ReMix:Laser Squad "Mission Recalled" 5:59

By Mark Vera

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Laser Squad (MicroIllusions , 1988, AMIGA), music by Matt Furniss

Posted 2004-07-18, evaluated by the judges panel

What's this? Non-SC material from Mark Vera? Mr. Jouni treads outside the realm of Star Control for the first time since his first submission of Wizardry way back in 2002 in this arrangement of the Amiga game Laser Squad, which was actually released for the C64 and several other platforms as well by Target Games. If you've never heard of it, you may not be alone, but chances are you've heard of X-COM, which the same developers went on to create - pretty cool. They're now working as independent game developers and have released a modern-day update to this game at - learn something new every day, eh? At any rate, MV (not to be confused with "mv" or "McV") has created another quality track, this time going for more of euro-electro-pop feel, complete with an odd little Germanesque vocal percussive bit, orchestra hits, and plenty of brass swells and computer fx to go along with the oscillator-sync'd lead. The ReMixer explains:

"This remix is bridge between Spacesynth and Electro-breakbeat styles, some trancy elements too I'd say. Made in two evenings. The vocal sample in the intro is "naturally" me. Original song by Matt Furniss and he gave me his blessing on this remix :) The electronic rain sound in the intro has been sampled from my friend's Korg M1, bassline from his Juno-106, some samples are from the original module song (with some pre-processing for higher sample quality), drums are samples sequenced in Orion (no loops), otherwise sounds from softsynths. They say intro is little bit long, but it is still shorter than in the original (and personally I like it this way). Some counterpoint melodies added."

I like knowing little details like the origin of the speech at the beginning and ending, and it's certainly cool that Jouni gets to speak with and collaborate with the creators of games like Star Control 2 and now Laser Squad. This doesn't feel as "serious" as some of his other work and has sort of a lighthearted, consciously retro kitsche to it, but it's good listenin' nonetheless. Judge analoq had the most to say:

"the interpretation here isn't very exotic, he's changed the instrumentation around and has added new stuff.. but a lot of new stuff. that juno bass sounds very good. i was never a fan of the junos sound but jouni apparently got it to work well. it's a little longer than it should be, but i'd say it's passable. "

Not Mark Vera's most dramatic ReMix, but of a similar calibre, and covering a previoulsy unmixed game while also deviating from his staple diet of Star Control; good stuff.



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on 2018-02-06 09:32:07

Yeah, the brass/orchestral elements surely sound quite cheesy and that vocal-ish lead may throw some people off, but I honestly think they work pretty fine with the rest of instrumentation, so I'm definitely getting some cool old-school synthwave vibes from this one :) Really love the slightly melancholic yet heroic and even sci-fi atmosphere of this track!

on 2009-12-05 20:36:19

There are quite a few interesting textures in this mix, and the overall melody is pretty cool. I'm not too crazy about the 'vocals' throughout the mix. They're more of a distraction than anything. The string attacks seem slow, so it takes some time between the beat and when their sound comes in.

The textures and sounds used throughout, along with a fun bassline really help bring this back on track. Worth a listen in my opinion, but up to you whether or not it's one to keep.

on 2008-11-10 22:39:58

Lower orchestral hits sounds too slow and some spaceship effects are slightly louder than the rest, but it is surely top notch stuff from Mark Vera.

on 2008-09-28 06:21:00


At 1.05, I went into "must-download" mode.

on 2007-02-23 14:00:42

This is my favorite track of all ocremixes. I'm all into the whole euro 90's mix and this one does it for me. This song really gets me going in the morning and even more at the gym. I'm not much of a song critic, but whenever the song starts up I'm bouncin off the walls :D

on 2007-01-15 14:50:42

Lot of interesting textures and melodies throughout, this mix is very good despite a few significant flaws. First, it is overly treble heavy, giving it an ultra-compressed sound. Also, there is a synth in there that is Ba-ba-ba-bad. You'll know it when you hear it. Pretty annoying, but there is enough going on otherwise to take attention away from it. The ethereal synths and electro sounds are really strong, and there is a pretty nice synth brass as well.

A little heavy on the cheese, but worth a download for sure.

on 2005-09-27 06:56:31

I just can't help listening to this over and over again. It's up there with the Turrican 2 and Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2 remixes (also found on this site).

There aren't enough classic Amiga tunes on here.

on 2005-03-11 08:02:47

I love the fact that chorus has synth, bells and brass playing off one another..

whereas the verse is öh öh-öh-öh öh öh-öh--öh!

Sounds great and grabs the ear!

(Jouni, oisko tarvetta saada huippu skeba-raitoja? Voisin mahdollisesti auttaa)


on 2004-08-26 11:33:37

Synths are classic Amiga style. You can definately hear the mod feel in it. I liked it a lot! I'm trying to vision what this would sound like on an XM arrangement for a more gamey feel :) 8.5/10

on 2004-08-17 15:06:28

Awwwww! Great stuff! I listen to it in my car, full volume, Mega Bass and the windows down! Reminds me of early 90's euro-pop styles... or Chris Hülsbeck's works... actually Chris Hülsbeck's works DO sound like early 90's euro-pop... lol... whateva

on 2004-08-14 18:15:18

Great mix by Vera! Love the whole euro-disco sound to it all. Just rolls along and keeps your head boppin. All the sounds mingle with each other perfectly, especially the bassline that holds it all together.. Another great track, keep it up!

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2004-07-20 22:54:59

This cool remix brings us back to the time of Amiga synth music in the early 90's ..very well, it's a great effort this one with vocal samples an all :)!!

on 2004-07-19 20:46:47

intro is very very well done. i like how things are randomly added but they fit into the melody. even though it gets a bit cluttered at times, it still works well.

near the end i was kinda wishing something original and out of the already maintained melody/beat to come in.

it stretched it pretty far imo.

overall the mix is great and its a good listen.

Red Shadow
on 2004-07-19 03:11:55

as with Mark Vera's other mixes, this track is well done and enjoyable. i'm liking it, and would certainly give it my approval if my opinion mattered :D. already caught myself repeating it a few times. great mix!

on 2004-07-18 22:26:31

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Laser Squad (MicroIllusions , 1988, AMIGA)
Music by Matt Furniss

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