ReMix:Extreme-G "G-Storm" 5:36

By bLiNd

Arranging the music of one song...

"Desert 1 ~ Mine 3"

Primary Game: Extreme-G (Acclaim , 1997, N64), music by Simon Robertson

Posted 2004-03-11, evaluated by the judges panel

bLiNd sends us a preview trance track from an upcoming Project Majestic Mix trance-specific album. Though not the final version that will be on the album, this is quite good in its own right, and features the typically adept, measured, and polished approach Jordan takes with his trance ReMixes. Our first arrangement from Extreme-G, this is certainly a sonic improvement over the original, and a good elaboration arrangement-wise. General observation: with some exceptions, most N64 soundtracks sounded worse in terms of sample quality than the average SNES soundtrack, to my ears. Don't really know what happened there... At any rate, bLiNd intros with a Front 242 style mechanical synth pattern (the rhythm is specifically similar to a good portion of their stuff) and builds it from there, with reverb-drenched layered synth, a steady downbeat and running hats, and a solid bass. I especially liked the modulation of note length in the break around 1'20" - notice how they start off long and get shorter. Not every effect needs to be DSP, some can be simply MIDI-based - length quantization, double-hits, and note-based gating are but several examples. This might not be Jordan's most innovative piece, but it's not auto-pilot or cookie-cutter trance either, and has a good mixup of filtering and percussive variation. Those judges that did take some issue with the piece seemed to focus on some balance issues, particularly with the drums. I can hear what they're saying, but at the same time it's pretty trivial for me and doesn't hurt the overall piece to a significant extent. This is extended, explorative trance that's infectious and long without becoming mundane or self-indulgent. If you already know you like trance game arrangements, both this track and the eventual PMM trance album are probably no-brainers; if not, it's not necessarily the track to make a convert of you, but it's still slick and very accessible. Good stuff.



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on 2013-03-12 00:27:32

Excellent race music! :D Gets you pumped ^_^

From ~2:40-3:00 feels like going under a tunnel, and 4:45-5:20 gives the song plenty kick too. Just awesome. :)

on 2011-06-12 03:46:36

Really could have benefited from a building intro. I know that the original version of this mix had a more substantial intro, and I also realise that there is a stylistic advantage to just rocketing straight into the hard stuff (ala a high-speed jet-bike race), but ultimately my brain gets overwhelmed in the early confusion.

Once I get recover from my discombobulated stupor however.... there's some broad, inoffensive trance here that does everything you'd expect and not a thing more. It sounds great, and I don't think it overstays its welcome at all. it's trance. It does what trance does. And does it very adequately.

This is quite a straightfoward piece from Blind; very technically focused and I'm guessing a lot more suited to people that know and understand the ins-and-outs of electronic musical production. For me though, its lack of hooks make this just a slick, harder-than-average trance mix. Still, kudos for the skill involved (and representing the N64).

on 2010-05-05 12:18:05

The source was pretty boring to me, but the arrangement here makes it very listenable. Great use of effects and builds, and overall it's all exciting and adrenaline-charged stuff.

on 2009-07-06 00:34:01 made my day with this. Just decided to check your profile and look what I found.

I'll have to get my hands on that game as I have the rest of the series...with XGRA for Cube and PS2 :P

on 2006-04-24 12:12:07

My first love for techno songs started when I rented Extreme G for my N64 years and years ago. I thought the race theme couldnt get any better. Thanks for proving me wrong!

on 2005-07-21 23:07:29

Best bLiNd mix on this site.Period. Almost the best trance mix on this site.

I could very easily see this in a club in Atlanta somewhere.Very professional sounding.In fact, it is better than a lot of stuff on pro CDs now.

on 2005-02-27 19:36:08

This song is almost the musical representation of perfection. The articulation, the varying melodies, and the strong trance beat behind it all. I might be sucking up a little bit, but this song is amazing. Nice job bLiNd! And your other stuff is great as well!

