Posted 2004-07-16, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer Fray initially submitted this mix in a slightly different form - we were all impressed by about 90% of it, save for a blues piano section that some of us, myself included, felt was egregiously misplaced and sullied an otherwise pristine and well-juxtaposed arrangement. Fortunately, with some input from Protricity, the ReMixer has made some modifications that both he and the panel feel were for the betterment of the mix at large, and I'm happy to post the final product, a kickin' Morrowind mix. Things start as relatively normally techno with a fairly standard drum groove, but the synth solo that comes in has some nice inflections, and there's some funky drum solos that follow, showing good percussive variety early on. The problematic piano solo has been turned into more of a Billy Joel-style, two-fisted melodic bit, and fits right into place, thus making the highlight section at 2'14" with some tres groovy arpeggios and a sweeping, Celtic vibe all the more impressive. This is followed by a solo piano/strings melodic break that puts a warranted spotlight on the progression, which is quite lovely. Another synth lead comes in afterwards that's pretty elaborate, transitioning into a string break that essentially evolves into an extended ending. At over six minutes, this is quite an extensive arrangement to debut with, and I'm happy to report that all six minutes are vacuum-packed for freshness and chock full o' mix. Nice to see an elaborate, well-produced and arranged first mix that also involved a beneficial implementation of feedback. I'll exit on Wingless' quite "topical" evaluation:

"From seventh sign of eleventh generation,
Neither Hound nor Guar, nor Seed nor Harrow,
But Dragon-born and far-star-marked,
Outlander Incarnate beneath Red Mountain,
Blessed Guest counters seven curses,
Star-blessed hand wields thrice-cursed blade,
To reap the harvest of the unmourned house.
And wingless gives this mix a YES"

Pretty much :) Kudos to Fray.



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on 2012-07-28 17:34:00

This is one of my all time favorite mixes. I love how Fray takes a repetitive but great tune and makes it something I play over and over again. I never got far in Morrowind but the theme was great and this mix reminds me of times climbing over virtual hills and promising to free the slaves. I love the synth at the end, it's one my favorite moments in OCR history, it's fun and beautiful, and simply makes me happy. Everyone should give this tune a listen!

on 2010-08-25 03:04:22

Right off the bat, those heavenly strings speak to my sorrow, my longing, my pain, and every other tender feeling that could use comfort. It's one of the most profoundly emotional hooks I've ever heard in a song, quite honestly. Once that's established, the mix's upbeat action, vast choice of leads, and source evolution stages illustrate those feelings in a tale with many ups and downs. My ears and my soul are guided gently but firmly as the mix explores my inner turmoil and helps me sort it all out. Even the ending does not disappoint - pads and choir bring me in for a landing that says, "all is well. Now you take it from here."

The mix's title could not be more fitting.

on 2010-05-28 12:50:18

I'm unfamiliar with Morrowind, so the song itself doesn't really jump out at me. I like it as a one-time listen, but I probably won't be looping it much.

on 2010-04-03 03:48:39

i loved the use of orchestral synth in this piece, and the piano. it had a very techno-celt feel to it. never thought to hear something like this from Morrowind, and it was a very nice surprise. just out of curiosity, did this make anyone else think of the .hack// series?

on 2009-09-26 01:00:46

I've loved this mix since I found it years ago. The problem with Morrowind (among other things) was that this song was a great, inspirational song, but it was the only song. But this mix I can listen to forever. When the end comes along and the synth takes away with its outro, I love it every time. Makes me want to play the game (but not for too long).

Awesome mix, thanks for posting it.

on 2009-09-25 15:48:35

The drums strike me as really weak, and some of the samples are a bit dated, but the rest of the track is executed with such conviction that i'm completely blown away.

The original source in itself is a classic, you've taken the Celtic style chorale idea and really run with, fusing some excellent original sections that really fit the theme. The solos were excellent, and very tasteful.

A total gem. Check this one out, guys. :-)

on 2008-05-10 17:39:12

Wow, I've been on this site for years and I can't believe I missed this gem. This is so masterful and so enjoyable to listen to. Props to you, Fray, on a beautiful piece that I cannot stop listening to. Hope to hear more from you.

on 2006-11-28 01:43:45

Simply amazing, a tribute to one of my favorite games.

on 2006-11-26 12:04:06

I have a couple issues:

1) I really don't like some of the flatu-synths. They don't really sound clean to me, and if normal *cleaner* so to speak were used I think the song would have sounded better.

2) The drums to me are sub par. Both in quality and sound. They just don't cut it for me.

THAT being said, I still LOVE THIS SONG!

The intro chord progression is sick, the synths solos are AWESOME and I love the piano work. This is a great mix. Also, GREAT arpeggios!


Jimstander Drago
on 2006-01-05 19:14:22

This remix is more delicious then double cherry pie and disco lemonade put together. My 10/6 hat is off to you Fray.

on 2005-05-20 12:34:38

Very quality piece here. As people have said, it may not impress at first but really grows on you after several listens. The final minute or so is great, very emotional and a great tie up for the piece as a whole.

on 2005-05-16 22:15:19

For the first thirty seconds of this song, I thought it was going to turn out to be a very crappy techno remix that had no direction on purpose - just a bunch of different synth sounds labeled as a remix. Damn, was I wrong! 8O This remix has quickly become a favorite of mine...its epic, but its also groovy. Its one of those tunes that I can listen to over and over and never get tired of.

Nice work Fray, you gets a 9/10 in my book for this one.

on 2005-05-16 12:26:45

For what it's worth I do like the blues/jazzy piano better - it doesn't "fit" with the rest of it perhaps but it flows just fine and sounds better.

Good job on the Remix as a whole, only thing I don't like are those gastrointestinal like noises but then I always hate those.

on 2004-10-24 17:14:32

This song has really grown on me. I was lukewarm about it on first listen, but now I go back to this song often for the epic build. The synth work is very nice and overall the vibe is strong. Hope to hear more from you soon Fray.

on 2004-10-16 23:56:01

Out of the four "Final Stage" remixes of Morriwind, this is the GREATEST! 8O absolutly MINDBLOWING! if you are reading this, deciding to dowload this mix, stop right now, and dowload it cause, hey, you can delete it if you want to, and like I said, THIS IS AN AWESOME MIX OF AN AWESOME GAME :D .... and if anyone would find it in thier hearts to transcribe this to piano sheet music, I'd be forever in thier debt... please? :?

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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Bethesda Softworks , 2002, XBOX)
Music by Jeremy Soule
"Nerevar Rising (Morrowind Title)"

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