ReMix:Kirby's Dream Land "Chopinesque Kirby" 2:19

By Bladiator

Arranging the music of one song...

"Green Greens"

Primary Game: Kirby's Dream Land (Nintendo , 1992, GB), music by Jun Ishikawa

Posted 2004-10-22, evaluated by the judges panel

Well... that was interesting. On issues of fatherhood, it appears that, at least this year, the Red Sox turned out to be the Yankees' daddy, not vice versa, and not even amusing attempts by A. Rod to hit balls out of pitchers' hands could stop it. Three 7 and 7's later, I had forgotten it ever happened. Without going into much more detail, I can only say that I hope New England's success stays around through early November. Newcomer Bladiator, whose nick sounds disturbingly close to a combination of "gladiator" and "bladder", gives us this very dramatic solo piano arrangement from Kirby's Dreamland, which the clue department informs me is styled after Chopin. As a tangent, if you ever want to make a classical music afficionado wince and write you off as an ignoramus, pronounce it "Choppin" as in "choppin' some wood". Works every time. The ReMixer writes (confesses?):

"This is a piano solo remix I put together, solely because I had recently heard "The Trial in Concert" and was determined to do a piano remix in one take. Well, if I could have held my attention span long enough to write it AND practice it, that would have happened. Unfortunately, I have no attetion span, so I improvise these things out and then have to be done with them in a hurry."

Binnie got to the heart of it but also very directly pointed out the biggest problem with this short but excellent mix:

"Ah, this is what I mean by expressive piano. Simply great; a very nicely developed interpretation of the Kirby theme. Do a better job of recording your set-up next time. Very enjoyable. "

Having heard some of the mixer's other works, I'm definitely impressed from an arrangement perspective. Here, the recording is live, so sample quality isn't an issue, just recording quality, which is hard right with some substantial hiss stage left. It's bold enough playing, very controlled and exact but at the same time possessing mucho flair, to not let this be prohibitive, and Ari points out that there's a Gershwin feel to it as well, which I'd agree with. Great stuff, brief but impressive without being technically indulgent; hope to see more.



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on 2010-12-05 01:23:42

Short and lighthearted take on Green Greens. Hard not to enjoy this for what it is :smile:

on 2010-10-11 04:51:36


I feel such immense nostalgia when hearing this theme, and your rendition is beautiful!

on 2010-07-08 18:33:18

Definitely A++ material!

on 2010-01-12 15:35:29

Very nice playing, classy and confident, but very stylized and cool.

The hiss is a little distracting, but other than that, this is a super solid debut piece. Awesome work, Karl! :-)

on 2009-12-02 13:48:48


One can seriously loose themselves in this mix. This reminds me of Reese's Peanut Butter cups. You got your Kirby in my Chopin, you got your Chopin in my Kirby. It retains all the bubbliness of Kirby but with an extra layer of that fancifulness of classical music. I like this piece because it seems to just go places; the dynamics make this incredibly fun to listen to. One can just feel the emotion and fun went into this performance.

on 2007-01-24 07:54:51

Dude. Whoever did this is a %($ genius.

GREAT work.

on 2007-01-07 17:29:38

Check out my website (albeit old):

It has all my sheet music.

on 2006-07-17 06:50:47

Anyone still have the sheet music of this awsome remix ?

The last link doesn't work anymore :(

Edit: many many thanks !!!!

on 2005-06-23 15:16:18

Well yeah, this post may have been inactive for 6 months but I'm still game on seeing something like this. Blad's piano waltzes are very amusing and thoughtful towards me, and this mix is no different. In terms of composition I actually prefer this to some of his other tracks, mainly through to a more flowing performance and a more realistic sound as established here. Very good stuff.

For a full breakdown, I have my thoughts right here.



From the word go you should be able to sense some instant familiarities with the source material, and it's here that the moods have changed a lot from the initial music’s frantic atmosphere. I found the execution to be well established and thought out for a live piano arrangement, which has been shown by a very flowing performance that has made its due course here. Variance from the theme is also shown with a strong variety of rhythmic incarnations as well as alterations on the note progressions themselves, so that has shown his idea of creativity from the original. Even much of the structure was well thought out for a short piano waltz, and there's definitely enough character to make the melodic structures work out. I felt a bit disappointed that it came to a close so soon, but I was satisfied with the ending sequence though. But it's here that the pros have easily outweighed the cons on that aspect and thus it can be shown to be a powerful track that stands out from the game’s score in a very characteristic way.


