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Not being one to deny the totally sweet, awesome nature of ninjas, what with the constant flipping out and killing people, it's hard not to love some badass guitar-driven Ninja Gaiden 2 mixin', which is exactly what new submitter Ashane has provided with this arrangement of the classic "Parasprinter" theme. Said theme is probably the most recognizable from the series, and was originally crafted as sort of a rock piece, insofar as the NES could effect one, so it's fulfilling to see the source material's mojo-potential realized. And realize it he does - introing with silky smooth clean arpeggios, a lead is brought in over top that quickly illustrates Ashane's skills, doubling up for some Boston-style harmony before transitioning into full-on rock circa 1'23". After that, you get precisely what the title delivers: a soundscape of pumped ninja action, as realized via a fairly straight arrangement of the original that focuses more on additive elements, replacing the drum track with something that follows a bit closer and makes more sense contextually and adding mucho riffin to the melody. Although there's a good deal of technique on display, it never feels gratuitous, as Ashane always works back to the melody, and also works around it when flying through more elaborate passages. This is important, because the piece was originally an entry into Dwelling of Duels (mirror), a monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) competition for VG cover artists who play live instruments. While the live instruments in question are usually guitars, the extent to which pieces submitted could be called covers, using our definition, varies - sometimes the degree of arrangement is rather substantive, which is a good thing, because it means pieces like Ashane's are "compatible" with OCR standards and can be submitted here. At any rate, competitions can be double-edged swords - on one hand, they can get people involved, enthusiastic, and bring out a sense of community and (hopefully) friendly competition. On the other hand, they can establish heirarchies, imply that certains styles or approaches are quantifiably "better" than others, and reduce the chances that any given artist will take certain risks that might decrease accessibility. The most dangerous pitfall I think would be showmanship - putting the illustration of one's personal abilities above what's right for the arrangement. However, from what I've heard thus far, such potential traps have been avoided - there's some great stuff coming out of DoD, and it's good to see a cross-section of that submitted here, especially when it's comparable to this NG2 piece. Larry wrote tomes on this in his panel decision, so while I suggest reading it, I'm gonna wrap things up with a more manageable quote from Sir Malcos:

"...I thought the intro sounded great. I agree with the comment made about the support guitars, making it more up front or panning them would have given a lot more interest to the section preceding the freestyle bit. Really liked the fadeaway ending. It was the intro that really grabbed me in this mix, good stuff."

Indeed - a great original, arranged skillfully for an instrumentation that fits like a glove.



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on 2017-12-03 13:55:58

Wondering what the bet is that the intro to this song inspired the intro to this remix...

Holy Land
on 2010-09-30 17:43:52


The original theme (which is amazing) + some yummy guitar playing? SOLD.

on 2009-04-23 08:25:31

I've probably listened to VoTL way too many times. Just sitting here enjoying great music from it. But this track, is a cool track I liked. Always reminded me of the times as a kid, playing me some FF7, and even some Chrono Cross :P

on 2009-04-23 08:22:02

aha, DoD has always been cool. I need to get more DoD stuff and throw it in a DoD Album.

Anyways, Awesome mix. I cannot get enough of stuff like this. Plus, I have a bunch of Ashane's other stuff. As expected, Great stuff man, keep on doing what your doing. ;P

on 2009-04-23 05:54:58

The ninja gaiden games have really spiffy music and the solos kicks the door down. Great stuff here.

on 2009-04-22 23:04:20

I shat myself.

on 2008-10-17 10:36:40

Intro was amazingly good, once things all kicked in, the track elements were a bit smashed together, but I didn't care as much since my face was being rocked off. I've heard more recent Ashane tracks and the production is improved while retaining the badassed guitar chops.

Expert playing and a great source selection. Solos were killer and completely shredded, and the only complain I has is that the ending didn't live up to the rest of the track's legacy.

Great stuff. \m/

on 2006-03-13 11:40:09

Excuse me. I think my mind just exploded.

on 2006-01-26 19:23:45
8O OH MY FREAKING GAWD!!!!!!!! Look I don't quite know who you are yet but I got blown away by the guitars. Your ability is most definitely impressive. I am most definitely looking forward to your next work. 8)
on 2005-05-04 21:49:59

Dang, I love this song so much. I think this song is highly worthy of all and any praise it gets. I just started playing Ninja Gaiden 2 again as well.

on 2005-05-01 21:31:44

DAMN this shit is hot! it's like a beefed up version of the remix "sprinting riffs"!

nice nice nice!

on 2005-04-26 16:02:37

Hopefully, Ashane has begun the revolution. It is time that DoD takes over OCR, as Darangen stated. I have been a HUGE fan of DoD ever since I first heard the January Metroid contest on VGF, feverishly downloading the new months when they come out. There are so many talented artists there, and its great to see them get onto OCR. Great mix, Ashane, keep up the good work, I look forward to your stuff in DoD.

on 2005-04-26 00:38:57

Well, this remix definately rocks the Ninja in me for sure, although I'm not very flexible, so I can't do split kicks midair. I'd fall straight on my ass. LOL.

Excellent guitar work and good drum beats, although pesonally I would've brought up the drum levels just a little more, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying this mix throughly. This mix is well crafted, and well executed. Thumbs up for this one,


Keep up de good work!

on 2005-04-25 17:29:53

This ReMix is quite amazing. I listen the excellent guitar here, it is very realistic and solid. Creative and atmospheric ideas. The beats are great and very elaborated too. Wow, he plays very well the guitar and the bass.

Excellent ReMix, Ashane! Welcome aboard!

Dace K
on 2005-04-25 16:56:18

Omg. Track's incredible.

On my playlist for at least the next month.


Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (Tecmo , 1990, NES)
Music by Keiji Yamagishi,Mayuko Okamura,Mikio Saito,Ryuichi Nitta
"The Parasprinter"

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Electric Guitar
Origin > Competition > Dwelling of Duels

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