ReMix:Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble "A New Ray of Light" 4:32

By Sadorf, Sir_NutS

Arranging the music of one song...

"Sunset Park Zone: Act 3"

Primary Game: Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble (Sega , 1994, GG), music by Yayoi Fujimori

Posted 2004-11-15, evaluated by the judges panel

This trance mix from one of Sonic's Game Gear outings comes courtesy of a collaboration between S|r NutS and Sadorf. Lots of Absynth/Maelstrom-style ambient pads, shimmering bell textures, and some more meat-and-potatoes drums and trigger-happy synth patterns dot the introduction, which is solid, fairly direct electronica up until about 1'46", where there's some more unusual intonation thrown in. One might just think this is a fluke, but the duo keep that deviance (well, everything's relative - for trance, this is 'straying off the beaten path' to some extent) going into the second half of the mix. Things really break down at 3'11", where the percussion gets a bit more syncopation going and there's some downright jazzy flute soloing - very unconventional, well-handled, section that adds a good deal to the longevity/replayability of the mix. The rapid-fire triplets on the percussion that joins the more traditional electronic trance kick also helps out. Ending seems a little cut, and the mix is heavy on the upper frequencies in general, but aside from these two issues, this is already solid trance that's made better by significant creativity and spontaneity.



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on 2014-04-23 13:43:01

Excellent! The original tune is my favourite from the OST. And this treatment seems to be the most fitting for it. I really dig the upbeat vibe here, and, yeah, the flute is just icing on the cake!

on 2010-02-25 14:37:30

some production issues made this a little weaker to me than it could have been, , but there was a lot of great work, and a really enjoyable arrangement. I love how the gated pads had a really cool rhythm, and when it lined up with the snare rolls, it was super good. Breakdowns were solid, and everything just clicked with this one. Great collab, guys! :D

on 2010-01-19 10:08:54

Excellent! Just browsing through everything and i strike this remix.


TASTY! Not keen on its repeating, but you know what? It got my family bouncin'

HA! Love it. I suggest a revision of this song but with a more upbeat and metal gnere:banghead: ---headbangers need somethin good to bang to :P

on 2009-08-25 22:08:51

Mind blown.

I must admit I was lukewarm, but about 3/4 of the way through the song really unleashed everything it had, and I was sold. This pulsing melody has ridiculous energy.

on 2008-05-22 02:27:21

A game I never played, but I definitely have that theme stuck in my head thanks to this mix. I dunno what subset of electronica this falls under (though I'm sure someone else does), but the power and the groove here make this mix a big winner.

There have been bumps in the road in terms of getting some other collabs of theirs past the panel, while some others have made it. But no matter what, I haven't heard anything from these two in a while, which is definitely the community's loss when they bring it this strong.

on 2007-03-16 13:34:45

Just completed 'Sonic triple trouble' (emulated) and reacted by how awesome the music in 'Sunset Park - Train' actually was. I checked OCremix hoping to find some remixes of 'triple trouble', and luckily, the only remix made from this game was the one I hoped to find. You exploited the few possibilities from this song very well and made it long without making it boring. Great work! 8)

on 2005-12-01 21:16:32

Definitely one fo the best remixes I've heard off the site. Dunno what that's worth seeing as I've yet to do more than scratch the surface of what's here. But this is a damn good track all the same.

Just one minor gripe to pick with it; there's about 7-8 seconds, starting around 1:47 that sounds 'off' to me. Dunno how best to describe it with my limited musical terminology, but there's something about the ambience there that doesn't sound quite right.

But otherwise top notch.

on 2005-06-02 21:50:20

WOW ... I always loved this song. I would play the game just for this song and the song that played while tails was in the submarine. Amazing remix

on 2005-06-02 20:41:45

The Sunset Park Train is by far one of my favorite video game tunes ever, and this remix just multiplies it's awesomeness by at least...eleventy billion. It's about darn time someone remixed a Game Gear Sonic, and did a kickass job at the same time!

on 2004-12-02 22:25:37

Not shabby at all. Give this one a chance!

Red Shadow
on 2004-11-30 20:32:50
Good Trance...I really don't like Hard take on electronia knowledge...if you really want me me I know my stuff...

these are funny words coming from him. very quotable, and laughable.

get your facts straight of stfu. :D

still liking the mix btw.

on 2004-11-30 00:47:36

This is the song I've been waiting for my whole 4 years visiting this site. An awesome remix very well constructed from an awesome song.

- Myke -
on 2004-11-26 04:16:11

I must say. This song is great. I've been a fan of your music for some time. over at vgmix2. i've downloaded all your music. the rad racer song and the ninja gaiden. I'm always in awe of you. The only person that compares to your greatness in this genre i think is haroon piracha eh ffmusicdj.

anyways, my major gripe with this mix or any the mix you remixed. is that you need to find a female vocalist. haha. Vocal trance is one of favs. Kinda like motorcycle - as the rush comes is some good vocals. Or you need to find someone like Ian Van Dahl. SERIOUSLY find a female vocalist. PLEASE. Have you ever thought of trying that? well you should. heh. Then your threesome will be complete. You, Sadorf and a female vocalist. OH the possiblities.

so yeah, sandorf and sirnuts make a perfect duo. And a perfect team should remix Ninja Gaiden 3 stage 4-1. hahaha jokes jokes. But that would be a dream come true. though. *hint hint*


keep up the good work SirNuts and Sandorf.

long time fan.

on 2004-11-25 00:08:50

Thank you thank you thank you! I was another among those who requested this song be remixed, and I'm really thrilled that it's been answered.

The remix itself is totally satisfying, I enjoy it thoroughly. It all really comes together nicely. This is a wonderful piece, you two, and you should be very proud of it! Thanks again for remixing one of my favorites!

H Hog
on 2004-11-24 05:17:31
Now...on another topic, I'm not complaining, buuuuut... There are other songs in the game that are worthy of being remixed. It seems like that every time there's a Sonic Tails 2 arrangement or remix out there, it's of this song.

I like to call it "The Ice Cap Zone Syndrome". ;P

At any rate... I, too was one of the people who DESPERATELY wanted to see this particular track remixed.

Words fall short, listening to this piece, I absolutely LOVE this.

I don't give a flying battery (little Sonic-related pun there) about wether it's supposed to be classified as techno, electronica, club house OR trance, I just want to say that... this track gives me good feelings. =D

In closing, I'd like to say the following:

"If you don't know anything about criticism, then please don't give it."

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble (Sega , 1994, GG)
Music by Yayoi Fujimori
"Sunset Park Zone: Act 3"

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