ReMix:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Strip Mine" 3:03

By Beatdrop

Arranging the music of one song...

"Mystic Cave Zone"

Primary Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega , 1992, GEN), music by Masato Nakamura

Posted 2004-07-13, evaluated by the judges panel

Beatdrop has the unique honor of being perhaps the most intuitively-named ReMixer on the site. True to form, in every mix of his that comes to mind, the beat does indeed drop, hence the conjoined noun-verb moniker seems appropriate and one of those rare examples of truth in advertising. This Sonic 2 mix is Dain's trademark unsubtle, hard-edged techno, with plenty of sharp corners on the smorgasbord of synths offered up to cut, slit, or otherwise maim yourself on. At just over three minutes, this is shorter work for BD, but it's got a lot of verve with its somewhat carnivalesque melody and jumpin' downbeat. Mr. Olsen (no relation to those scandalous twins) explains his motives:

"I wanted to accomplish a number of things with this remix. First of all, I wanted it to sound massive, so I created multiple layers of drums. Secondly, I really wanted to include a bit of the sound of classic industrial music, thus the saws and drills used as instruments. And lastly, I wanted it to sound dank and gritty, thus the title: it has a sleazy sound that you might hear in a strip club, yet it also has a mechanical sound, reminescent of a mine being carved into the side of a mountain. Took some inspiration from Benny Benassi with one of the synths, too. It's a dirty bass synth with heavy reverb on it, which is masked with overcompression to give it a breathing sound. "

Good stuff, as the panel concisely noted, with a stronger emphasis in the sonic realm than in the composition/arrangement arena, but with enough mojo there to sufficiently amplify the aural textures in a workable symbiotic relationship. Whether you personally strip to it, you play it while watching someone else strip, or no stripping at all is involved whatsoever, it's solid, high-energy mixage.



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on 2015-12-28 00:22:06

- I like how this extracts and plays with the source's bass melody first (0:24) - it's a clever and natural way to warm up, set the tone, and glean some extra mileage out of the song.

- When Mystic Cave's higher-key melody enters (0:56), its staccato adaptation creates a tug-of-war between the notes played, like they're saying "This! No, this! No, this! (etc.)" Fun little bit.

- While most of the activity-heavy sections add to the strip club vibe going on, the "haunted carnival" parts sound like... well, a haunted carnival still, not a strip club. Not that that's a bad thing - though they stand apart in imagery/tone, they're seamlessly linked with the "rough and tumble" ride that is the rest of the mix. So when I'm not visualizing gyrating hips and pulled G-strings, I'm still grooving with the snappy synthwork and dirty drumwork.

on 2012-10-07 03:00:42

The technology for making ReMixes evolved relatively fast. While not without their merits, Deep Damp Sandcastle and Strip Mine are perfect examples of those rare types of ReMixes from more than 1,000 catalogue numbers ago that haven't stood the test of time. As always, that's the exception, not the norm with ReMixes between 2003 and 2005. The consistency of O-Clocked's music hiked in 2006, a year and a half after this track was posted.

on 2010-12-15 12:56:18

The over-the-top production on this one I think serves it well. Like Las Vegas itself, sometimes you just have to go so far that it goes beyond tacky/contrived and becomes brilliant.

The high-frequencies in this I think trigger some sort of fight-or-flight type response in me that results in increased heart rate and adrenaline, and make me more alert and prone to dancing. Probably why Emunator likes to kick ass on Smash Bros to this tune as well. As such, I think this polarises the listeners into 2 groups, those who want to fight/dance to it, and those who would rather run away and never listen again.

on 2010-05-28 11:47:34

I actually enjoyed this piece. I used to play this song while I was in the mines, it really fit well and it's an awesome take on the original source.

on 2010-03-29 17:33:06

cool arrangement, but ouch, that production is stabby. :-(

I dig the track, but can't listen to it a second time.

on 2009-12-14 13:02:57

Wow... That intro really stings the ears there..

It feels like it was composed of different tones of white noise to me. .


All in all this is waaaaaaayyy too grating on my ears for me to like.

Still, the arrangement of the source is very nice, distinctive, and unique, but this just isn't the mix for me.

on 2009-12-14 02:39:19

Ouch, that synth at the very start is pretty piercing, it's over super fast though. Niiiiice beatwork and effects to start things off. Sounds like typical heavily distorted Beatdrop soundscape here. The melodic section at :58 actually felt a bit weaker than the surrounding passages (and also a bit like an FF7, passage interestingly enough). There's a lot of detail in all of the effects and parts here. Very cool new section at 1:30 - nicely contrasting everything around it. Great track here, worth hearing... several times.

on 2009-10-12 20:51:40

This has to be my favorite Beatdrop mix. I used to pipe this song over the TV whenever I'd play Super Smash Bros. Melee because the intense beats would really put me in the mood to kick some serious ass!

You really tore it up here, Beatdrop... fantastic stuff!

on 2009-10-10 02:22:22

Gloriously busy and pinging with sonic energy. You really have to admire the intricacy of Beatdrop's sound. It fleshes out the rythmic and percussive elements of the source tenfold and superheats it until it's whitehot. Debatably, this is everything that Sonic music always should have been.

It may not be the friendliest mix, what with the squinking synths, multiple layers of percussion and a source tune I've always found quite unlikable, but there is a tonnage of enjoyment tightly packed in here if your ears are calloused and ready. Recommended for people who don't require their mixes clean and soft-spoken. This is how to make a lame tune awesome and then some.

on 2009-10-09 05:43:03

Oh god this is cool. The bomb noise is just priceless.

Desert Guru
on 2009-10-09 02:58:55

The metronome clicking reminds me of Panel De Pon. Love this mix so much.

on 2009-09-20 01:14:53

This is a crazy song. I just love the sounds and the textures.

Very well done.

on 2009-07-21 20:27:24

Lol. this was the song that got me hooked on oc remix. to me, having never been to a strip club, this reminded me of a carnival at 0:24, where the main melody kicks in. I 3 this song.

on 2007-01-29 19:47:25

*drools* very scrumptious song...

on 2006-12-01 06:58:53

This is by far my favorite OCR song. I heard it on my iPod the other day during a library shuffle and I was suprised by how good the song was...

There's a lot of stuff going on in this song and it all works perfectly. It sounds great played really loud and the instruments/samples chosen for this remix perfectly fit the setting.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega , 1992, GEN)
Music by Masato Nakamura
"Mystic Cave Zone"

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