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Dropper of beats Dain Olsen triumphantly returns from a half-year hiatus with some pre-eminently danceable Sonic + Knuckles electronica, in classic Beatdrop style:

"It's a remix from Sonic and Knuckles of Flying Battery Zone. Felt like pulling out my breakbeat skills once more after that DDR remix awhile back. This one completely sapped my computer for everything it had."

Sounds like it, too. This lil gem has sections that represent the very best of what I've heard Dain put together, with 3'37" taking the aural cake for heavy, downright ill ("as the kids say") grooves n' textures. The beats certainly fly, and some of the synths have all the electricity and bite of battery acid (for a microcosmic example, lick both connectors on a nine volt), so the zone is being well-represented, Olsen style. Shnabubula does an excellent two-paragraph job of summing things up:

"2:11 was the highlight of the track for me. The bass drums pound each beat into my head almost knocking me over but the tight-as-hell synth catches me leaving me bouncing back and forth to the groove. Later at 2:39 when the additional distorted synth joins in by emphasising the off beats, the entire dance apparatus has finally been constructed and it does what it's supposed to.

After all the HARD-core sounds the sweet talkin' synth that shows up at 3:25 hit's the spot. It's like "I only hurt you cause I love you baby!" Right right, so we got tight rhythm work [not just drumwork since all of the instruments get in on forming the backbone of the beat] some nice occasional contrasts and a not-all-that heavily interpreted source with a good amount of original material mixed in."

Did you see how Sam capitalized the "hard" in "hardcore"? Wasn't that neat? Dain certainly ain't no softy, that's for sure, with little concern for fluffy puppies or cute babies when it comes to decimating the sonic soundscape using an arsenal of aggressive analog and alternative axes, brought to you by the letter "A". Over the years, his sound has evolved, and while it's lost of none of its edge, it's gained slickness and knowing technique in the production arena, which is a bit more important for genres of music that lean on sound harder than they do composition. Dain plainly remains able to again maintain and sustain the same balance of arrangement with more original components, and you can still tell it's a sonic mix, albeit one mutated by galvanized, acidic substances. Sorta like when Jack Nicholson fell into the green chemicalstuffs in Batman and came out all kooky and workin' his mojo, only on a musical level. At any rate, hopefully this marks a more consistent return of one of unofficial game music arrangement's electronica veterans, but even if it don't, it's dash wicked and phat beats, and fie on any who claim otherwise. Like the intuitively-named 'Electric Slide' that they traumatized me for life by forcing me to dance in 7th grade gym class, Dain's latest is, indeed, electric.



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on 2011-07-04 19:13:27

Good, hard, danceable electronica! Ah, god, how I love this genre. I see what you did in the beginning and a few times during the ReMix, but it only adds to the track and I personally think it was a nice touch. The energy was terrific, the beat was fantastic (which is a given for a ReMixer named "Beatdrop") and I can say that this is my favorite Beatdrop remix as of now. Great work.

on 2010-10-22 16:18:27

Beginning is definitely Lava Reef zone.

on 2010-04-22 11:01:59

This has a super sick beat and a pretty classic chord structure that gives a great backing to all kinds of melodic synth goodness. After that teasing intro, I was pretty pleased with how it opened up, though I think a reverse cymbal leading up to it would have been even more epic. Some of the transitions where the track gets a little bit gated are great, and there are always a lot of quality textures keeping things moving.

Very good stuff, one of my favorite Beatdrop tracks.

Level 99
on 2010-02-17 14:38:38

Catchy and moving dance music, as is pretty much expected from the man named Beatdrop. Everything you'd expect from his take on this mix, and I'm especially a big fan of the dirtier synth usage and the kickass drums with their awesome stereo usage. Dirty bass rules my world. There's also a great meshing of noticeable source material with original avenues of melody and progression.

This is now on my workout playlist.

on 2009-05-16 05:11:10

Those badass drums panned left at the start are in their own clique and don't take guff from anyone. But then they're blown away by the storm that is 0:14. This is the oomph that Catapult capitalizes on most of the way. The quieter sections carry a more "buoyant" momentum than the wall-of-sound sections, but they're no less captivating. It sounds like the drum echoes at 0:30 and 3:28 are shuddering in anticipation of the returning BOOM, amusingly. 1:11-1:13 offers some fresh and much obliged cymbal tappin' before we go streamlining.

