ReMix:DarXide "Starman (don't lose yourself)" 3:50

By AkumajoBelmont

Arranging the music of one song...

"High Score"

Primary Game: DarXide (Sega , 1995, 32X), music by Adam Salkeld, Richard Jacques

Posted 2005-07-29, evaluated by the judges panel

To Jeff Bridges' and David Bowie's respective starmen Robbie Sabo adds his own celestially conjugated man, ReMixing an old, obscure 32X shooter named DarXide. Now, on some level, ALL 32X games are obscure - the "platform" wasn't Sega's finest hour and didn't exactly sell like hotcakes, although I myself had one - but DarXide is obscure even amongst 32X titles, which is really saying something. Akumajo B. writes:

"I've chosen to remix this track from the 32X game 'DarXide'. It's an awesome 3D update of Asteroids that had a fantastic soundtrack, and great graphics and gameplay. Obscure games need more recognition, and DarXide is one such game. Thankfully it is available for Symbian phones and Pocket PC's, so those of you with that hardware available to you, i URGE you to hunt this game down! I have a Nokia 6600, and i play it ritually every day:) You will not regret grabbing it in the SLIGHTEST... it's fantastic port (eclipsing the original in many ways), an a gem that deserves to be recognized as the downright classic that it is:)"

Consider yourself urged... Right from the start you get vocoded lyrics similar in spirit and execution to Electric Light Orchestra's Twilight; in fact, while the genre is more trance/disco/dance, there's an overall E.L.O. feel to the whole thing that's downright uncanny, from the romanticization of futuristic space travel to the whimsical arpeggios, vocal processing, and Day The Earth Stood Still synth solo circa 2'24". Being a fan (of ELO and Jeff Lynne in general), I'm definitely all about this mix, and it's sweeter since the melody's been resurrected and repurposed from the far depths of the gaming universe. When Robbie vocodes "To travel far beyond is just my master plan", he could easily be referring to his game selection for this piece, and as he himself notes, it's good to see obscure but deserving titles honored. Larry Ojisms:

"I've had nothing major to criticize, and this was cool stuff for a remix from such an obscure game. I'll admit, I didn't expect such awesome stuff from Robbie based on his Eternal Champions rejection from way back when. I knew he'd make it here, but at the same time I didn't think he'd be bringing the goods so consistently this soon and this impressively. Solid stuff per the usual, Robbie"

Following a memorable and similarly enthusiastic Bust a Groove mix from June, Robbie again illustrates an ability to put together catchy, hook-infused arrangements and temper them with a couple helpings of musical cheese while remaining tasteful, measured, and well-crafted. Good stuff, obscure game, and the healing power of VOCODER make this one for the whole family.



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on 2020-01-10 14:08:51

This is sooooo cool, wow. It took me a few attempts to get into the track, but, boy, I love it so much now! Absolutely catchy piece of music with that charming oldschool techno sound - eargasmic stuff right here :D Super mesmerizing space-y synths and some nice robotic vocoding - especially love the melody on the second part!

on 2014-07-02 13:24:59

Addictive! ^_^ And impressively space-y.

What a great follow up to Bust This Groove. :)

on 2011-10-20 19:55:10

Like most of the others, I don't know the game, or the original song, but the first time I heard this ReMix I was captivated. I had to hear it again, and find out what game this song was from, etc. The dynamic quality of the song and high energy was just astounding. The lyrics are appropriate, and add greatly to the mood. This is one of the few that has earned status of me coming back to it... again and again to listen for years now since it was first released. Excellent job; I would love to see more ReMixes from this artist.

Level 99
on 2011-07-20 22:39:23

I don't know the game.

I don't know the source tune.

I don't know what the story is behind it.

I don't know anything except this is superb quality, amazingly catchy, and great all around. Can't get it out of my head, and the vocoding is just...SO DAMN GOOD. ARGH!

Akumajo, have my music babies. And never stop making these vocal mixes.

on 2009-12-07 21:37:22

Way unexpected, but damn, does this track deliver! Great vocoder, a pounding beats, excellent effects, and cool synths. Also, the source is completely hot, and the arrangement fits it like a glove.

An obscure track from an obscure game that certainly doesn't deserve obscurity. Check this one out RIGHT NOW!

on 2009-08-11 22:14:54

Great energy in this track... not typically a fan of robot voices, but it just fits in extremely well here. Eerie effects, great beat, and it just doesn't get old.

on 2009-03-31 16:02:47

Man, this is so catchy! Love the robot voice.

on 2009-01-23 03:37:52

Très chic; it even makes me use french!

Perhaps a little more lyrical variety woulda been nice, but maybe not - the words just ... mesh so well with the song.

hey this reminds me... what ever did come of that wave race 64 mix? Due to it, I have strange, random words stuck in my head, like, "Turn around" and "upside down" which have odd double connotations. Hope you've gotten a male vocalist for it... but even if you didn't, I thought your latest (posted) version in WIP was highly chic, sexy, etc.

on 2007-10-31 17:25:38

Have this one looping while I'm doing homework. Catchy, fun sweetness. Awesome track! The voice/lyrics really make it.

Jimstander Drago
on 2006-01-11 20:28:01

Sweetness. This remix rules, it reminds me of a night club or the 70's or something. I just can't place it but it rocks. It makes me wanna play the game really bad!

on 2005-12-29 02:06:37

This is my current favorite remix right now. I absolutely love it. The voice, the techno, the *feel* of it!

I often have it on repeat for awhile or so, I love it that much!

Thank you so much for making this!!

It really does make me so happy, just to listen to it~~

Pancake Knight 76
on 2005-11-24 00:50:09

Hey! Sorry for being nosy, but what kind of vocoder/voice effect was used in this song? I never tried a voice effect before that sounded so cool. Daft Punk quality, my friend. I just wanted to know what effects was used to get that voice vocoder sound. Cool song, by the way! :D The vocoder is to die for. Obey it.

on 2005-10-03 23:44:57

I don't see what there is to be disappointed with. This is fantastic!

on 2005-08-20 12:08:40

Yet another slam dunk. The techno voice sounds like something you would find with Daft Punk.

So Robbie is 2 for 2 in terms of songs with lyrics. Keep it up.

Xander k
on 2005-08-18 21:05:13

chalk up anoth one for akumajo

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Primary Game:
DarXide (Sega , 1995, 32X)
Music by Adam Salkeld,Richard Jacques
"High Score"

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Electronic,Singing,Synth,Vocals: Male
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I have traveled across the sky;
A thousand million light years past the edge of time.
I take for granted what nobody can;
To travel far beyond is just my master plan.

I'm flying alone.
Don't cry, or I'll never get home.


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