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So, Otakon happened over the weekend, as did a brief little OCR shindig/get together at a fine Hooters dining franchise - this crazy fella's idea, coordinated by this lovely lady, with brother nazgul donning his OCR tee in style, and a cameo appearance by Harmony himself, who actually DOES have a physical manifestation, contrary to popular belief. We will eventually prove likewise for this photophobic lad, to be sure. So, then, if you're like me, and I know I am, you haven't head of Tsugunai, or caught something only in passing. This quiet PS2 RPG from Atlus did, however, have a not-so-quiet score from none other than Yasunori Mitsuda, whom you hopefully HAVE heard of. You know... he did those soundtracks... for those games... and worked with that other guy. Nevermind. It's honestly rather cool that ktriton and Mr. Pacaud have covered this, as it's excellent music from an excellent composer which might otherwise have gone less noticed, even by established fans. It's actually a smorgasbord of Mitsuda esoterica, not just from Tsugunai, as ktriton explains:

"Yeah, so basically this was an idea I started forever and a half ago. I never finished it because I am amazing at slacking off. The remix takes into account a variety of lesser-covered Mitsuda soundtracks—prime among them being the Tsugunai: Atonement soundtrack (which I thought was great). Other sources and shout-outs include Xenosaga, Magic Pengel 2, Xenogears, and Shadow Hearts. Interpret the title and the static as you will, I’m not going to say anything about that. What I will say, however, is that this remix wouldn’t be half of what it is without Christian’s help. Even though I was forced at gunpoint to let him record the bass, this remix would sound probably three to four times crappier than it is if it wasn’t for his help with production. So thank you Christian for the bass track and all the production help! Hope you guys enjoy this! "

With Christian adding:

"When I first heard a WIP of this mix, the first thing I noticed, besides all the piano and synth goodness, was that the bass lines were... sexy. I basically forced Kunal at gunpoint to let me play the bass on this mix. Hopefully it has been for the best! I mostly played what was sent to me with some additional touches here and there, so this is all ktriton's show. Go K !"

Special K, indeed. It's late, and the judges had lots to say, so I'm gonna rest on my laurels a bit and let da panel do da talkin', starting with zyko:

"the leads are fantastic... kunal, my friend, you are magnificently talented and i love to listen to your work. you vary it up a lot... you have at least 4 or 5 different lead instruments throughout the thing and they give a distinct world feel to them - the accordian, cello and that crystally synth lead are SECKS goin interchanging with the introductinos of such distinctly different melodies. smart stuff."

So, SECKS then. I think that's related to RAD TIMBALE LICKS, but I'm not 100% sure. Shariq writes:

"Some of the instruments are really amazing. The bass certainly stands out and acts as a reminder that try as we might, good live bass is difficult to find a substitute for. It’s a little loud and jumps out of its place at a few points during 3:06-3:47 but like I’d forgive a beautiful woman for just about anything, so it is with that bass. The accordion, the congas and the piano are equally as forgivable (although little forgiveness is required). I’m trying to place those drums…Sonic Implants? Wherever they are from, they are pretty slick as well. I would have liked a little more full of a sound during The “Last Battle” jazz style melody at 4:43 is a great subtle touch that keeps the arrangement flowing right along and 5:20-6:33 is beautiful guys."

Gray chimes in as the most succinct voice, with his amazingly direct:

"Excellent in all categories. A little too much reverb though."

For my money, since a play by play is largely unnecessary and this should be an easy sell to all Mitsuda fans and anyone simply looking some excellent instrumental work, I'll add that I certainly dug the piece like the rest of the panel, though I did feel like the percussion was a bit too soft and left-heavy, exacerbated by perhaps a smidgin' too much verb. However, the drumwork itself is something to write home about, so just pump up the volume beyond what you'd normally do and the situation is mitigated. Excellent, varied, and as weed in particular says, smart stuff; a veritable wonderland.



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on 2009-12-29 22:52:33

Admittedly, the intro feels a little creepy like it's some haunted radio tuning in.

After that it's got a fine groove going. It has such an eclectic mix of instruments that a lot is going on. At times it even feels like it's switched to another song on my playlist, some of the stylistic changes feel that distinct.

Needless to say, I like this mix a lot. Between the very static atmospheric touches in the intro and ending and the way the sound scape varies greatly and nicely, this is an amazing mix.

on 2008-12-23 17:30:55


The accordion use reminds me of Yuki Kajiura. The delayed acoustic guitar gives a solid ambiance to this mix and the bass is always solid and complex while not being overplayed. Many parts seem to be experimental stuff but it all adds up into a coherent whole. Often, when trying new stuff like this, needlessly adding complexity comes at the expense of musicality, but this is not the case here.

In fact, since this song has no definite melody, it is more an experience than a hummable tune. Definitely try to listen to this one with the volume cranked up and pay attention to all the little details.

