ReMix: Super C "Against the Rest" 2:38

By BrainCells

Arranging the music of one song...

"BGM-2 (In a Tight Squeeze)"

Primary Game: Super C (Konami, 1990, NES), music by Hidenori Maezawa

Posted 2005-01-12, evaluated by the judges panel

I would love to have been in the meeting room when Konami designers/execs/marketing guys collectively agreed that calling this game "Super Contra" just wasn't COOL enough, and that truncating to a single, uber-posh letter C would guarantee audiences of youngsters would be hip to the ubiquity of Contra and appreciate such stylin' alphabetic frugality. I would have written the acerbic dissenting opinion, sure, but it would have been fun just to see the creative, if misaligned, juices flowing. Marcos Pascoli, alias BrainCells (those things beer and sitcoms kill, for the anatomically-impaired) , sends us our first mix from Konami's follow-up to the game that made up-up-down-down-etc. a household phrase. He confides:

"Super C for me is the heaviest ST on the nes. This is a guitar driven remix of the second stage, recorded with some seven string guitars and it's really heavy stuff."

It is indeed both heavy and not my brother; I can corroborate his claims. Contra (and in general many Konami soundtracks) seems to have a preternatural gift for being effectively conveyed in heavy, rock mixes, and BrainCells joins the likes of others (goat comes to mind) in applying mad G skills to the special K's tunes - in this case, Super C. Kill me. Introing with a drum fill, the shredding comes in right out of the gate, seconds later, with lead entering at 0'26". Drums may not be real, but the part is very well arranged; particularly dig the rolling military pattern at 0'45". This section is the biggest break in what's basically several more iterations of the already-established pattern, with varying intensity, but the mix is also only 2'38" total - if it had been longer, there certainly would have been call for a bit more variation, but at this length it decides what to do with the time given it wisely, to paraphrase Gandalf. zyko (or, in Konamispeak, "Super Z") writes:

"This is a pretty easy one. It's on the short end, but the original is simple to begin with. We have some well-played heavy guitar playing with spot-on mastering and production work. A great example of how a rock guitar mix should be engineered. The arrangement of the mix logically builds on the original tune, adding new sections, variations, and improv stuff to spice things up - not a cover by any means."

Short and sweet, this is heavy metal for the many Contra fans out there who've prolly been waiting something of this ilk, and even if it ain't from the original but a sequel, will take what they can get, gladly. Fortunately, the ReMixer does right by the series, and has issued a promising, solid, and so-heavy-it-needs-some-jenny-craig-pronto initial ReMix.



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on 2015-12-02 01:05:30

Man, right from the start this one is pretty brutal.

Excellent guitar tone, some intelligent playing and nice changeups. The fill at 0:40 is masterful. Some of the soloing, especially at 1:11, is awesome. Kinda makes me sad that BrainCells hasn't put anything out on the site for almost a decade now.

The drums can feel a little weak at times, but the tight arrangement and mixing definitely fuel the remix more than enough and it's easy to overlook the use of a drum machine. Really like this tune.

on 2014-08-22 03:24:34

Superb on all fronts. The rhythmic change-ups, the break with a bit more distant sound, great, tight playing. Really liked the subtle synths. Cool source tune and recognizably, yet creatively interpreted.

on 2009-07-01 13:19:07

my face just melted. metal mixage at its finest.

on 2009-06-23 03:25:13

Unlike a lot of chiptunes transformed into monsterous heavy metal mixes, I still think this one retains all its videogame music roots. The realism is there, but this sounds like a videogame melody, which is in no way a negative statement. Usually the faithfulness to videogame music arrangement is the first thing stripped away in order for a heavy metal remix to sound realistic enough. I really love how this retains those quick and complex choruses that make it unmistakably game music.

That's not to say it sounds like it is out of a NES game. I'm not insane. The guitar work is absolutely stellar, while not excessively hard and loud, are more than suitable for me. A rocking mix born out of a lot of talent and some great creative decisions. Terrific work.

on 2008-04-03 11:40:24

Great tone and playing. Some heavy rhythm, and some great shredding leads. I especially enjoyed the brief interlude with the military snare patterns before the solo section. Some really nice runs in there.

Overall a nice and tight arrangement. Compact and filled with some delicious riffage, then deep fried and served with sour cream and salsa. Mmm

Ok, I think it might be time for lunch.

on 2006-05-03 14:17:47

With this mix there's about 3 seconds of warning that this is one massive heavy fest throughout, before the guitars rip through your ear drum and chisel you out a new cerebral cavity.

It took me a little while to get used to such an abrupt intro, but once that was behind me I couldn't get enough of this mix. Fantastic stuff, definetly worth 3 minutes of your life (or make that 300?).

on 2005-02-03 11:50:12

hmmmm...ok. Not a lot to add to the other's comments. I love the guitar, the beats and the idea. Wow! Excellent job, guys!

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2005-02-03 03:06:09

Nice drumwork. Instruments sound really good, and the distortion is really "clean". I like the bit that starts at 0:46 - makes the subsequent heavy rock even heavier by contrast. Okay, so the orchestral hits at 1:54 are fake, but what can ya expect?

on 2005-01-21 20:21:06

Awesome guitar work, realistic as well. Thumbs up.

on 2005-01-21 18:01:10

Work of high quality. Nice guitar and beats. Great realism in this stuff. I liked the energy placed here.

ella guro
on 2005-01-19 13:58:09

It manages to establish the original tune, expand on it some, and still not outstay its welcome. The guitar playing is awesome, which is something people have come to expect from these types of mixes. The drumwork is also stronger than usual, especially around :47 - that brief break before the mix resumes rocking is one of the little things that distinguishes this mix from a lot of the other "NES-metal" mixes. And while it may not incredibly different in the end, it's well executed nonetheless.

on 2005-01-16 04:59:56



I love this mix....

Icct Hedrix
on 2005-01-14 19:00:51

After listening to my "Lamb of God" CD this just doesnt sound heavy enough. Then again nothing does when you compare it to LoG but thats not the point.

Really, this track didnt impress me much. It repeated to much and sounded like it came from a badly copied disc. This is one of those very few mixes I dont like.

on 2005-01-14 07:25:40

Wow. I checked out some of his other stuff, it's all great!

on 2005-01-13 12:09:51

Super C -the other one

I havent played it in long while.

Excellent composition with Stage 2's theme.

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Primary Game:
Super C (Konami, 1990, NES)
Music by Hidenori Maezawa
"BGM-2 (In a Tight Squeeze)"

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