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Smood. With a retro elevator-musik groove that reminds one somewhat of Combustible Edison, Posu Yan and Joshua Morse team up for some Breath of Fire 3 goodness, our first from the series' third outing. They brought their polyester suits, gas-guzzling late 60's American automobiles, and bossanova jive along with them for the ride, throwing in intentionally repetitive but crunchy and crisp layered percussion, rhodes, acoustic piano, ensemble strings, synth bass, and a silky synth lead that's 100% class. I shouldn't sell the percussion short - while it does repeat a bit within sections, there's variety from section to section, some fills, and it's simply quite mellowtastic, so it withstands the repetition better than a lesser beat would. Brandon Bush says:

"This mix is a well produced, uber-groovy, yet conservative take on the theme that is very easy to enjoy. I agree that the bass is extremely thick and the percussion is repetitive but that lends to the portrayal of the genre. This is a straight out-of-the-box Casio Soundbank bossa nova groove that’s been given the flare of good production and quality samples. Combined with the Rhodes, the percussion and bass provide a rock-solid lounge vibe that stands well on its own, and is bolstered by the decently executed solos."

Lounge - that's the word I was looking for. Think Depp and Del Toro at the beginning of Fear and Loathing, for instance - ritz, glam, hotels from yesteryear, etc. The combination of po and JM's respective skillsets works well; they've got a similar predilection for rhythmically tighter, subtle grooves - very clean and controlled and usually mellow, but never uninteresting. Gotta love the meaty chord progression, crystal clarity of all constituent elements, and of course the polished, white-tie solos. Glossy stuff from two guys who seem to collab seamlessly - shake, don't stir, and garnish with olive.



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on 2012-07-08 08:08:37

I love this game like you wouldn't friggin' believe, and this particular tune really just makes me want to grab onto my hang-glider and pop through a few rings down a waterfall...probably while catching a view of Natalie Wood on the way down ;D

on 2010-11-13 22:22:31

Very relaxed. Sounds like it'd make great bgm to any classic Leisure Suit Larry game, actually.

on 2010-01-14 21:45:39

I really enjoyed thiis. I always felt the BoF III soundtrack was completley mismatched with the game. This isn't a radical mix and is very true to the original, keeping the samba/jazz style, but injects just enough to make it a little more mellow. Nicely done.

on 2009-01-19 00:08:24

I immediately think of the Mii channel music as I listen to this.

I'm having trouble deciding if I like this one or not.:? On one hand, its smooth, mellow, fun, jazzy, and everything else in that category. On the other, it's too elevator/background music like to be play list worthy, imo. It conjures up images of elevator rides, waiting rooms for doctor's offices, and receptionist's areas of law firms that try to be "modern", and I have to ask myself if I really want that kind of music on my play list.

Don't get me wrong, it's good stuff, but...

well, o.k. after listening to it again, I'm going to label it "pretty decent remix" and shuffle it into my music collection. :tomatoface:

on 2009-01-09 12:22:21

More of a strong upgrade to the original, rather than a complete re-imagining, this track works for me, despite playing it safe.

I loved that analogue synth and the solos were excellent as well. I think the percussion could have been much more involved and varied, but it had a well-produced sound. It does accomplish it's goals of just being laid back and relaxing, though, so maybe attention grabbing percussion would be counterproductive.

Either way, this is a great mix from one of the best tracks in the Breath of Fire 3 soundtrack. It's clean, smooth, and can be endlessly looped!

Check it out. :-)

on 2008-09-24 15:58:26

Not the most interesting mix around, but it suits the game perfectly. I could swap this with the source with ease. Great enhancement on the original. Really relaxed, I want to lie in a hammock on the beach and nap the day away.

on 2007-12-06 09:04:47

for what it is, this is a very well-made mix: a lounge track with a quite symmetric structure, a tried and tested instrumentation and fine solo parts. Someone might (and did, see above) rightfully argue that the end is a little short; still I like it as it is.

on 2005-10-31 19:58:04

I've never heard a better synth that made so much sense in the jazz style. A jazz-synth. That's awesome and dangerous because it could have been a disaster. But it turned out really well. Sounds like something i would hear when listening to the smooth jazz station while driving home from work. Definitly has my approval and a new home on my hard drive.

on 2005-10-30 00:37:24

The best collaboration by two of my favorite remixers and influences as a musician. Two big thumbs up! 8)

on 2005-10-13 06:53:12


Rythm (samples playing) is perfect.

That's the kind of music style I like;

the solo makes me thinkg of Chick Corea Electric Band...

on 2005-10-08 23:54:28

This is something you could put on for background music on repeat. It doesn't demand your full attention to enjoy it, being laid back and all that. A little short and underdeveloped, but still fun.

on 2005-10-06 09:43:48

Ah, 80s love. Although stylistically accurate, it's still nothing I care to listen to. The effects and sequencing are fantastic, though.

on 2005-10-03 19:27:39

I've been waiting forever for a BoF III remix, and this suits my fancy. This remix is more lounge/elevator feel to it, but that doesn't make it bad. It's something you can have a relaxing nap to, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Awesome track, get some more BoF III remixes comin :)

on 2005-10-03 17:26:27

Good easy-on-the-ears stuff by one of my favorite easy-on-the-ears remixer.

po!, once again, delivers.

on 2005-10-03 10:06:05

Props, you two. You really handled this genre well. Whilst some may find it on the repetitive side, this is the sort of music which isn't supposed to end - it's used a lot as BGM in anime and digital comics.

I thought the length was spot on, though, to add to the "driftness" of the genre, I would have extended the fade out a good 15 seconds longer :D This is coming from a guy who isn't really fond of fade outs, but for this sort of music, I actually prefer them.

Also, the "MIDI-ish" choice of samples were perfect! I guess this mix gets a bit more critism than most others, since it's not often you get one of these types of music handed to you. Once again, superbly done. I always get a big grin on when I hear this song .. not to mention the little 'kick' back into the groove @ 2:15 ;)

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