Congratulations on creating a weird progressive song that simply WORKS.

on 2008-12-08 14:14:46

Like how this just carries you along in rolling but not too merry-over-the-top way.

on 2007-12-11 05:23:33

It's impressive how this piece incorporates a lot of sources, yet it's very coherent. The accordian is great, beautiful and very dramatic. Reminds me of Kimmo Pohjonen, although possibly because he's the only accordianist I know of. ;) I love the static too, and the piano, and the live bass.. delicious. Only flaw in this mix is the choppy sampley violin. But that's minor. This track is major.

(sorry, cheap pun)


on 2007-12-10 15:09:47

If there was ever a mix to use to convince people to use a live bassline, this one is it. As far as pro sounding, this completely takes the cake. THe piano, bass, drum programming, violin, it's all fantastic, and though I don't really like the static, I can appreciate it.

Great expressive performances and a whole lot of interpretation makes this one a super winner; I love the interplay between all the lead instruments; everything gets it's change to shine, and shine it does.

A++ would listen again.

on 2005-10-18 00:46:58

I may have posted earlier but I'm not very familiar with the source tunes.

I also may have posted earlier if I thought I would have anything meaningful to contribute. The vibe that each of the selected instruments portrays is not something to be missed. The bassline is funky-fresh, the accordian and violin combo gives the melodies a unique taste, and the drums are fantastic. The only choice I question is the harp around 1:45. It could have probably used a bit more humanization. Or I could be dead wrong, as I said, this song is too good for me to be able to meaningfully critique.

on 2005-10-17 23:43:50

Amazing. One of the best mixes on the site and only one page of comments?

For shame.

on 2005-09-08 15:00:45
But good gravy; what a fantastic mix.

The accordian (as you'll see at the bottom of this page) is one that I think is tremendously underrated. One of the most beautiful sounding instruments there is.

This song is nearly impossible for me to genrefy, it is a little bit of everything. Soundtrack, funk, jazz, prog rock, um... accordian... and not a second of it isn't sexy imo.

Excellent, excellent, excellent work. I demand more from you two.

Wholeheartedly agreed. The accordian, the harp, the bass ... beyond perfection.

This song is damn sexy. Wasn't too fond of the static like some others, but aside from that, HOT CAKES. This is the perfect song to chill out to. I can just imagine myself back in Paris, slouching in an oversized chair in an outdoor patio, with this sexy beast playing loud and clear, an espresso in one hand and a dark hefty beer in the other, and watching the fine women go about their way. What I wouldn't give for that experience right now.

on 2005-08-24 10:34:51

Thanks for all the great feedback, guys. Glad you're all enjoying it. I just wanted to thank the judges, too, for being so great about this mix--it was backlogged for nearly two months and they were pretty cool about leaving it up there the whole while. So thanks guys :D

Also, while Christian did a fantastic job encoding this for OCR regulations, some of you might want to check out the full 192 kbps resolution over at VGMix ;)

Less Ashamed Of Self
on 2005-08-24 05:33:10

Being only familiar with Xenogears of the bunch shouted out to in the melody... and then not even catching a reference there, as usual I was skeptical. At 7:20 this mix, you'd think, might be pushing a few repetition tolerances.

But good gravy; what a fantastic mix.

The accordian (as you'll see at the bottom of this page) is one that I think is tremendously underrated. One of the most beautiful sounding instruments there is.

Also on that page you'll notice I have some of my favourite OCR's posted, and I assure you this mix nearly immediately made that outdated. I'll have to update it with this in there as soon as possible.

This song is nearly impossible for me to genrefy, it is a little bit of everything. Soundtrack, funk, jazz, prog rock, um... accordian... and not a second of it isn't sexy imo.

Excellent, excellent, excellent work. I demand more from you two.

on 2005-08-23 19:54:03
Except for the acctual static noices, which I found only irritating

Seems to me that kunal was trying to simulate EVP with the static, to sort of play on the whole displaced soul theme of Tsugunai. Well, at least that's my interpretation of it.

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2005-08-23 14:59:02

It sounds like a travel background theme for some playstation rpg ,with the ambience and calm pace flowing though from beginning till the end. But it's still original and nice to hear. Good choice of instruments also.

on 2005-08-23 12:17:34

Christian and ktriton deliver the goods, yet again. I heard this back in may and loved it.

on 2005-08-23 07:13:08

Except for the acctual static noices, which I found only irritating, this remix was badass, and I'm going to listen to it again right now ^^

on 2005-08-23 02:58:10

This is great stuff to chill out to. Great work. Btw, that bass is HAWT.

Sources Arranged (8 Songs, 4 Games)

Primary Game:
Tsugunai: Atonement (Atlus , 2001, PS2)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"Battle - Level 2"
"Battle with the Devil"
"Early Afternoon in the Village"
"The Devil"
Additional Game:
Graffiti Kingdom (Hot-B , 2005, PS2)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"Gallery of Ice and Flame"
Additional Game:
Shadow Hearts (Midway , 2001, PS2)
Music by Masaharu Iwata,Ryo Fukuda,Yasunori Mitsuda,Yoshitaka Hirota
"Continental Express I "Wind which blows from the dark / I""
Additional Game:
Xenosaga: Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (Namco , 2003, PS2)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"Last Battle"

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