ReMix:X-Out "LiquidX" 4:14

By Binster

Arranging the music of one song...

"Level 3-2 Monster"

Primary Game: X-Out (Rainbow Arts , 1989, C64), music by Michael Hendriks

Posted 2004-11-05, evaluated by the judges panel

Binster, who gave us a really slick debut ICO mix, writes:

"I hope you like it. It is of subtune 7 from the C64 version of X-Out. Subtune 7 is a short synth loop, of about four bars of fluttering synth, which you can hear throughout this track. It was done in Reason2.5 over the course of, ooh, about a year and a bit, I guess. It's taken ages, but I've finally put it to bed. The "LiquidX, I kill your donkey" sample was kindly provided by richBRF."

So, odds are, you're not familiar with the original game. Neither were the judges, in particular, but don't let that stop you. If you checked out his initial mix, you'll know thay Binster's brand of direct but polished electronica is pretty well-fashioned and digestable stuff. Here you've got some classic SID and retro synth and percussion effects mixed in with analogue filtered synths, a sturdy kick/kick+snare driven drum beat, deep synth bass, and myriad layered pads and percussive synth fx. Judge Oji writes:

"Kinda low-fi near the end (definitely wanted more distinct sound seperation throughout the track, especially from 3:17-3:46 going towards the finish), but like I said the groove is good, the sounds works well together, and the ideas develop well throughout. Been waiting for this one to come along since I got accepted for the panel; very cool work per the usual, Martin"

Not a mind-blowingly original track, but does techno right and puts in nice extra touches like the vocal samples the ReMixer mentions, integrated SID-type trill synth, and a mean bass slide towards the end along with some nice lo-fi processing/bitcrushing fx. Good stuff; even more esoteric than ICO, which some people might not have been familiar with, but DON'T let that stop you.



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on 2009-09-24 23:19:59

I just about creamed myself when I heard this song. I LOVE Binster. I just want to make it known that I do. Why hasn't he been talked about A LOT? Like, he should be FAMOUS for his production quality. Come on people! Step up your game!

on 2009-03-17 10:55:57

I owe this remix a comment since I listen to it all the time and I love it.

Makes for a great driving track.

on 2008-01-15 17:31:46

I love when obscure game tracks are done with a high level of quality; it's generally the best way to get people to take notice, and this mix is clearly in that group; Cool synths and a killer groove, with nice punchy drums, it gives you a little breather before building back into a ass-shaker. Excellently deep bass on this one, it's a very well chosen sound, that's pushed to the forefront for maximum effect. Some cool bit crushing closes out the track, very creative idea for taking the percussion out of the equation.

A lot more groove-oriented than I am used to, this track works pretty well; the synths are well balanced, and though the melody is in the passenger seat for the whole ride, it is still a pretty exciting journey.

on 2007-10-05 15:26:40

This is why Binster is great. Obscure source material to bring something new into the spotlight, plus the arrangement's full of energy and excellent dynamics.

Actually, considering Martin's work after this, maybe it's just me, but I can't say I've ever heard him create anything else like this mix. Most of Martin's stuff involves pretty heavy beats, while this one was more melodic and grooooooooooooooove-oriented. Always looking forward to whatever arrangements he releases.

Zenth Relin
on 2005-02-10 18:35:46

Yeah, Binster should stay the course. I was bored during lunch, so I fired up my Zen and got the ICO mix, and thought, "I must have added it for some reason" and got blown away all over again. ;)

Came across this today, trying to fill up the gap from Remix 1250 to pressent after finishing the Torrents and organizing some other music, and I am impressed again.

Binster's got some good work, so stick with what you feel. I've tended to skip FF mixes moreso recently anyway. :P

on 2005-01-06 02:54:48
Well, it seems that this mix dropped right off the radar. Not a single review since the day of release... I've got to start remixing more popular games. (Or, more accurately, Final Fantasy I to XII...) ;)

Thanks for all the comments, peeps. In future releases, I may turn the hihats down. But I can't guarentee that.


No way! You should continue doing more obscure songs because this kicks ass. Great stuff, I always like hearing new stuff rather than things I've heard many times.

on 2004-12-09 18:35:41

Well, it seems that this mix dropped right off the radar. Not a single review since the day of release... I've got to start remixing more popular games. (Or, more accurately, Final Fantasy I to XII...) ;)

Thanks for all the comments, peeps. In future releases, I may turn the hihats down. But I can't guarentee that.


on 2004-11-05 18:44:48

Binster made another mix? My god...

Wow the intro made me do the robot and seriously freak out my parents. I love how he uses the game noises in the song for those little tibits. I bow my top hat to your sir, excelent mix

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2004-11-05 16:52:57

Finally !! an X-out remix is put on OCR (it was one of my absolute favorite amiga shmups)

Though i agree that the drums are loud ,the overall integrity of melody is still very intact ,and the C64/Amiga feel is real enough :D

Good Work Binster !

on 2004-11-05 11:26:20

Hah, nice.

I used to have a poster for the Amiga version of this game plastered over my bedroom door as a kid.

Damn hard game, loved it too. Nice to see someone giving this game some attention (:

on 2004-11-05 03:51:29

Been waiting for a Binstar mix since Icon, and this one delivers. Every bit as slick as that classic was. Nice job.

Samurai Jin
on 2004-11-05 01:45:46

X-Out? is this really a game, tight electronica mix... high-hats... though... so annoying. other than that its quite schrizo, get down wit ure funky self.

on 2004-11-05 01:40:40

hmmm... interesting. You know you've got a good mix, when you can hit the play button and forget you're listening to it. It just becomes background music; more mood than sound. Maybe it's because I've never heard the original melody, but this song is a very good example of that kind of background music, in my opinion.

Funny thing is, I usually hate pure electronica songs like this one. It's certainly nothing spectacular; it would be easily overlooked. Yet for some reason, I can't stop listening to it. Again, it's not amazing, but it will more than likely get burned onto a CD of songs to help me sleep at night.

I'll give it a 7 out of 10ish.

on 2004-11-05 01:05:09

listening... X-Out? White Out?

another electronica

some cool sounds but not exciting enough for me

The drums are too loud, i cant hear any background noise, or even melody

...actually 1:10 is cool, very nice

on 2004-11-05 00:25:51

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
X-Out (Rainbow Arts , 1989, C64)
Music by Michael Hendriks
"Level 3-2 Monster"

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