The H(8) of '06
on 2005-02-03 02:57:02

This was my first song I downloaded from the site. I stumbled onto OCR via some video game flash sites and it contained the OCR web address. I have been a loyal fan of the music on this site and i continue to spread to word to all my friends that listen to this kind of music.

Anyway, musically, I have been a HUGE-loyal fan of Extreme-G. The tracks on all three games just keeps your heart pumping through-out all the different tracks. When I found this particular remix, My jaw dropped and I had to unglue my ears from the speakers because the remix had been so masterfully crafted to the original music number from the game. Reading the posts regarding the complaints of too much volume of the drum tracks, to be honest - thats the way it was in the game also. I know when playing the game, the drum tracks were what mainly caught my ear, and on occasion I would pick up the melody in the track. I think bLiNd did a great job keeping to the originality of the Extreme-G OST. I sincerely hope more people will pick up remixing some more music from all three Extreme-G games because there are some great techno beats contained. 8)

on 2004-12-25 04:57:09

solid hard trance track.

Its been so long since I listened to any trance, and this one got me tappin my feet and bouncing my head like the good old days. If I didn't have people buzzing around the house right now, I'd have on my moon boots and glow sticks and dancing up a storm.

on 2004-09-24 22:29:36

The X-treme G N64 game was freakin awesome. I danced to the beats of the game itself. This remix is a very good remix of it, and I would personally like to congradulate the one who made this great song.

Hy Bound
on 2004-07-24 01:10:54

Frickin' A. Anyone who doesn't like this song should be beaten to death with their own limp, pussy ears. bLiNd, you are the best trance DJ I know, man. I can't wait until your CD comes out- I'll be the first one to buy it. :D

on 2004-06-03 02:32:48

Awesome! Your quite welcome. If you dig it, then look out this summer for the project majestic mix trance album, there is an extended version of this track on there...MUCH better. And yes, there has been an extreme-g soundtrack from acclaim and probe. It has 2 discs, one official ost, and one with remixes. You can probably find it if you search around on on dc++. Thanks for the commments! :)

duck king
on 2004-05-31 17:03:37

I have wanted an Extreme-G remix for so long, being a fan of the supersonic racing game and trance and all. To my surprise, as I was visiting OCR a few weeks ago from a somewhat extended absence, lo' and behold, an Extreme-G mix! And it came out on my birthday, too! And it's awesome! Thank you for the hard trance birthday present, bLiNd. Keep up the good work; you have yet to submit a mix I didn't totally dig. You do trance like trance should be done.

Still, quite good, and it really sounds as though a big name producer took an old Extreme-G tune and resurrected it for the newer games (check out stuff in XGIII for examples).


Now if only Konami would release the soundtrack to Extreme-G, I could die a happy man... (or have they already and I'm just in the dark?)

on 2004-04-16 16:03:51

Well, as a fan of blind's work since temple trance came out, I must say that this song goes one step up in production and quality for his music.

There are a few flaws, like those hats that get too high on the freq range, but this is indeed a very carefully written and programmed track. I have heard most of blind's original works and not much of it compares to this. However, I felt like it lacked a bit more of that good old blind's groundbreaking style (meteorave, i.e.). The sounds are pretty generic here (though they're phat indeed), and we have blind's classic 303 synth modulation.

I must say that I like blind's music a bit more when he goes into some unexplored terrains, but I can't say that I didn't enjoyed(and still enjoy) this track. Keep up the good work dude, as a Trance music fan(and mixer) we have the task to show the people that trance is a great genre when its done with profesionalism.

The Xyco
on 2004-04-15 12:36:03

This song makes me want to zoom around the city in my car at night. I love it. Ever since I downloaded this a few days ago, it's all I can listen too. Definately my favorite trance on the site. It captures everything Extreme G was and everything it will ever become.

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Primary Game:
Extreme-G (Acclaim , 1997, N64)
Music by Simon Robertson
"Desert 1 ~ Mine 3"

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