04-17 02:00:16

This is just a beautiful and elegant arrangment that it is so sothing to listen to. great job

on 2008-11-14 19:37:35

No less than an OCR masterpiece. I'm amazed every time I hear a Vig track at how he manages to put out tracks of such consistently superlative quality.

Darn it, Vig, come back and do another ReMix. We need more!

on 2008-02-05 13:20:11

A great guitar piece with plenty of emotion. I could imagine Snake listening to this while reminiscent.

on 2007-05-05 21:47:36

i felt the ending could've been elaborated on more...not necessarily into a climax, but just half a minute or so more build up. as it is it creates tension that was otherwise absent but the sudden stop is disappointing.

otherwise, not bad. very pat metheny

on 2006-03-19 21:52:35

Very soothing. Whenever i need to think about something or just slow down, this song is great. It's perfect for reflection and the sound is not oppresive in the least-- it just sits in the background and lets you drink it in. I don't mind how it meanders at all, mostly because while you listen to it that is what your mind is doing. Like DJP said, it kind of wanders, but with focus and direction. Just like a thought pattern. Really nice work, Vigilante.

on 2005-05-16 22:34:41

Calming.. I listen to this mostly when I'm heavily stressed about something, and it always hits the spot. A perfect combination of a soothing solo electric guitar backed by an acoustic guitar, creating a perfect background. The length is perfect, and the vibe just lets you drift off to another place for a little while.. Sometimes I just close my eyes while listening to this, and it's enough to get me out of a bad mood after having a less-than-decent day. The speeding up at the ending is a great way to end the mix, and sort of gives you a chance to snap back into reality before the song ends.

on 2005-05-05 21:50:28

Ah silly me... Of course! That makes sense!

Well.. Still a bloody brilliant song! Well done, Vig

Super Metal Mario
on 2005-05-05 21:16:52

It's Fortunes theme how could you miss it!!!

on 2005-05-05 20:23:56

I do not remember this song from the game, probally the credits theme but nonetheless, Vigilante did perfect capturing a beautiful feel! The song is so calm and relaxed I just love it!

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Primary Game:
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Konami , 2001, PS2)
Music by Harry Gregson-Williams,Norihiko Hibino,Rika Muranaka,Tappy Iwase

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