When the lead plays at 1:27 and 3:36, I'm led to believe that key notes were chosen and sustained to facilitate smooth sailing through the electrifying soundscape. The first 4/5 notes are the hook, and the tail end drops 5 notes from the source. The whistle-y synth that pops up at 0:57 and 3:21 carries more off-the-wall notes from the source, probably because it isn't bound to act as the sole focus. And at last the chorus at 1:55 and 3:49 plays by the book, capping off the arrangement/driving it home.

Play it loud and play it proud.

on 2009-01-22 23:31:22

It sounds like other themes are mixed in there as well...

Lava Reef Zone? Launch Base Zone? or am I just hearing things? :?

The mix doesn't really stick close enough to the source for my liking.

All in all, it's an o.k. mix.

on 2006-05-26 08:39:10

In a nutshell: Excellent in parts, thin in others.

The beat, instruments, tempo, and overall electric feel really do add something special to an already amazing track (the original was what kept me playing the game again and again =3). Its got the kind of rhythm that won't let your feet or head sit still, but at the same time the instruments don't feel like they're giving enough "oomph" to the remix. Also, the ending felt... cliched? Or maybe that's just me...

Jivemaster beat Beatdrop to using the jutter effect during the chorus (or 2:01 - 2:04), which is a shame since that would have really boosted the remix.

Its interesting to note where Beatdrop ruled is where Jivemaster stumbled, et visa versa (IMO). The intro to this remix suits it nicely, compared to a rather deafening bass line in Jivemaster's "rAAw Battery". Yet Jivemaster hit it spot on with the chorus, while Beatdrop's seemed to falter.

I love this, and yet I groan about it. This track is nice once in a while, but don't expect to be putting it on "Repeat 1" anytime soon...

Maybe the two songs should be combined? Only time will tell...

on 2006-05-20 13:40:32

I adore this track!

Beat - the Sonic Superhero
on 2006-05-07 21:55:34

This is probably my favorite Flying Battery Zone remix I've ever heard(I've heard about 7 I think). I'd give it 3 thumbs up(if I had a third).

on 2006-04-28 11:56:26

Without the need to quote Peter Griffin, it's hard to sum this piece up. This is one of my favorite tracks on the entire freaking site, and that says alot for those who know how MUCH is on this place. I used this and various other Sonic tracks and remixes as an alternate soundtrack to Sonic CD using an emulator...One of my favorite themes as it is, and treated like synth royalty with the royal treatment done by Beatdrop. Even the first few seconds makes it stand out (and worked quite well with the cards from the game). Freakin sweet...

on 2006-04-28 02:40:30

Man, this intro, THIS INTRO, those drums or whatever that begins this piece caught my attention from the start and then a moment later, BAM, onward with kick-ass trance and techno and all its glory swirling around in my headphones. This is clearly the best what I've heard from Beatdrop so far, it has action, speed and sudden twists and turns. Just like Sonic himself. :wink:

Too say that this remix is awesome isn't enough, it isn't even near it. It's Über-Duper-Super-Mega-Omni-Awesome. It shocks your mind and sets your entire body in motion.

I kept expecting it to break out into something really impressive and blow me away, but it never did.

Yes it did. The only problem is that it was located in the beginning, so didn't have much time expecting for it. Then it holds that pace until the end of it. Sure, it would be great if there would a terrific ending to it all, but I'm very stisfied with the beginning. It gets down to business right away. Definitly worth a download.

on 2006-02-25 16:11:44

I usually don't like a remix that strays too far from the original melody and chord progression, but this is a big exception. Very well put together, and the percussion is fantastic!!

on 2005-12-05 22:41:47

chord progression dosent really add up. something is off about the music theory here. not my fav.

on 2005-11-29 16:29:53

Dammit, Beatdrop! I liked Flying Battery Zone's music, but now nobody can remix it because this mix is so unbelievably amazing! Jeez, Beatdrop. Way to outclass everyone. :wink:

on 2005-10-12 13:28:18

I dislike the arrangement. You changed a lot of the chords, especially the progression in the 9 measures before the loop of the original song, which was my favorite part of the original by far. I also didn't like how you constantly volslided (volslid?) the melody in and out. That being said you got some wicked beats there.

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