ReMix:The Guardian Legend "The Legend of Lightning Larry" 4:20

By zykO

Arranging the music of 3 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"A Decision - Father's Letter", "Game Over", "Labyrinth: Area 1, 2, 5, 7"

Primary Game: The Guardian Legend (Broderbund , 1988, NES), music by Masatomo Miyamoto, Takeshi Santo

Posted 2005-09-04, evaluated by the judges panel

And a happy, belated birthday to Mr. Hawatky, who in a bit of inverted gift-giving sends us this rocking, wah-laden Guardian Legend ownage. This is definitely heavy on the geets, with several flavors of wah, clean, and miscellany guitar effects bits strewn generously around a rock/jam framework. RAD HAWATKY LICKS? You better believe it. Things begin with a little death motif, then a spiritual, contemplative intro features a wah lead over ambient chords, leading up to 0'49", where bass and drums drop in, along with a tasteful little bell tone. There's also some nice repeated, single-note strumming effects here and there, and when things really get going at 1'14" you've got three distinct guitar voices with alternate processing, left, center, and right, layered beautifully. The center is dominant, which makes sense, but you'll be missing out if you don't turn your head to the left and right and check out the passing scenery, all of which interacts fluidly and energetically. Being first and foremost a jam track, there's a lot of technique on display, but it never comes off as trying first and foremost to impress - it stays musical. Dig the unsettling shotgun-type/thunder effects at 3'58", right before the last unison frontal attack and subsequent gurgling conclusion; good stuff, certainly takes one by surprise (even when you're forewarned), and adds a bit of context, too. Sir J.A. Burnett, Esq. takes time from his busy schedule of making animated GIFs for the children to enjoy to offer his expert opinion:


I love the impromptu sound-effects created by the guitar to establish mood. And, by the way, that's another great selling point. There is a definite mood created by all the under and over-lying textures of sound.

I'm not too keen on the humanized note rhythms [sic], though I know quite well that is a very personal Zyko signature move. So really, that criticism is a matter of taste and control.

So yes, TGL-bias. Who's gonna stop me? African-American, please "

We can but take his claims of prejudicial and less-than-objective evaluative faculties as his own special way of appreciating Waleed's work. This arrangement is unique among guitar ReMixes that come to mind in its extensive layering of not two but three melodic components, and creatively brings in some Ninja Gaiden towards the end for bonus points. Sweet.



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on 2012-10-18 19:53:27

I've always loved this song, and still do - I have a soft spot for The Guardian Legend, it's such a great game and had some great music. It was too hard for me as a kid, but I still loved it.

This song is heavier on the bass side than I remember, but it's a great listen - nice and rolls along. I still listen to it every now and then because it's such an enjoyable rambling song, and one of many zyko songs I love :) .

on 2008-05-22 02:14:26

I just noticed the light guitar feedback present in the first half-second of the track. Unintentional or not, it was quirky and I was feeling it.

weed's come out with some awesome stuff since this mix, but this is still one of my personal favorites from his collection!

on 2008-03-24 10:51:11

Intro is pretty nice, and lulls a bit, so when the song kicks in, it sounds extra energetic. The layered guitars are great, and overall its a good mix, but I am not digging that explosion near the end. Ouch!

Some of the guitar tones themselves are kindof thin, but when there are like a hojillion guitars rocking at once, that's the only way to do it.

Sounds like the bass is live too, which is a gift to us all.

Good mix, nice phrasing. :-)

The Instrument of GAWD
on 2007-04-04 01:10:25

This one wasn't so hot for me. The beginning sounded just silly, then after that it took what felt like forever to get to the main part of the song. It's at points like these in a song that make me switch to the next song on the playlist. Sorry, but no.

on 2007-02-01 03:09:17

zyko's work is usually plain old "interesting" to me, but this one really gets me driving. In the night time. Lots of really cool things were done with this song. Don't let the slight muddiness turn you off. Listening to all the details completely nulls any "muddiness" (which adds to it in some cases...or maybe the whole case).

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2006-05-14 01:36:35

The cannon+explosion at 3'58 I never noticed before is enough for me to stop working, listen again, open a browser, find the song, and post a comment... about how how awesome that cannon+explosion at 3'58 is. Ahmmyes. Like miniature MMs wrapped in a creeamy chocolate bar, with peanut butter, crunchy, Ahmmyes. That's Ka-Blamo.

on 2005-09-11 12:49:03

Great. Nice guitar work, zyko.

on 2005-09-07 20:39:15

Love it. Absolutely love it.

on 2005-09-06 20:28:51

zyko, a winner is YOU. 'bout time this particular theme from TGL was covered. I mean, sure, the opening is awesome, but everyone's done it. Don't think I've heard this one remixed before though.

7 (85%)

on 2005-09-06 18:26:52

fucking pimp shit

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2005-09-04 22:33:55

Have had this one on repeat at least 10 times by now, i'm very impressed by the guitarwork.

Great job with the piece overall :D

on 2005-09-04 13:15:47
you know i dig your stuff.

by the way, i'll assume that the track length is a coincidence.

cough. cough.

listen to me, the solution to all this is smoke weed.



on 2005-09-04 08:39:10

I have to say, this mix sounds like something that would be play in a B movie's sex scene where they're having really aggressive sex. I'm talking meet a girl inside a club, hit it off and suddenly you're in the back alley lifting up her skirt and you're both violating each other.

In other words, this mix is hot shit. I totally dig it.

on 2005-09-04 07:48:59

Wah-wah-wow! That was some firece guitar bending there! Blast of Lightning Larry, becomes face lift for unsuspecting listener.

There's something about his track that really reminds me of those Anime series intro tunes. It's like rock and roll, but fun and funky, every once in a while they say something in English like "Lucky, lucky"...

I think I've been staying up too late watching "Berserk"...

Regardless, raging remixer, resume rock-n-rolling regularly!




on 2005-09-04 03:03:38

you know i dig your stuff.

by the way, i'll assume that the track length is a coincidence.

cough. cough.

listen to me, the solution to all this is smoke weed.

Sources Arranged (3 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
The Guardian Legend (Broderbund , 1988, NES)
Music by Masatomo Miyamoto,Takeshi Santo
"Game Over"
"Labyrinth: Area 1, 2, 5, 7"
Additional Game:
Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo , 1988, NES)
Music by Keiji Yamagishi,Ryuichi Nitta
"A Decision - Father's Letter"

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Electric Guitar
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