Much of the creative and original melodies that came through ended up showing their own with their own varied moods and atmospheres to easily make the overall energetic pacing of the mix work well enough to aid towards the full textures. I can say that the sections generally link well together, but if there's something here that I think has dampened it, it had to be the sudden transition into minor at 1:27; outside from that the characteristic performance has been able to do well to make it stand out. There's a lot of fresh pacing as shown throughout, which has been showcased with plenty of dynamic expressions that have circulated throughout. It can be argued that the opening felt a bit too thin for some, but it has still been able to transfer the flow of the piece very fluently. One thing that I think this mix has benefited from more than anything is a total lack of repetition; in terms of rhythmic gestures, no two segments of the track sound the same, so that's very great to be able to realize. Being a sucker for piano arrangements I really enjoyed this; some of the later production aspects may tear the entertainment factor but it's still got a lot of heart to ensure its place here.


The choice of the live piano itself is shown to be very thoughtful and well established, so I commend Blad on using that sound to make the mix flow smoothly. The ambience that was applied in the recording space has worked very well in my honest opinion, but what I think seemed to be missing was full texturing, so a light rise in low-end EQs won't hurt too much here. Mind you, there's something about the recording that's shown as a questionable concern upon most people and that's the light hiss on the left hand side of the stereo field. I would have loved to hear that get eradicated somewhat. Nonetheless, the leveling and sound input was very clean and sophisticated, and that has done well to fit the occasion. The panning ambience has also adapted fine enough for me, although one thing that I could suggest here is a lightly wider spread to make the piano sound come off as a fuller timbre. Thus, for a mix like this I found the technical aspects to be moderately disappointing but it still has broadened out from the settings that we have come to expect from Blad's library of mixes.


I have to side with the judges on this one; the production wasn't too great, and I found that to be a blemish on the otherwise excellent arrangement and performance. But I have to say that the arrangement has easily expanded well from the source and has helped to show a very powerful and dynamic approach as shown to the target audience. Thus the pros easily outweigh the cons although only just in my honest opinion.

Even with that in mind, I hope Blad will come forth with some further goodness in the future especially with his performance skills. He is one crazy piano bastard and we know it :D

Less Ashamed Of Self
on 2004-12-09 02:44:53

Thought I'd post this here too in case it wasn't clear enough for the masses everywhere else you posted it blad:

The Sheet Music

on 2004-11-07 22:41:21
And the recording wasn't that bad, come on. Just don't play it so loud if you're starting ta hear hiss o_O

Argh. You people don't have ears!

Wait, that doesn't make any sense.

on 2004-11-07 20:18:05

I find that the Kirby theme for that remix is rather catchy. I Like it so much that I'm trying to play it at a recital! You REALLY did a great job on the song. I hope to see more remixes soon! ^_^


on 2004-11-06 21:13:43


I miss you so much! I miss your piano I miss it I miss it...;_;


Okay. On a serious note, Bladiator knows how much I envy his piano and his love and his excellent work. I was quite surprised at really how "chopinesque" this piece really was, to be honest. Then again, it is Bladiator. Fantastic work, I can't really say more apart from Bladiator when you gonna perform one of my pieces for me?!?!

And also, download this. Seriously. You owe it to your children.

And the recording wasn't that bad, come on. Just don't play it so loud if you're starting ta hear hiss o_O

on 2004-11-04 18:35:46

Sweet god, this is great! I love the beginning. Soooo pretty sounding. Great dynamics overall too.

Edit: I'd like to add that I can't stop listening to this remix now and that the 16th note clusters make me crap my pants with joy (especially at 1:36 for some reason). Thank you.

Wallace Guyford
on 2004-11-03 23:20:42

Great work. Great song to make a piano mix of and a great job of doing it. I especially love the little parts at like :22 and :37, nice touches. It is kind of short, but I see that as no reason to fault it. It's great all the way through. I'd love to see other Kirby songs recieve similar treatment, imo they are unlike any other game music.

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Primary Game:
Kirby's Dream Land (Nintendo , 1992, GB)
Music by Jun Ishikawa
"Green Greens"

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